New Year, New Reads

Hello Beautiful Dwellers of the IPK Ficverse!

How come it’s so quiet in here when I’m not around? 😉

I was sick for several weeks and just allowed myself to sink into this spiraling void of work and shut eye.

We are two months into the new year, time to play catch up.

What chaos have you been causing?

What wonderful worlds have you been exploring?

What have our favorite writers been up to?

Hurry and share!


76 thoughts on “New Year, New Reads

  1. Hello,
    Good to hear you are recovered. It’s been a long year. In the new year, have read FWN which I had been wanting to read for a long time. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint.The others which I was following ( Birds of a feather, by Archi and retrouvaille by Pearl in wattpad ) have either been abandoned or kept on hold.
    Very frustrating when good stories get stalled midway.
    Currently following Anne’s Parallel Passion ( lots of ups and downs), Charlotte’s Mythical island( good as usual) Palayan’s when the curtain falls( heartouching), and Sohni’s Blue dust and One Day at a Time. Both oh so so lovely.
    Would love to give the links to the above but just don’t know how to give the link. If someone can explain how to copy the links would be able to do so.
    Ciao till later

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    • I know the feeling of reading such beautiful stories but not getting closure on them. One if the reasons i try to read completed ones only, but that does not let me interact with the readers and the writer much, so its a dual dilema! 🙂

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        • Oh my god, goodness yes. I must have read this one at least 5 to 7 times. Its so thrilling with such dark undertones. So so good. Everytime i read it i send a message to Napster to complete it. Remember i wrote that some stories stay with me , this is certainly one of them. I loved Anjalis dark character, a strong Payal, a Khushi who can decide what she wants for herself and of course our hero with his obsessive, dominating behaviour and a NK who is not willing to take shit from Arnav and is protective of Khushi as a friend. So different and such a fresh concept. Ha ha , i am ranting again. 😝

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    • Sounds like a wondrously colorful palette!
      Linking is simple, just copy and paste the url and wordpress will automatically turn it into a clickable hyperlink.

      Ah, writing is a passion project for all of us who has dabbled with midnight ink. Unfortunately not everyone has been lucky as S and myself with a very vocal cheer squad to keep us company. If a story is on pause, leave them a little love note. You’ll be amaze by how such little encouragement can spark the creative process once more. =)


  2. Aha ! So the Fevicol lady is back @shipperK. Welcome back and hope you are well now. You do know you are that, right? Unless you give us lazybones a nudge , we keep ourselves immersed in Arshiland 🙂. Latest news is that Nachbasanti has written the epilogue of Chasing Love and is also uploading Parinay again. And i am rereading FWN a third time or is ir fourth, lost count 😜. And commenting, i hope you got the hint dear K and S , ahh, hmmm , huh?

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    • Heh heh, I can hardly take credit for keeping the Ficverse together. This space is merely an ode to some of my personal favorites and a way of celebrating the incredible talents we’ve been blessed with in this fandom.

      Yes yes, haven’t you already received your invite? 😀

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      • Oh yes i have and have left my long rants there too. Go figure ! Love you both for the invite though. So looking forward.❤️😘


  3. Hello ShipperK,

    Happy New Year to you. Although I am not always with Arshi now but have been peaking at them from time to time. However my new guilty pleasures are web novels and i am not ashamed to admit it.

    Due to this pandemic, i have so much time to catch up on things i couldn’t do before peacefully aand that is, cooking, completing my studies and lots of reading. i have fried my brain over the years and now i am thinking about writing my own book. I had one when i was 16 but my friend wanted it as a birthday gift to be exclusively his. Wish me luck.

    Wishing you a great year ahead

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    • Hello Dimpy!

      There is no shame in enjoying what you enjoy. Be it romance, cookbooks, poetry, fanfics, classics, fantasy, textbook, or webnovels. Who is to judge what makes us happy? Fly the freak flag high, you’re not alone. 😀

      Come back and share a link with us whenever you decide to start your writing journey. It is both rewarding and hair tearing… always to have good company for either scenario. 😉


  4. Hi. Its been so long. Reading arshi stories from IPk forum.. Dil se Dil Tak by Vandy_kd , Story of the Decade by Loquacious_soul, All stories by Pinnkiswan. Should read them. Beautiful stories…

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      • These are some mind blowing stories that i have been reading.

        Getting back to you.

        Love knocks again



        Stars after the storms

        Chasing Stars

        You are my new dream

        Intertwined fates

        To Tempt a songbird

        Dare trilogy 3 series✓-welcome-%2B-series

        Silent Affair

        Story of the Decade

        Dil se Dil tak



        Colour me in love

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  5. Happy New Year Ship!! I have been long wondering where you disappeared to! Hope you are doing well and everything is great in world.I miss hearing from you 😦
    As far as reads go.. have been enthralled by Anne’s Parallel Passions and swept away by Palaayan’s When the curtain falls.
    So you see I do have time to read way more if you are coming up with something 😉 ….

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    • You’ll be happy to know that ALL of FWN is up again. ^^
      While editing, S and I are definitely feeling the creative flow… let’s see if we can find enough pockets of time to do something about it. 😉

      I need to do a round the Ficverse tour to see what all our favorite writers are up to. That’ll be my spring project.

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  6. Oh.. Oh.. forgot about Charlotte’s Mythical island .. Arnav in that is still as hot and passionate as all Charlotte’s tales 🙂
    And when i do need a pick me up… FWN sweeps me off my feet into the world of Handsome Swoonworthy Men ;)…

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  7. I began reading IPK Fan fictions literally only at the beginning of the year, I know I’m very very late. Your blog has been of great help in listing the works of various authors.
    1. The 1st ever IPk fan fiction I have read is ‘A River Runs Through It,’ which in my opinion should be the holy grail of all Fan fictions. I devoured the whole story, two day straight with very less sleep in between. It was a wonderful journey and I’m looking to savor it all over again. I have the author’s other works which are currently available- Emerald Isle Tales and A words Worth in my list to read.
    2. The other story I’m reading and is yet to complete is’ One Day at a Time.’ The author pens the magic of first love beautifully, as she weaves a story of growing up and moving forward. She makes me want to roll back the years just to re-experience the magic of first love.
    3. I read Desert Rose on wattpad and that story is the one which comes close to doing the justice to the chemistry between the two leads of the show. Every word spells passion.
    4. I love Reading Eccentrica’s Toeing the Line, she does a commendable job of weaving a story filled with intricacies of the Indian Politics with the the love story of Arnav and Khushi.
    5. I read The Filigreed Sun via kindle and thoroughly enjoyed the tale of family, loss and love. It is very unlike any other story I have read so far.
    6. I read Dawn, Noon and Dusk and it was a wonderful story. I was as invested in the sub-plots as I was in Arnav and Khushi’s journey.
    There are so many other stories I wish to read, but most of them have been taken off or the blogs or they are private. I’m yet to be granted access to even a single private blog, I simply have no idea how to reach any of the authors given that I’m very new to the world of Arshi Fan fics.
    Thank you for doing your part in keeping this world alive especially for a new reader like me.

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    • Hello Mirali!

      Ah you started with Meera and set yourself a REALLY high bar. 😛 Emerald Isle Tales should definitely go to the top of your TBR list. It is one of my Top 5 stories from the Ficverse. Pure magic.

      It’s been nearly a decade and sadly not everyone is still around. We’ve also had a lot of issues with plagiarism over the years. Be patient, you’ll be surprised when doors suddenly reopen.

      If you run out of reading material…. might I suggest a trip down this rabbit hole.

      It’s a little tale of Arnav and Khushi written by yours truly and my devious partner in crime. 😉

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  8. Hello Dear,
    I am visiting this site for the last 2-3 years but showing courage to comment first time. Actually, till now I didn’t have anything to share. Your site is a treasure trove for me. I was able to comb the whole IF for ARSHI ff following the carbon footprints you left here. I discovered many gem of writers in this Journey. As Barun Sobti aka our sweet Arnav Singh Raizada created faith in his fans that his work is worth watching in the same way these writers created faith in us that they are worth to read.
    Recentely i read few nice work on whatsapp which i am sharing here –
    1. Blind Date -Courtesy of Match Making Family – Nita_Reid- Romance
    Khushi is strong, understand but not fool, Mami has better version, Arnav is strong but not
    egoistic, Romantic but not interesting in marriage. Shyam’s charter is positive.
    Status – Complete – 19 parts (Give a try, won’t regret it)
    2. Hazel meets Chocolate – springoceania – Funny/roamance –
    After ‘Unexpected- expected’ i really enjoyed this hilarious story specifically the part when
    Khushi thinks that Arnav is ‘ Lord Yama’.
    Status – On going – 37 parts (But still worth to read)
    Link –
    3. Instructions for a second-hand heart (Slow Updates)_Ahankara_ Heart touching
    Its Arnav’s story- From giving up on the hope of survival to surviving & falling in love with
    someone who is out of his league . Lavanya’s character is too lavable.
    Status – On Going – 7 parts ( it remind me of impenetrable heart)
    4. Falling Out of Love – crazyreaderhereguys – Thriller & Love story
    Status – On Going – 8 part (once you will start reading yo won’t stop)

    I hope you are fine now Ship & pray for good health & better times for rest of the girls ( Boys
    too if there is any).
    Take care.

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    • Awwww…. a warm welcome Jinshu! It’s always a delight to meet another fan of the IPK Ficverse. It’s a friendly fandom, so don’t be shy. ^^ And it’s not being bias when I say we have the most talented group of writers of them all.

      I can’t believe we now have Arshi stories on whatsapp! It’s great to see writers utilizing new platforms and expanding the reach of IPK. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Dear SK,

    I hope you’re feeling a whole lots better and are well now. Do take good care of yourself, considering the current pandemic and the situation happening worldwide. Here in Holland, lockdown and curfew are still on till the end of March and Covid infected cases rising… so I can’t say that the restrictions implemented by the Dutch government are working after all. 😐

    Well, with the curfew/lockdown still on, I’m staying indoors unless it’s totally necessary for me to go out; basically during the week, it’s routine working in the office and weekend, doing grocery and housework. Interesting life, isn’t it? I really miss my weekend gatherings/meet-ups with my besties and family gatherings with my hubby. We can only hope and pray that the current pandemic will be over soon.

    I started reading and following Arshi fanfics was around 3 years ago and ever since then, there’s no stopping for me. Always looking around and browsing for interesting Arshi stories; the first story I read was from India-Forum (IF) which I frequently used to check-in until it became a bashing playground by Arshi/Sarun haters & bashers that I stopped visiting and only check-in for updates on Arshi stories I’m following. For ARSHI fanfics, I’m currently reading and following stories in Wattpad and here in WordPress and in Blogger; I have my fave writers/stories both in these blogs; some of them:

    – charlotte1974 (Wattpad/WordPress)
    – barnes_dorman (Wattpad)
    – Edenrose64 (Wattpad)
    – NilaKeis (Heartless Prince – Wattpad)
    – MysticaldivineF (Wattpad)
    – Jigs (WordPress)
    – Ruchi (WordPress)
    – Tina Eskay (unfortunately her blogsite is currently not available)

    There are other fave Arshi writers, including yourself, who I’ve found recently and FWN is one of Arshi stories which I’m diligently following. I apologise if I didn’t leave a comment in all the chapters, but I try. Ok, I think I’ve written long enough and my hubby is already thinking if I’m working since I’m sitting in front of my laptop, typing away without any care. Before signing off, do take care of yourself and do whatever needed to make yourself well. Till the next time I see in FWN, I wish you well. Warmest greetings from sunny Holland 🙂

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    • Routine work is the backbones of our lives. A necessity we do to keep a roof over our heads and the lives of our love ones comfortable. 🙂 It also allows us to enjoy those grand moments of adventure a little bit more, and provide scope for the imagination when we discover vibrant fictional worlds.

      Your lovely thoughts on FWN has been most appreciated. S and I like to actively encourage participation, but it should not be another chore. 😀

      It is definitely on my wish list to see the gorgeous flower fields of Holland. Take heart, this pandemic will eventually reach it’s end. Meanwhile, savor the delicious words from our favorite pens and share your discoveries with us here. ^^

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      • @shipperK dear, i hope you are well! I just had to share this with you, Munchy has restarted her blog and is uploading her iconic Pandora’s Box. As this story features in the Hall of Fame, i just had to share this exciting news and Munchy has given me her consent to let the fandom know, so here i am. Please look up :


  10. Oh .. hope you didn’t get the C bug…
    glad you are fine now.
    Hope to read from you more.
    I hade once read a 1 chapter of this story of you gals … and I’m dying to read that story when it’s progressed.
    The story is like Arnav and khushi are in London and they are married. He is duke or something. And it’s a political marriage. It been two years. And they haven’t seen each other I think still. She live in a separate cancel and he doesn’t visit her one fine day she writes a letter asking for a divorce and that’s when he thinks it’s time to visit his dear wife.


  11. New entrant to ipkknd and I am just blown away. My current read is FWN – thank you for re-opening it as I has been one hell of a delicious discovery. Stripped by Jigs – I can shamelessly say that I have this memorized now as I follow this one like religion. Recently also discovered the magical pen of Eccentrica, Palayan is brilliant. Cannot believe that these works are presented to all of us purely out of love. Thank you 🙏🏽💕💕

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  12. WHO | Saucechips / Sabi
    WHAT | Untold Stories
    WHERE |
    WHY | Unexpected from Sabi is a story which beautifully balances heartache with her trademark wit, slowburn romance and humour. It’s on-going and I’ve admittedly only read the odd chapter, but it’s Sabi so you know it’s going to be good

    WHO | Saucechips / Sabi
    WHAT | Prescribed Insanity
    WHERE |
    WHY | Because Sabi and Humour are the tonic we need in what feels like a never-ending cycle of lockdowns. Again, it’s on-going and I’ve only read the first chapter, but it’s a hoot.

    WHO | Eccentrica
    WHAT | Toeing The Line
    WHERE |
    WHY | Here is a wordsmith of a woman who adeptly weaves complex worlds and characters with enviable ease. It’s on my list, and it promises a helluva ride

    WHO | RockBarbie
    WHAT | Flowers Grow From My Knees
    WHERE |
    WHY | I love RB and her words. Her worlds. Her characters. They ache and they are real. They love and they are flawed. It’s moments, it’s big events. It’s words that make you stop, think and revaluate. It’s angst told in the most beautiful way.

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  13. Good to see ficverse back in action. And happy to see old n new people. Had taken a long break due to hectic lifestyle. But thanks to lockdown, caught up with some of the ever favorite authors:
    Jigs (Curious musings),
    (follow her current ff Listed. I’m so hooked.)
    Blue dust,
    Rains writings,
    Ruchi (Stray reflections),
    Kavitha (Arshi journeys),
    Sohni (Blue dust),
    Rain’s writings,
    Sabi (Saucechips),
    Mysticaldivine/Faiqa (Whimsical flukes of essence)

    Incomplete, but still make me wonder,

    Aquasandhya ( Hands of time ff. Thankfully she started it again recently.)

    Radhika aka Yellowboots
    (She updated two chapters of ff ‘Tewari and Sons’. I hope she is alright. Even if its incomplete, one of the must reads.)
    Kalyaani (ff The Pursuit of Love and ff Raizada and Sons. I was not able to read it complete as the author shifted it from IF to blog due to plagiarism. I was one among the last joined readers, and didn’t get access. If anybody knows her blog link , please send it. Will like to send access request.)

    Above is just a list i caught upon during lockdown. Thought it will be helpful for the new members.

    Also I wanted to thank the above and many unmentioned authors A BIG THANK YOU🙏, RESPECT & LOVE
    for writing between your hectic life, sharing your works/creativity freely, persisting when people like me sometimes don’t take time to write a comment or thank you, come back after taking a break to complete the story for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And sorry for taking you all granted.

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  14. I have been a silent reader but would like to mention some works I enjoyed reading
    1.sliver streaks by dahlia
    It portraits how life of arshi would be if the show continued from shyam’s eviction.So relatable with ippknd story line with 500+ chapters
    2.kavitha (Charlotte)
    From desert rose to many more.. unique
    3.Tiwari and sons by yelloboots
    A perfect piece of work but incomplete.Hoping she will come back to complete
    4.Madhus fan fiction
    A blog which regularly update .she wrote many arshi stories
    5.London chronicles
    It also shows how ippknd would have been if not ended.i loved it
    6.The moment of truth (wattpad)
    Based on remarriage track
    7.Birds of feather (wattpad)
    Incomplete but interesting
    8.Revenge by lazy leaves
    Intense and beautiful story
    9.Trambled butterfly
    Incomplete but a beautiful work
    10.The me within
    Another story which portraits emotions.
    11.A girl named Khushi
    Highly emotional ff
    These are some of the works which came to my mind currently.Since I read a lot of ipkknd FF/os the list is really!

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  15. Dear..
    I’ve subscribed FWN n got the subscription ..But I m still unable to see a single word written there..No description..
    Pls help me..


  16. A shoutout to all those on the IPKKND Ficverse. It gives me great pleasure to let you all know that Munchy has restarted her blog and is uploading her iconic Pandora’s Box. As this story features in the Hall of Fame, i just had to share this exciting news and Munchy has given me her consent to let the fandom know, so here i am. Please look up :

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    • Hello anyone out there ? Just dropped in after a year or more to wish @shipperK and her co writer and all the other writers & readers A very Happy & safe 2022 . What’s everyone reading have a sudden yen for some good Arshi ♥️

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  17. Hey,

    Wondering to see if this blog is still running? And if there’s any link for arshi FFs that can be purchased? I’ve read The Filigreed Sun, and wanted to read more. I feel like I’ve read most of what has been recommended on this blog post that’s still available.

    Thank you!!

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  18. Its 3:30am here and all i want to know is if anyone remembers a FF in which arnav gave khushi an engagement ring then payal and khushi find a document hidden by shyam in the ceiling fan or something. the details are blurry in my mind BUT I REALLY WANNA READ IT AGAIN. to my knowledge this FF wasnt complete


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