Suggestions Dammit!

Calling all writers & readers.

Considering how prolific the IPKKND writing community has been, this index will take some time to compile.

Furthermore, I will most likely miss out on some amazing works.

So send in your recommendations/requests – be it for os, ss, or ff.

Please check the index first and keep in mind the criteria: well written, substance, completed!

[Clarifications based on some emails I’ve received]

Links will only be provided for stories posted directly by the writer. I have zero tolerance for those who plagiarize or disregard a writer’s wish to take down their work. Please respect that.

No, I will not put a maturity rating for each story. Censorship was and is my biggest issue with IF. Do know that stories featured on here may contain mature topics and contents, if you have such concerns, make sure to read the author’s intro note before starting the story since almost all of them provide a warning.


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458 thoughts on “Suggestions Dammit!

    • Do check out my note on the sidebar regarding the Writer’s Index.
      Meanwhile head to What Thes – it links to all the readings lists/treasure hunts
      or Jalebi Blasts has a lot of great suggestions too ^^

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  1. Hey,
    Just came across this site. Iam really happy u have created this site.
    My life had changed a lot after the ipkknd and after many years only I found about fan fictions. It’s give some sort of peace in my life.
    U have saved ur time to create it to give some good ff to people. I really really appreciate & thankful.

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  2. K ! You have to read this OS (if you haven’t read it already) ” To Wish Upon A Shooting Star” by Anarocksick (if you haven’t read it) . It is one OS deserving loads of accolades for the beautiful narration, perfect portrayal of emotions and making one of the most magical moments of IPK perfect in her own way. Please do include it in your lists.
    The Link:
    And writings of Invisible Smile is also worth appreciation. These are my favourites among her work.
    1)Our First Rose (OS)
    2)The cherry blossom tree (OS)
    3)Because I love you (TS)
    4)Reckless abandon (OS)
    5) Anyone Who Had A Heart (Three Shot )

    Do check them out.

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  3. Hey Shipper K, Was just reading comments above and realized that most of my personal favorite stories have been shared already so here I am sharing some of my favorites that I think has been not shared till now, I hope I’ll be able to include some new suggestions ^^

    Khamoshiyan – mints23.

    Memories – Pearl.

    Walking on Sunshine – tennismaniac19.

    When a tornado meets a volcano – Samiya.

    The Valiant Knight – deepthiya. ( This one is a bit harsh and I think it has a sad ending so yeah. )

    ( TVK writer : If you are allergic to
    tears, sadness, loneliness and
    emotional outbursts, I am sorry to
    advice you to not to read further.)

    Woop! So here are few of my favorites. Do check them out x

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  4. K, I couldn’t wait to post this. Hope I am not late!
    Lazy leaves has 3 of her stories reposted and one complete recently.
    A wife for free-

    I can vouch for her work..must reads!!

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    • Oh! I read the first few chapters of Revenge, it’s yummy. Excited to go back now that it’s wrapped. Thank you for the heads up sweetie.

      I’ve been waiting for LL to finish reposting her stories, time to get that index prepared!


      • kitti was writing one more fanfiction in her blog but later on she privatized the blog..the story was based on swayamwar i think..Arnav being on swayamwar and khushi is one of the unwilling contestant.. have u read this?


        • I remember Twist of Reality and Catching Feelings – they’re both incomplete since she hasn’t written anything since the end of 2013. 😦


      • Indeed she is a wonderful writer…i have read Dusky was wonderful work..action, suspense, thriller, romance all in one story..Arnav and Khushi in West was beautiful..

        She has been writing non Arhi fanfiction in her blog..


        • I think DH makes my top 12 for uniqueness and engaging storytelling. Glad you were able to indulge ^^

          I know! And eventually I need to haul ass over there to read. I have such first world problems – too many wonderful ficverse stories, so little time =p


          • have u watched a movie “Australia”, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. this movie is no where related to DH, but it is about cattle rearing and moving cattle from one place to another..i could relate arnav and khushi with this movie..


      • something of that sort, even its vague for me..was there a honeymoon cruise, i really dont remember it much, but i remember kisses and hugs and much more than that..

        have u read masam’s story?? she was also a good writer..If only was one of her was very intense..and one was rom-com spilling the bean

        Ha…many good and awesome writers have moved their work to blogs and made it private or they have removed their work…which is very sad and we unlucky ppl to not able to read them..

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        • Spilling the Beans was sexy and hilarious – deadly combo yeah? 😉

          Private blogs… sigh……. well it’s the right of the writer. That’s all I have left to say about the matter.

          As a whole, the ficverse is quite vast, no matter how great a story, or how great a writer, most fans operate on a short term memory.


    • Welcome to the ficverse Reksy. Do explore the What Thes page – lots of reading lists there.
      The password to the Writer’s Index is currently only for active members/writers of the ficverse.


  5. thought i would share some of my fav os with you k
    1.P.S. i love you by -Risha_ipkknd-
    excerpt:Dear Laad Governor,
    “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
    Don’t you dare word a “what the” and ask me when I started reading?Me-Khushi Kumari Gupta?Well yes I have been reading a lot and doing stuff other than saving you from random kidnappers or plotting against you by listing down hundred and one ways to irritate you.And by the way if you find that diary of mine somewhere- do care to return it,I guess I forgot all about it in the process of cramming my chimes and chameli oil when I was coming back.
    2.road to redemption by firebolt
    excerpt:Khushi opened her mouth to speak. But Arnav interrupted, placing his finger on her lips.
    “Shhh … Don’t say anything … . Except this … Do you forgive me?” There was no double meaning in his voice, the question was straight forward and honest. His eyes looked directly into hers.
    3.where is my tie?? 😉 by rotten
    4.a midsummer night storm by doe eyes
    excerpt:’I’m tired…so tired…he’ll come back and yell at me…he’ll be angry because Di is mad at him…and somehow, it’ll be my fault…it’s always my fault…but if it’s always my fault…why doesn’t he just…let me leave? Why won’t he listen? If I left…everything would be back to the way it used to be…with him and Di…they’d be happy again…that’s all I want…I want him to be happy…I want to go away, I want to go…why won’t he let me go, why doesn’t he LISTEN?’ she demanded, her voice shooting up several octaves and piercing through the howl of the upcoming storm.
    ‘Because you are my wife.’ A third, disembodied voice answered, oddly unmarred, unruffled, by the plethora of noise running rampant outside.
    5.leave out all the rest by doe eyes
    excerpt:even if he could erase those six months, there was the pain before that…the doses of it that he has been injecting into her since the very first night they had met one another…
    And he understands the folly of his words.
    She had never been his biggest mistake.
    He was hers
    6.the frustrated newly wed by ssyahoo
    excerpt:He groaned in frustration as he stared at the clock. It was already 11 o’clock and Khushi was still downstairs. Didn’t they realize they were newlyweds and needed some time alone? Nani kept teasing about great grandchildren, but how was that supposed to happen in the Raizada household


  6. Hey dear.
    Im really very happy to share this ongoing ff.
    It’s amazing.
    Here arnav is a doctor.
    Kushi is a married women

    It’s really a new story line, and wonderful peace.

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    • can you please share the link for the same?, i have been trying to find it, the one on indiaforums was incomplete due to some issues, please share the link, i have been dying to read further

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  7. Can anyone please help me to find a story. In dat arnav return frm states n c khushi n lavnya in frnt of d college.. Khushi s brdr n anjali get married. Arnav doesn’t believe in marriage yet khushidecides to continue der relation.. he cal her Red.. n atlast she get kidnapped n arnav nrescuen her brdr rescue her.. I frgt d title.. pls someone help me..

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  8. Hi ,
    I don’t know if your blog is still active or not. I will find it out once I leave this comment. As you know, MBC Bollywood channel is recently showing IPKKND and the show gets more fans from other countries.

    I came across the Show almost two years ago and being non-Indian, I had to keep my eyes open for any episode with English subtitle. Then I came across a fan fiction and bingo, I became a huge fan of the well written Arshi stories. I recently opened an account on IG and introduce there the best Arshi stories I have read so far. It is a kind of archive for myself and I really don’t care about the number of followers. However, it seems Arshi stories are well welcome by new fans.

    This introduction was to say that The Alternate Universe, retelling IPKKND is One of the best. I am in love with this ongoing story. Give it a try and I am sure you will love it as we, the readers, do.

    Keep up your great job! I will follow your suggestions and read the Arsgi stories that I haven’t read so far.

    PS. Liquorice Burning is one of the best as well .

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  9. Hi … S and K … Hey guys ive loved ur site n read so many stories too … Was following ur FWN so closely … Suddenly since last few days when i was trying to refresh night 11 … It now says the blog is protected … Im just not able to access … Also i tried logging on to the VIP lounge n im not able to access tht as well … Did nt know how to contact any one of you so sending ths note here on this site … Pls let me know what happened … I really dont wanba miss out on the last few nites of FWN … Specially after following it so closely … Pls help me 😫😫😫😫

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  10. i was regular reader of fwn .i used to comment regularly though its chnaged to protected blog.i cant access.u did’t even included me in vip forum.please se4nt me the link of fwn.


  11. Hi…

    I am not sure if its appropriate to do what feels a bit like smarmy self promotion here, but I know a lot of the readers and writers who do post here. So, I thought I’d let you know my news. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to stop ignoring the urge to write, simply because life was getting in the way. I really love this site, and I thank you for being such an amazing bank of well selected, exceptional stories.

    Also– quite frankly–you indirectly forced me back into the medium of reading/writing fanfics.

    So many amazing writers have held on to their stories and gone the distance, ( curated works which I have followed from this site) that I felt ashamed of ignoring own loyal readership when they were requesting that I do the same.

    So, basically– Perfection has been resumed on India Forums, and Chapter 46 is up. I will see it to the end. I have also started a new story **Conflagration** that I have some high hopes on— so I hope you are with me. Even if you are (quite rightly) not—Thank you for this site!


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    • Ahhh! This is the best news! If I played even the tiniest part in getting you back in the game then this site was worth the effort. Although… I seriously need to find a time portal that’ll give me an uninterrupted weekend to refresh myself on Perfection. Will hold you accountable to this promise of finishing the story Napsterest of monsters! 😀

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      • Isn’t it so wonderful to hear again from the super talented Napstermonster??

        I cannot wait to see the rest of Perfection – that one had me so so glad that you have resumed writing now NM…lucky us!!
        I didn’t know about Conflagration…will check it out soon.

        And last but not the least, S & K – girls, thank you for putting up this blog & taking the effort to compile all the lovely stories based on IPKKND!! What a way to celebrate all you lovely writers & your stories yet again!!

        May this effort continue & may all of us contribute to the best of our abilities!!

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    • Don’t think twice about doing it Rae…They so deserve to be listed here.
      Just let me know if you are finding difficult to recommend your stories. I will gladly do the honors!! 🙂

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        • Rae, having to choose one from among your many stories is akin to picking a favorite child…it would not just be difficult but unfair to all others..

          However, I will say this…I have seen a range of stories from you – varying lengths, varying genres, varying styles and it just amazes me! From ‘Finally’ with a heartwarming papa Arnav to a breezy ‘Just a TV star’ woven around Sobti’s superdroolworthy pictures to the thoroughly enjoyable conversation series OSs to an incredibly poignant ‘Flight of the Sparrows”, that is an incredible range as a writer!

          I have loved them all…although I must confess, my opening statement notwithstanding, I have a teeny-weeeeny bias towards ‘Flight of the Sparrows’. That one was just beyond beautiful & poignant…the maturity of the characters shone through, the theme was treated with the seriousness that it deserved and above all, it reflected your maturity as a writer.

          I haven’t read your earlier stories but I am sure they were just as beautiful..

          All me to say ‘Thank you’! Cheers & love!!

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  12. Hi can I ask for another fic verse hunt please? Ive read so many stories over the two years ive been an IPKKND fan, in the beginning I never left comments and some of these stories I remember to this day, but cannot remember the author, nor the name! Shame on me! Yes you can hurl abuse or jhootis at me, but I want to repent, leave a comment even of it is to say thank you. Please can we have a interaction where we give a rough sketch of the story, and someone else tells us the link and the author. I must go back and comment I feel do bad! Before its too late and the stories been pulled by the author!
    Ps I love this blog!

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    • Hahaha we don’t hurl abuse here, just lift a pointed brow. 😀 I too have failed to comment on certain stories for one reason or other, although the more I get to know the writers and learn of the writing process, I only wish all readers who engage in the ficverse will make a strong attempt to leave some lines of thoughts. 🙂

      This gives me an idea… will ponder over it a bit and see if I can make it work!


        • Hi,

          I also recently came across this story and it’s Amazing. Joining the ipkknd bandwagon quite late I have read some awesome FFs and this one is definitely one of the best amongst them. Please let me know how to get access to this blog.


  13. hello shipperk
    well I found this blog recently and its nce.. I wanted to read ur stories bt its password protected. .could u pls give me access to ur blog? ??? pretty pls..

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  14. Hi dearies,
    I have been a regular reader of FWN and have given regular feedback; yet I am unable to access it now. Have there been changes recently? Coz I have also commented on Crimson Court, yet have not received any news of the change you may have made.
    Is it just a sieving process to know your readers or have you guys stopped CC and also removed FWN?
    Do let me know.
    Much love,

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  15. Hi,

    I am currently reading 2 very beautiful Arshi stories that I woul like to recommend here. They are by IF I’d matosarah
    1. BREACH OF VOWS – this is a completed one being reposted
    2. Bound by blackmail.
    They are both very well written.

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  16. I don’t know if anyone mentioned these ff’s my personal favs i don’t remember the authors, but i usually google with the name followed by arhi ff. Trick works for me! 😀
    1. Desert rose
    2. Filgreed sun (before she made it into a book and is now available on Kindle, one of the best)
    3. Masterclass (its incomplete, but amazing)
    4. Vertigo
    5. Maid in Love
    6. When I met you

    Will post as and when i remember.


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  17. Absolutely a lovely collection you have here.I landed here accidently. Will follow from now on.
    But I have a question? Do you add only friends or authors you know or familiar with or this is an open place for all without any stamping trade.I am asking because I have an experience with some on IF and it seems people do have some issues with some so asking before suggesting some.

    Once again Thanks ❤

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  18. Hey guys ! I hope you have heard of Mysticaldivine , a brilliant writer and a humble person must say.

    Her Index

    Inciting Desires Short Story

    Inciting Desires2 SS

    Forever Together SS

    Crumbling Embers[ongoing] must read /it is on her blog

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  19. Hi K, just thought about another suggestion re Arhi stories… although I have feel7ng ive mentioned this before..stories based on the office scenario. I vote 6 din lakdi in by nyaika. Brilliantly funny especially the octopus 😉

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  20. Hi Shipper K

    I am very new to the IPPKND forums and FFs. I have recently been rec’d your website and its fantastic! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting recs for FFs and completed ones at that. It is most appreciated. The best IPKKND FFs are those recommended by the fans who have loved them.

    I so dont want to be a silent reader! So I want to post some recs too. I have recently read some amazing works and had to rec them for readers who havent discovered them. They are brilliant.

    1. Keeping Khushi by Smitar on IF. Completed, superlong with all the inhabitants of Shantivan. Super sweet, super romantic and brilliant.
    2. Something About You by Farah53 on IF. Completed, superlong with a swoon worthy Arnav! Its the best of IPPKND mixed with the best of Bollywood masala. BRILLIANT.
    3. Making Khushi Mine II by AnamikaG on Amazon. ABSOLUTELY worth buying! One of the best written plots and characters. Avishji (or Arnavji) will make you want to cry. BRILLIANT.
    4. Loving Khushi by Smitar on IF. Completed. The rawness of Khushi’s pain will break your heart. Its the side of Khushi no one got to see in the show. BRILLIANT.
    5. Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De by Nafisa on IF. Completed. An Arnav redemption story that makes you want to cry for everyone involved. BRILLIANT.

    Will post more as I read!! And thank you to all the readers for their rec’s

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    • Welcome to the Ficverse Alicia! ^^
      I’ve seen you flitting around FWN, I hope you’re enjoying yourself there too. 🙂

      This is a seriously addicting world and it’s always a delight to have good company.
      Please don’t be a stranger and do share your discoveries with us!

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      • Dear Shipper K

        Is it ok to post about unfinished Arshi FFs? I know people might not want to read them but honestly they would doing themselves an injustice by NOT reading such incredible brilliant stories. Some really do steal your breath away:)

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  21. Hi there

    Lots of great reading in the past few months. But I thought I’d post some lesser known FFs and SSs that are so good.

    Limerence (FF) by Mints23 – . AR Group Chairman Arnav meets his seamstress employee Khushi by chance, and discovers a girl of depth and secrets. Falling in love teaches them forgiveness for parental indiscretions and they discover closer ties to each other and Lucknow that neither could have known. Beautifully written.

    Dire Consequences (SS) Collab by Ssyahoo, Titaliya_AP, A_BA & Nidsubh007 – . A short cannon story that starts from the Karva Chauth track, Khushi has the results of the DNA test which confirm Arnav is the father of Aarav. Beautiful plot and characters true to themselves.

    Shaadi Ke Side Effects (series of OS’s) by Mints 23 – . A series of one shots (6) with snippets of Arnav and Khushi after the 2nd marriage, written from both Khushi and Arnav’s POV. Its sweet and funny and oh so adorable.

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  22. Hola
    Thank you for the blog and thank you all the readers and writers for pitching in and creating this realm. Thanks a ton!!

    Here is one of my recommendations:

    Author: Sohni

    Title: One Day At A Time


    Why: Author ‘s words have certain Je ne sais quoi – something which cannot be explained, you feel it when you read it 🙂

    Preview: Chapter 1 – Upside Down: The morning sun burned brightly in the sky in a Pune suburb, the blazing heat penetrating the skin layers and making it impossible to stay outdoors even for a few minutes. In this scorching heat, a tangle in the hair was waging a fierce battle against the comb, trying to hold on to its existence, unwilling to come undone. As the fight intensified, she pulled the brush away from her hair and threw it aside in frustration with a force that could’ve possibly broken it.
    “I don’t know how else to say this but…I think I am in love with you Khush…”

    Story details: The story starts with Khushi – a young feisty girl trying to deal with her inner turmoil over a confession and then it dives into questions and there is another friend who likes her and then splendid things follow. A group of childhood friends and their chemistry and how each character has something to tell makes it an awesome read. Every character is interesting in their own way. About six chapters in and it has completely taken me on a roller coaster ride and I am enjoying being a part of the journey and loving the story absolutely. It’s a package with lots of things bundled up and each and every update goes notch higher. I am in awe because of the friends’ group chemistry and then Arnav and Khushi chemistry takes it to the next level!!

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  23. Hi Shipper K
    Thx for this wonderful blog. was introduced to Arshi FF 6 months back & then found this of treasure trove of yours, of FF & OS, have had a wonderful time reading most of them. had the time of my life going through a lot of stories.
    would like to suggest an FF ,
    while the basic characters remain the same , its got a very contemporary feel to it, Arnav the Fashion billionaire right from the start realises the chemistry between him and Khushi , he makes sure she leaves Lucknow for Delhi & joins his office. Then gets into a sort of on off affair with her , moving on a full fledged affair, finally moving on to completely fulfilling relationship. this transition is you attention.
    .its not on WordPress or If , but on writersbrew

    Title —-‘Not cut out for love’
    Author – Indy
    link- .

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  24. Here is one more recommendation!

    Author: Anu

    Title: The Odyssey


    Why: It’s an Arnav Khushi story but not their story. It’s beautifully written and makes you think all along the way 🙂


    Chapter 1: Demons of the past

    Today, Jan 15th 2014 – 5:00 AM

    It was one of those rare chilly mornings the hot and humid city ever sees in a year. Inside the elegant two-storeyed house nestled along the beautiful East Coast Road, his phone began its daily routine by playing the sounds of the ocean. Even as Arnav’s arm reached for the bedside table to dismiss his dutiful companion, he realized that it was one of those rare days when he did not want to hit the snooze button.

    A sense of tranquility and lightness prevailed within and urged him to wake up from slumber, with a trace of smile on his face. It was an alien feeling, especially given his state of mind in the past few years. If one didn’t know any better, they would have sworn that this was not the same intense and brooding Arnav Singh they knew.

    Arnav tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. But before he could say anything further, Anjali started dragging him along towards the stairs.

    Story Details : Don’t want to reveal much here, hard to explain since it’s still in process, ten chapters in and so far its been about Arnav and Khushi and the path that led to the present. Please do read the author note before you start reading 🙂


  25. Hi ShipperK ji,

    Why would you need suggestions? My gosh! Your exemplary efforts alone gave me the dhak-dhaks. The compilation is beautifully organized, to say the least. Every little detail added is fantastic, I like how your mind works.

    Being a late bloomer, the magic is still prevalent and will always be so, because of all the Writer jis. They deserve a platform and you have exceeded their expectations.

    Accessing the content – Does one need to seek individual permissions?



  26. Whoops, clicked post comment a bit early. A few random suggestions,

    A-Z drabbles by Chutki and Ridz were a super hit last year on the forum –

    I read a tale named ‘Wedded’ by Fe-en-Dios. She has finished the tale and will be back after a while. There is a IF link with the outline/overview –

    cineraria’s Moirai’s Gambit –

    If they have been mentioned already, I feel like a fool for posting them because your instructions were crystal clear. Sorry for have wasted your time, then.

    Have a lovely end to the weekend,

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  27. Hey
    Amazing work you have done here
    Was going through a rough patch in my life
    Do you anything about kalyaani and raizada and sonsxwork I would love to read it


  28. Knock Knock! Anyone around?

    Started a new story recently. Do give it a read

    Toeing The Line:
    A doting wife, two wonderful kids, an illustrious career. Arnav Singh Raizada has it all. In his line of work, very few people demand the respect he gets. If this continues, Arnav only has higher skies to reach. And yet…

    She is a novice, a bit wet behind the ears. And while one cannot overlook the years of informal teaching she has had, Khushi Gupta still has a long way to go before she enters the ring.

    It is 2018. The next Lok Sabha elections are close at hand. The Great Indian Circus, as the political campaign leading up to the elections is notoriously known as, springs many interesting gimmicks for the world to see. This time, the fight between the two biggest political parties in India is intense. The rivalry that has existed for decades will be further fueled. In the world of politics, where the lines of right and wrong are already blurred, should you toe the line or rock the boat?


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  29. Helooo – @shipperK and all you wonderful writers & us wonderful readers a very Happy & safe 2021
    I have again gotten addicted to the Arshi Ff after years courtesy COVID19 #stay home ) .so now I managed to find some new and amazing Arshi Ff & to my glee many of our favourite authors are back in circulation . Including some 👌 OS here. Having said that many of the ff have disappeared and some need access to the blogs which is ok in this increased world of digital crime / copyright infringements .
    If these 2 lovely girls agree Why not let’s all send links to @shipperk on this blog & request her Update the links , in case she doesn’t have the time , they could just lie here in the message section in 1 format
    Of course they first need to give us permission


  30. I am looking for a story if you know please help me with the title
    Content is Arnav kushi married for years they have a child . Arnav loved kushi’s elder sister but kushi arnav had a night and kushi get pregnant. Kushi and her sister only have grandma. After years kushi and arnav remain co ordinal ,they are leading to a divorce. Grandmother is sick so kushi’s sister come back … Arnav understand he only loves kushi .it’s end like kushi’s sister get her man and arshi expect their second child
    Ps: kushi’s sister name is not payal .if you know please help 🙏


  31. Heya, thanks so much for creating this blog.

    I have recently written a short sizzling Arshi story and would really really be humbled to see my name among the best fanfictions out there.

    Please check it out and add it here if it’s worth it!


    About: On their wedding night what if Arnav couldn’t bear to let Khushi sleep outside in cold Delhi air? Can there be a different end to the torturous night? Can he really hate her? Peep in to find out.. [Disclaimer: Explosive content. Not for the faint hearted. Vanilla people stay away! 🙃]



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