“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” ― Jimi Hendrix

Last night it was brought to my attention that once again our IPK Ficverse was faced with blatant plagiarism by individuals who clearly has no sense of shame.

The site MYEDUNIYA.COM, while not alone, has become a space that writers are wary of. Perhaps they believe that being away from India Forums and the blog sphere, means they won’t be caught. Not the case.

However, as I have heard outcries of “I didn’t know that’s plagiarism!” let’s define it.


the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. aka: copying and pasting from another source.

It includes but not limited to taking someone’s words, artwork, design, and unique ideas.

If you were “inspired by” then CREDIT THE CREATOR.

However, when you take something verbatim without the expressed consent of the creator, that is a copyright infringement.

The act of taking credit for someone’s work is damaging. To the writers, who are rightfully upset that their endeavor is treated so thoughtlessly and ultimately to all readers as such incidents result in private blogs or the complete deletion of stories.

For anything to thrive it needs to be nurtured.

I ask that all who takes part of the Ficverse to keep a vigilant eye out. Report to and defend our writers.

I ask that we treat each other with the respect we would want for ourselves.

To plagiarists, I have only the piece of advice from my sex ed teacher: Just don’t do it.



I will update this post w/ links that I come across or is brought to my attention.

TASK #1: Meena12 has been reposting one shots from molten-lava, RockBarbie, serialjunkie, harrybiggens and more! Over 10 + pages! While she is not claiming them as hers, it is not cool without the expressed consent of the writers. Please kindly help me report this to the mods.


TASK #2: Os_Champ has the balls to repost one shots from BlueMystique, Omoraboti, InvisibleSmile and many others!

The report button may not be functional at the moment, please send an email to myeduniya.med@gmail.com ladies. To make life easy for all, you can copy and paste this 😀

Subject: Urgent Plagiarism Report

Hello Admin, it has come to my attention that user Os_Champ is reposting works that belongs to others. Kindly help us take a stance against this theft of intellectual property by removing the posts. http://myeduniya.com/mydiary/?name=Os_Champ

Thank you Raven for the email!

TASK #3: Sanjoli I spy works from Whiterose, Pancakes, Bumblebee, Vikadesigirl, Chaverah and many others. >.< Hit that report buttons please.


Thank You everyone for pitching in – the stories were taken down last night!!

229 thoughts on ““I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” ― Jimi Hendrix

  1. I love the advice of your Sex Ed teacher and second it .
    And plagiarists please grow up – you petty minded mongrels – perhaps a wall of shame with your name on it may have to be considered .

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  2. These thieves feel no shame stealing the hardwork of writers. They don’t know what struggle a writer makes to write a perfect sentence.
    Its so sad that ippknd writers work is being taken for granted.
    This is not fair to writers and to readers who because of these theives lose the opportunity to read the superb stories at their free will.

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  3. What can one say? Or maybe it has been said perfectly by the one and only ASR…


    I mean we all know about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, but somehow I don’t think that would be much of a consolation. Except… maybe it can be!

    Love and regards,

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      • I know it must be but chin up, girlfriend! Now how many times does this make? Frustration factor aside… I think there should be a Hall of Fame for the most plagiarized stories. That above all would be an indication of the best stories around. Now don’t lynch me for these irreverent thoughts… But K… FWN is a seriously fantastic piece of fiction. Take pride in that.

        Love and regards,

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          • What??? I have NEVER been so deceived in my life. I thought it was FWN. Phew!

            But yes… I am trying to cheer you, and all the authors who have suffered, up. It is absolutely undeserved ( unless you take it as a compliment) and a hassle to handle, but all of you are way stronger than to let this inconvenience keep you from doing something that you love. I think what we should aim for is to speed up the response to plagiarism. Hoping that plagiarism can be stopped is like hoping that Trump will admit gracefully that he is not competent to be the leader of the free world… but we can ensure that plagiarized stories are taken down quickly. Once proof of original ownership is provided… maybe like the date of publication… the admins should shut down the story immediately and not take ages to respond. Not sure if that is possible, but certainly sounds practical to me.

            Once again all my love,

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            • It should not matter who’s work was taken, the response should be the same.
              (Although I appreciate the outrage on our behalf 😀 )

              It has been tough for newer writers or those without a vocal readership. As members of this fandom, I just hope every reader takes an active role in protecting the Ficverse, which means all the writers and their tales. A challenge to be sure, but at the very least, effort should be made.

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              • Very well said, O Wise One (nods appreciatively) I stand suitably chastened (laughing… sorry)… But I still want the Hall of Fame and while we are at it, the Wall of Shame as well.

                Love and regards,

                P.S. Do writers make any money from the readership? I am trying to understand the motivation behind taking ownership of someone else’s work. What does one gain?

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                • Never meant as chastisement dear Sam. As an ardent lover of the written word and admirer of magical pens, I see red when anything threatens it.

                  Personally, I have a general in S for our own battles so it’s not an issue. However, the voice of many carries much more weight.

                  Haha no worries, you’ll still get your Hall of Fame, this is simply an unpleasantness long overdue attention on this site.

                  Honestly, I don’t know what motivates them.

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                  • I knew you didn’t mean it that way. Admit it… You love me! Well… most of the time… Definitely some of the time? Fine… every once in a while (that’s my last offer… take it or leave it!). Laughing.

                    Speaking of the General… Where is she?

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                    • Right here reporting for duty. It’s been awhile I had to polish up the armor.
                      By the way, Ridz and I have decided that we need to change out Captain for Sarge to befit the militancy of our K. 😀

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      • OMG. I didn’t even know! I’ve just been keeping my fingers crossed for the longest time now. Which one?! I guess this marks the beginning of the end of my brief stint at FF writing. No more open blogs, I guess….Will have to think this through.

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        • Sorry I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean this particular group, but on the myeduniya site. It was reported and taken down so I thought you were aware. Please Jen, don’t go! We will fight this. It burns and is utter bullshit, but if we give up they win.

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          • I wasn’t even aware of whatever was plagiarized and later reported on this website 😦 Someone posted ALS and TBWAD on FB once (without permission in both cases and without due credit in one)
            I would hate to leave too but it’s so hard to feel safe now…even with password protection tbh!

            Agree, we need to fight this together. I’m with you every step of the way❤️

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            • I feel you and share the sense of doubt. However, I believe the reason we’ve been having these episodes recently is because writers have been moving away from IF and into blogs. They think with the works scattered, it’ll be easy to get away with it. What they need to learn is that this fandom is as connected as ever. Our writers are not lone individuals, they have a sisterhood, and one who won’t stand for this bullshit.

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          • I have to agree with K, Jen. If you and Jigs and Mirabell and Ridz and S & K, and Meera, among a few of my favourite leave, I will be truly devastated! These stories keep us together in ways people can never imagine and are therapy for the soul. We will fight it the best way we can. Why allow some cocky newbies to imagine they can take down a fandom. Arrogance. And people who have no respect in pilfering the work of writers, need to be dealt with just like common crooks. Without any respect.



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            • Thanks Anu. I know that every time this happen, we become less willing to keep the doors open. But damned if we’ll allow strangers into our home turf and ruin the beauty of what has been created.

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              • That is the spirit, Captain! Let us do all we can. An interesting thing about the all pervasive world of the Internet is that just as it allows people to become instant celebrities, that is the exact same time it takes to hunt them down and brand them criminals. We can do this if the collective fandom stands up and says NO TO COPYING! Let us devise a plan and act on it.

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              • We have to fight that is all, Priya. Sadly, no one understands the language of politeness and respect anymore. Aggression begets aggression, so disrespect has to be dealt with in the same way. Unfortunate. Not my life philosophy. But a survival skill in the 21st century world.

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        • Jen, The few links we had seen and reported did not have any of your OS. Though one never knows 😦 I am right there with you girlfriend, really thinking about what to do next… public or private… or even password protect certain updates.

          But I refuse to let these scums take away what we enjoy doing. Writing is my stress buster!

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          • If K&S, Jen and Jigs stop writing my life might come to a standstill. You guys have become such a significant part of our lives that I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t know you guys. So please never stop writing. We are always with you all and every writer here and we will add our voice and do whatever it takes to fight this plagiarism here. I only wish the technical world can come up with a place where writers can share their stories without fear of it being copied. A loud alarm that scares the shit out of them when they try to copy sounds pretty nice to me right now. But I wish there was a better way to protect your work while being able to share it without fear. Because how many people can we stop from doing it to begin with. Yes we can take action once we find out but how to stop them from doing it. It’s such an uphill task trying to teach people who don’t understand between right and wrong. That plagiarism is like stealing and it’s morally wrong 😕!

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  4. This is horrible! Is there no way to prevent the copy paste? Can they copy from all these apps? Like WP etc? I wish there was a way to stop them from copying. That said I think the reason they continue doing it is because they can get away with it. This is really sad! People should really stop doing it.

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  5. This is so heartbreaking and disturbing on so many levels. I myself have had so many hits coming from that site onto my blogs that it makes me paranoid that somewhere or other words have been ‘inspired’ or ‘borrowed’

    This is the theft of someones love, and that is not acceptable.

    This world and it’s stories are representative of hard work, of respite, of escapism and a labor of love from both honest readers and honest writers. Many great friendships and people are found on this platform and all of that is being compromised, and that is not acceptable.

    People come together from all over the world to share a common love, take time out of their lives to indulge in another far away land. For many of us this is a source of sanity, a lifeline, a simple joy which is being stolen. And that is not acceptable.

    Something incredibly precious is at the risk of being perished in the name of idiocy and greed.

    And that is simply not acceptable.

    If one of you who like to ‘borrow’ works or ‘be inspired’ are reading this – let me tell you. You do a great disservice to both yourselves and everything good that this fandom represents.

    And that is not acceptable.

    Shame on you.

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  6. WTF is this?? seriously MyEduniya have literally copied a lot of stories and experiences from authors/fans. I really think this site should be reported and condemned. Even some stories have been copied on FB as well!!!
    Report them for good! Enough of their shit copying. Ladies may I suggest have your blogs password protected?

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    • The problem with password protection is that irrespective of having it or not – it is so hard to know who is the plagiarizer and who isn’t. This whole thing works on trust, and it’s so hard to keep hold of that when things like this happen x

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      • that’s exactly right. As a writer, you want your words to be read. No matter how many passwords you put in, it just takes one. So it is basically a matter of trust at this point.

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        • plus to add fuel to a fire – I tried putting passwords on a story once. Only around 20 people should have had access and unless they all read the same chapter 4 times each, I think it’s safe to say – they share passwords anyway :/ xx

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    • Considering the scope of the internet it is impossible to keep tabs of everything. But if readers also take part, our reaction will be much swifter and more effective.

      Password protection is used as well as private blogs, however, unless we can stop the copy and paste function completely it offers only so much protection.

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  7. Those plagiarizing criminals, do not have enough brains to write stories of their own. So they just copy other’s works. They need to be put down at any cost.
    I just do not understand how can they claim other’s works as theirs. Do they not have conscience?

    Shame on such people !!!

    I am with all of you writers regarding this issue.


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    • Thank you Kavi! It has been a problem since we started having fanfics. No fandom is immune, but ours is targeted because there are so many wonderful writers. Talent should be protected not punished!

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  8. This is a very pathetic thing to do……For this reason so many awesome writers have been heart broken and left writing stories or sharing with us and so many stories had been removed by the writers 😦 ….Because of some cheap people…people are hurt…..And this should be stopped and i am gonna definitely with you all awesome writers…

    Shame on those people -_-

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    • Sadly they don’t have an ounce of shame, otherwise this wouldn’t happen with such regular repetition. However, embarrassment will be our weapon. Not going to allow these guys to slink off without feeling the sting.

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  9. So sorry to hear this! Such low lives ruin someone’s hard work for two bit glory. It’s really hard to fathom such mindset but online forums are never really a safe place. There are no regulations and there is not much one can do. In the end the it boils down to losing good writing. Writers stop, make access harder and the reader bereft of these wonderful labor of love.

    Collective voices should be put forth otherwise it’s all lost.

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      • Since this is collective of sorts, one can use the readers to mobilize change. Have a report section. Anyone who sees, hears or gets to know of plagiarism reports here and all of us report and or publicly get the “pants down”!!! I have seen food bloggers do it should work here too. It’s about ownership after all.

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  10. Shame on them! It isn’t like stealing, IT IS STEALING!
    I agree with everyone here that reader should help out. If we love the stories we should also protect it from theives.

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  11. I hate copy cats!!! I’m certainly reporting on these shameless idiots who are effortlessly copying others hard work and claiming as theirs…..unbelievable! These are the people who demotivate real good writers….cheap shameless creatures like them need to be punished severely!😡

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  12. Unfuckingbelieveable! It’s just wrong when someone thinks it’s okay for them to do this… but then those that are stealing, they aren’t the most smartest in the bunch. It sucks that writers and their loyal readers suffer. Sigh….

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  13. Even though I’m not a writer, I can understand the feeling of betrayal and anger upon seeing your hard work taken out of context or stolen by another.

    K, I know where your heart is at. I completely agree that accountability is necessary, but please don’t make it a witch hunt. Reporting to the mods is of course the right thing to do, but dirty insults will only bring us down to their level. I’m not saying that you or any of the ladies here are doing that. However, that has happened before and nothing good came out of it. This is just my personal opinion on the matter. A lot of fans are very young and impressionable. Do what you believe is right, just not in a way that would inflict harm.

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        • Pakka? Jokes aside… I am glad this sensitive issue is being addressed and that you are open to all sorts of input. Now just to clarify matters… the nightmare scenario referred to the image that comes to mind from the term ‘pyre of tomes’. I wanted to know the story behind that moniker.

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          • The idea for the name came from a conversation with my husband.
            He pokes fun that I refuse to switch to ebooks and still purchase hardcovers.
            I told him that will not change until the day all printed books are set on a pyre.
            With the rare exception of fanfics, I prefer to have a physical copy of stories. 🙂

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            • I love ebooks… the idea of having my entire library with me at all times is extremely satisfying to me. But my favorites… now those I have in hard copy… all dog eared and extremely well loved, so I know what you are saying my friend. And yeah, all books set on fire… nightmare scenario!

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    • Light of my eyes, the voice of reason in my dark hours. ^^

      Dearest Pyre, you know I wouldn’t instigate a witch hunt, but I won’t shy from a hanging if need be.

      This post is a nudge to our readers who are most active in the blog sphere. It’s a necessary notice that’s long overdue. If nothing else, I want those shifty souls to know there’s a target on their backs. Evil? Sometimes, it needs to be embraced. 😉

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  14. I can understand now why some of you want to get to know your readers before you give us access. For some of us who are not really blessed with a way with words, it becomes difficult to write comments consistently, so unfortunately we tend to be silent but appreciative audience to your work.
    But what these people are doing is totally wrong on all counts. I’ll do my bit by letting you guys know if I come across anything or if I have to complain somewhere will do so, even if it requires me to create a login id on sites I don’t use.

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    • That alone will make such a difference. I know some of our sisters are more vocal than others, and that’s okay, keeps us hotheads out of trouble, but we need to be on the same boat as we navigate murky waters.

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  15. This is a very serious issue. Happen many times with readers I am reading.
    Will definitely support you all writers in complaining.
    Sadly I just follow india forum and from their I got to join blog of few readers, I don’t follow any other site so didn’t find any one copying famous stories.
    I am going to visit the site you mention and report against it.

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  16. Fucking sucks every time this happens. We have lost so many great writers to this. Ugh.

    So…I did some digging around. A couple of options on WordPress.

    1. There is a way to protect your blog from copy feature. There are plug-ins that disable selection and copy from your blogs. However, the catch is that, if you are using a free *.wordpress.com blog, you will not be able to install plug-ins. You will need to pay a fee and upgrade your account.

    2. WordPress has certain default plug-ins for it’s free sites. The list isn’t extensive, however, they are always open to suggestions here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/ideas
    One of us could start a topic asking for a No-Copy plug-in for free wordpress sites, and if the fandom can pitch in, just maybe… 😉

    What say, Sarge? Wanna lead the charge? 😛

    PS: Reported. A tip, you can report the user’s account from their profile on that website, instead of each individual story.

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      • I shudder at Blogger…. why Rizzy? Nightmare doesn’t begin to cover it.

        There will be some tinkering this weekend to see what kind of set up I can have here. Doesn’t hurt to have a lookout corner to rally our troops. 😀

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  17. Jigs di just told me it was someoneelse whose work got plagiarised when I asked her,and I get this notification this morning..not done!!and taking it down!!!this is ridiculous!!what is wrong with these ppl!!how are these supposed to reported…the hyperlinks are broken!!!this started of from if and is still going on..I remember the earliest was kalyanis work..Raizada and sons also faced a similar issue and she took the story down subsequently..not done I agree with k..lost so much of talent..guys pls don’t bring down your works!these ppl will get their due…all talents here jigs di,Jen di,Sandk,bingala di and all the others out there whose work was copied!i am with you!what these idiots don’t understand is that for some of us turning to these stories after a tiring week in college is such a stress buster and we love these guys!!so we are there for them against this battle always !like Manreet di also said,even if it is password protected there is a chance and they don’t know of…she has tried. Too ,jigs di also went through similar stuff before!!jen di had to also bring a blog with all this around!!!deapite all this if they can’t understand that the authors know that plagiarism is making rounds and they are taking precautions…then what can I say…it can’t penetrate their thick skulls or they fail to comprehend !s totally agree with the sex Ed teacher !!!and your move to but up the definition!!!yaar kyun Kar rahe ho yet sab!!!stop it otherwise your life is screwed anyway!!-plagarists!!i rest my case with this rant..luv violetgirl

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    • Good to get that off the chest yeah? 😉

      When you open the link, you’ll see this:

      Just go to the left corner where I’ve highlighted the Report button. It’ll open to a new window where you can report the user. We want all the stories reposted by this user without permission taken down.

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  18. K,

    This is a serious development. Thank you for making out a separate post on it. Of course to people who have been on IF or eduniya for years, this is something that happens regularly. Sadly people seem to have become inured ro it and think if plagiarism is so rampant then it must be okay. I wish people would wake up to the serious nature of this offence. We need the support of both writers and readers to root it out. This person who you have found out about needs to be ostracized and shamed in the worst possible manner. And others like her. Making an example of people speaks more effectively than anything else. Sadly intellectual property theft is not considered as serious as so many other types of crime. But as I already mentioned in my comments on Jigs’s recent chapter of Temptation, it is tantamount to kidnapping someone else’s baby and claiming it as your own. And why would someone stoop so low for 15 minutes in the limelight. Let us put together a petition and escalate this to the highest levels. It is time to act and stop people harming those writers who have given us endless hours of entertainment and pleasure.

    Making sites password protected is only one way to go. In a world where we advocate free internet, sadly this is a reality of the terrible times we live in. Like Trump winning the elections, social media and a desperate need for attention are triggering such trends.



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    • That is exactly what it is! And I know many make the case that this is fanfiction, thus the writers are stealing. Makes me want to bang my head. It is made very clear that our works are inspired by the characters of the show, absolutely no one is claiming to be the creator of Arnav and Khushi. We are taking what was given and giving our own twists and flourishes. The majority of writers have disclaimers posted and are very respectful of the property.

      What these idiots are doing is simply nabbing and laying claim on another person’s endeavor.

      Oh darling don’t remind me that Trump will be in the Oval.

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      • Well, you know how it is. Criminals will quickly point to someone else or grasp at straws to save their skins. Same scenario. Claiming that these stories are already based on fictional characters and therefore free to reproduce is a pathetic argument. Don’t worry, we will root it out.

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  19. Sadly after the election I have lost faith in the morals and ethics of this world we live in, so this doesn’t surprise me; doesn’t surprise me that there are people out there who draw perverse pleasure from other’s fruit of labor; the anonymity of the internet enables them; so i guess there is no real way to prevent this other than being reactive which you and your readers are doing here.. I only hope this won’t dishearten you and the lovely writers out there..

    Take care sweetheart 😘

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  20. K, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

    This is just so sad & so disturbing at many levels! And it makes me really really angry. I can only imagine how all you writers must feel right now.

    I have also reported the person and hope that the mods will take action soon & not just delete these posts but ban these people. I will watch out for cases of copying/plagiarizing as well.

    My only request to all you writers..please do not allow such instances to demotivate you from writing in the future. Please put into effect any measures that you think is necessary to keep your work safe and I assure you, you will have my cooperation.

    Take care, all you lovely ladies. We are with you in this fight.

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    • Good to see you here sweetheart.

      While it pains me that this post was necessary I’m always equally delighted in the strength of our fandom. A few bad eggs doesn’t mar that. Just need to flush them out.

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      • I completely agree K. It is so sad that one has to even tell people not to repost a story without permissions or plagiarize it.

        We will flush them out, rest assured..it is equally our duty as readers to ensure that these beautiful pieces that have been created by all of you with so much love & effort, are safeguarded & all writers are respected.

        Just please do not stop writing! Love & hugs!!

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  21. My god these people really need to get a life 😡😡
    It is getting on my nerves and infuriates me to an unbearable level ..how can someone just do that and without feeling any shame
    Just because writers put their work on an open platform that does not mean u can put it anywhere ..these plagiarist me have zero idea on the amount of hard work and efforts writers put in
    All because of their moronic deeds writers and the genuine readers suffer ..I hope this comes to an end in some way ..otherwise is going to be a huge loss for writers and readers
    These plagiarists need to understand NO means NO:(

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    • Right? It is so simple, yet apparently a difficult thing for some to grasp.
      But as long as we work together, I refuse to believe they can keep going. Just need a reminder of the wrath of our sisterhood.

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  22. Thank you for doing this, ShipperK! I don’t understand the entire need to plagiarize, honestly! This is like a story I read when I was a kid.
    The story has two neighbours, John and George. John has a dog. Every morning, from the time it wakes up, it keeps running after every car which crosses John’s house. When George asks John why does the dog keep running? Is it ever going ot catch the car!? To which, John answers, the real question is not if it will be able to catch any car. The real question is, even in a far-sighted scenario it does, what will it do then?

    Although no pun was intended this story aptly describes the scenario.

    And reporting stuff is a huge fun! 😜

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  23. Unashamed people they are😠.don’t know what these cheaters got from all this.a short span of fame.😈
    Alas this all plagarism is really getting on nerve and we readers are losing many wonderful writers.

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  24. Oh no – not again
    Shame on them
    This is so depressing – we are losing good writers because of these idiots
    Something HAS to be done to end this bullshit

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  25. Not again…
    Am not a writer , that doesn’t mean I will sit quite when I read a story thats copied.
    Lets all fight and stop this and show the power of sisterhood.
    Is there a page exclusively to report or atleast spread the word when we find a copied story…
    Names of websites that have Arshi stories other that IF??

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  26. Done reported …ridz di is right…you can report from the list instead of each story…I can’t take this!!!we must be at this until they take everything down…luv violetgirl p.s unbelievable the growth here!!!we need as many as possible to save our precious stories..!!!thanks k di definitely off my chest!!!i hope everyone here acknowledges this!!!i have come to know all of you wonderful ppl through this platform !refuse to back down!!!though we don’t necessarily write!!we totally take time to comment and enjoy all these pieces which is a treat in itself!!!the readers also definitely get affected!!!they must understand both the writers and readers point of views!!!i agree with you k di on all the above said..even bingala di stated rightly the bitch should be brought down!!!

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  27. Oh, this is so terrible – What’s there left to say now.

    I do post my work on that site but never have enough time to be an active reader. It makes me guilty that I was unaware of what was going on there. I have emailed the admin of the website already. I request others do so too to get the desired response. The admins did mention some months back that the site’s button seem to be broken and they provided this email as a mean of contacting (This email works – I have emailed them previously once and they responded.)

    Here’s the email: myeduniya.med@gmail.com

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  28. But how can somebody be like this.. guys with you in whatever you plan to do.. Love your stories and respect all the hard work put in by writers and cannot stand somebody robbing away hard work of awesome writers.. do let me know what needs to be done.

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  29. Dear it’s disheartening to know that people resort to such cheap tactics….. Copying stories is simply a punishable offence…..

    Dear I am with you in this fight against people that copy others work..

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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  30. Shameless woman . Look at the audacity , she has over ten pages of other authors work .
    If you cannot write something worthy least you could do is appreciate the writer with comments and help them protect their work .
    We should stand Strictly against plagiarism .

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  31. K, thank you for your note. I have reported this shameless copycat. These unscrupulous plagiarists are becoming bold and fearless. Plagiarism of intellectual property is a heinous crime and the offenders should be punished. I am with you and all the ficverse writers in your war against this plague of plagiarism!

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    • Dear Shradha.

      Full credit has been given to writers.

      I have discussed with other admins and we will not take any story down.

      I have warned her that she need to stop sharing anymore.

      So you will not see anymore. Thanks.

      Best wishes

      MeD Admin Team

      This is the response I got ! How do you explain / argue with someone that if credit is given by a person without permission from the author is still not right !
      – S

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  32. This is so frustrating! Plagiarists have no qualms doing it over and over again! They are never going to stop! With our combined effort we can at least put a stop to some…

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  33. Oh..no..not again.. I think ds days ppl r forgetting basic values of life.. Honestly i was a member of dat site n usually check every each storiez.. But nw a days my little one dont give enough time fr me to look in mirror itself. N i feel guilty.. I should have checked n alertd.. Sorry guys.. It feels terrible when ds type of shit happens.. It makes writers angry n readers more angrier.. I support u ppl n pls let me knw what v can do.. It cant happen again n again n again..

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Oh dear, oh dear!
    This was not the news I wanted to hear just when I could read once again. These bloody morons don’t have any shame. Bullies! Why can’t they respect others’ genius? What do they expect to achieve by stealing? What’s wrong in being just a reader? Can’t imagine the hurt and fury of all you amazing writers.
    I support this fight!

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  35. Hi guys!

    This is the reply i got from the admin of IPK page of MeD!

    ‘The Admins are active and they are trying to rectify the issue. As far as we know, the members who are sharing OS and stories from other sites are giving credit to original writers. And as far as I know, we have not received a complaint or an objection from those original writers. And after this issue has been raised, the members who are sharing stories have been asked not to share stories further and they have stopped posting. And even if the stories are being copied, I don’t think it would be called plagiarism because those members didn’t claim the stories as their own. They are mentioning the writer’s name and if possible, website links too.’

    I have been a part of MeD and i’m a regular reader of IF so when i saw this post, i immediately mailed the main admin but didn’t get any reply so contacted the admins of IPK but this is what i got!

    Btw, This is only about Meena12. I haven’t contacted them regarding others!

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    • They are right, it’s not plagiarism, but it is a Copyright Infringement when you take a copy writable work without the expressed permission of the owner of that work. Is it so difficult to understand? >.<

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  36. I am sad and sorry to see this post.

    Plagiarism starts much earlier than coping and pasting content. It begins with removing “metadata” from images and banners, it continues with abusing Fair Use or its limits; and it culminates in stealing content outright from another website.

    I have been to MyEdunia website and checked its “About MyEd” page. It’s very ambiguous and confusing, especially the section of “My Diary”. I am unsure if “My diary” is a collection of works that a member writes or stories that a member likes. This confusion grows in the next section, particularly the second paragraph of it. Does “creation of all content” mean only uploading it or creating such content ex nihilo?

    I don’t know if the users/members are uploading stories based on these facts. The admins need to answer the question if they should be liable to obtain permission before the stories are posted by its users/members?Maybe they are responsible for breach of copyright and IP law.

    Has anyone contacted these members who uploaded the OSes? What was their response?

    There’s a lot that needs to be done also to protect the content by WP: watermarking tools to allow verification of source of content and ownership. Digital forensics and security needs to be stronger and more helpful.

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  37. Oh god NO !!!!!!

    Why,oh why does this happen all the time with the most awesomest works of writers !!!
    This happened with your work and just yesterday it happened with my friend as well who writes fictions,non fictions n all on a blog too. I know what she went through when she came to know about this.This is just soooo saddening.

    I support you people in this and let me know what I can do on my part to fight against this.
    For now, a warm hug is what I am giving *hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Not again.

    That was the first thought in my mind when I read your note this afternoon. I’ve given up trying to analyze why people steal. For a five minute fame? Probably they don’t realize that defamation follows the theft or simply because they don’t care, they have a mask after all. Shame on them. And its even sad to know that this happened despite being password protected. Bhalai ka tho zamana nahi raha!! I am with you on whatever action you deem necessary to keep it going. Stay strong girls and keep doing whatever is needed to get them caught. May be we should start asking the site admins for their IP addresses and lodge a cyber complaint as these issues keep surfacing.


  39. So sad and disgusting .. it is terrible.. how can people be that bumb to think they can get away with it.. shameless act ..

    I feel sorry for all authors whose work is stolen.. I can empathise with the feelings you guys are going through.. please let us know if we can be of any help..


  40. I want to ask this thieves that how will they feel if someone hecks in to their personal devices and steal their identity??? Will it be ok for them ?? It should be , they shouldn’t have any problem cuz they them self are there, out to steal other people’s hard work …


  41. Dear S&K,
    It is a reprehensible act that should not be accepted. Glad to see all the action that you took against it. Creativity of any kind is to be appreciated and enjoyed. Not one to steal ! What purpose does it solve those that do it? How do they even live with themselves after such acts. I guess the guilt doesn’t bother them.
    How do we even stop them for good? Not sure..



  42. It is disheartening to hear such incidents of plagiarism…….so many wonderful writers moved from IF and made their blogs private or completely removed their stories…………we are losing talented writers because of this……….the writers put lot of time and effort in their stories……..please respect the writers……….


  43. Hi S and K,

    I’m actually quite sad to see this. It just shows a lack of basic decency- to claim something that doesn’t belong to you. I can understand your anger and frustration even though I’m not a writer and applaud the action you’ve taken.
    The world of fan fiction is a wonderful fantasy world where we readers can lose ourselves in the stories spun by talented minds featuring our favourite heroes and heroines. It is an escape / safety valve for many of us (esp. me) when reality becomes too much to handle. I’m not very techo savvy however I’d like to help stop this cancer from spreading. Many muuaahhs and hugs for all the wonderful stories you’ve given us. Keep your chin up.


  44. It’s terrible that this keeps happening. This world is one where I can fall into, free from the worries of the Asli Duniya. Words are the way to transcribe the emotions of the heart. To copy someone’s words, to take credit for them, is akin to stealing their soul. I will not stand for it and I will keep my eyes peeled for any of this fuckery.

    ~ Anna


  45. Thanks for informing…
    Plagiarism is like a disease.. and it needs to be curbed…
    I am glad that you are taking initiative and making us aware…
    Thank you..
    I have reported these works…
    Hope this helps…


  46. These peoplw keep on popping here n there so annoying ….

    They dont have the caliber to write on their own n hurt those who writes….

    Wish there is a way to punish them…

    I know you might get angry or upset that i am asking you – but will we have access to read FWN???.. i read it here n there whenever i am in stress


  47. Hey you gals! How are things thesedays? Need someone to chew their asses out? I have a lot of pent up frustration I need to loose.. better put it to use on a noble cause .. who knows where else will I end up, otherwise?


  48. There has been a fresh bout of plagiarism instances recently. Meera30 got her “a river runs through it” copied, I don’t know the details of the person at the moment. Its on wattpad apparently. Jigs also posted yesterday that her current story has been plagiarized. Time for some more collective action.


  49. I read somewhere that there are sites (more than one ) who mimicry the real blogs and copy whole stories. I can understand the pain of someone stealing your hard work and presenting as their own.


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