In Tribute

I love fiction, but 5 years ago I was introduced to a form of fiction I didn’t even know existed.

Fan Fictions. A most unique animal.

For practical reasons, this blog does not include stories that had been taken down or made private.

However, I felt a space was needed to celebrate the writers who reshaped my approach to reading, who provoked my imagination, who inspired me to pick up the pen.

Some of you I know so well, some not at all. But wherever you are, whatever you’re doing ~

Thank you. For giving that piece of yourself. It mattered. It matters.


*sorry for the butchering of pen names, damn program doesn’t allow for numbers, or spaces, or …Β  you get the drift.=D*

To you. Cheers.

16 thoughts on “In Tribute

  1. Thank you to all these fabulous, mind owing, exceptional extraordinary writers for immortalizing IPK and our beloved Arnav and Khushi. Cannot thank you all enough for bringing a smile on so many faces of arshi fans. Truly love you guys !!!! 😊

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  2. Yeah and dragged me into the addiction with you!

    To the brave souls who
    picked up their pen,
    racked their brains,
    pounded the keys,
    bore the criticism,
    challenged the canon,
    fought the plagiarism,
    suffered the drama
    holy hell do you deserve a salute!

    Many years of stories about one damn couple, and yet I remain hooked.
    All credited to the beautifully woven stories of some fantastically creative minds.
    I have done my best to comment when possible, but I’ll borrow this space to say one more time.
    Thank you!

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    • I could not word it better than S. Thank you to the amazing writers who helped me more than they will ever realise with the power of escapism their words provided. And even more than that; thank YOU K for creating such a wonderful tribute to these amazing writers and allowing us to be a part of this beautiful journey. Xxx

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  3. Thank you for creating the amazing writers who help me relieve my stress by escaping into their world. I have read such master pieces and learnt so much through their stories. Thank you so,much for,taking the effort to put this together.

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  4. Thank you S for giving us this wonderful list of works on Arshi by various writers. The blog is superb. It is such a joy to read fiction on our beloved jodi. Many, many, many thanks to them for sharing their creative imagination with us. Love them and love you to S. πŸ™‚

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  5. A heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful and amazing writers, who have made all the ArShi fans to fall in love with these two charmers again and again and again and again…with their writing prowess!! Love for ArShi and love for reading, combined, got me hooked on to the world of fanfiction.
    And this is sooo aptly named; Ficverse!! Truly, a beautiful universe with so many writers who illuminate our drab world!! IPKKND, as I visualize, can actually be termed as poetry on celluloid.
    Kudos to you for creating and sharing this with ArShi lovers across!
    Much love,

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  6. Hello!
    We are starting an early celebration for the upcoming 10th Anniversary of IPK and would LOVE to have all the awesome writers come together for a tribute to the show.
    Please can have a look at the concept here –

    I know many writers here are vary of IF but I hope that doesn’t deter everyone from participating in this one collective story.

    Also, the reason why I’m commenting in this section is that I wanted to ask for permission to use the lovely heart image that you have made with all the IPK writers names. Can I use it in the banner for the above mentioned thread?
    If yes, than please do inform me which names to mention while giving credit for the image. I don’t know if you have made it alone or others have helped you out 😊.


    P.S. Sorry if I’m coming off as demanding or something in my very first post here. Although I’ve been here a couple of times before, I’ve never really been through all the sections. Will come again with more time to spare and see the other sections with leisure too 😊. But thank you for all that you have done and are doing for this fandom ❀.

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  7. Hello! I can’t believe we’re coming upon a decade of this fandom!
    Absolutely feel free to use the banner. πŸ™‚ (it was created by yours truly)

    I think many of IPK writers are retired at this point, but if you spot a unicorn, don’t hesitate to reach out on here and ask if they’re interested. Story of the Decade sounds delightful – good luck!

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    • You’re an IPK writer too, so let me start with you 😜.
      Would you be interested in joining and writing a chapter?
      I’ve read FWN and maybe one of your other works and they’re absolutely fantabulous! Infact, FWN was one of my go to stories that I kept re-reading every once in a while (before the blog got closed of course).
      So, I would definitely like to read more from you πŸ˜ƒ.


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