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Welcome to Jalebi Blasts, your station for the latest in piping hot news from the IPKKND Ficverse.

Got a lead on a new story? Share it!

Discovered a budding new writer? Tell us!

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Please follow the following format when you submit:

Jalebi Blast!

Who: [Insert Author]

What: [Insert Title]

Where: [Link]

Why: [Your reasons/ or post a snippet from the story]

Scroll down for examples ^^



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174 thoughts on “Jalebi Blasts

  1. Jalebi Blast! Update! 😛

    Who: S & K

    What: The Kannauj Chronicles: Crimson Court (CC for short)

    Where: https://skacc.wordpress.com/cc-index/

    Why: We’re searching for adventurers to join our desert trek

    Excerpt: Above them, a fiery burst of red seared through the clouds. A declaration that the flaming orb had won her claim to the sky. In moments she obliterated the dark, filling the surrounding vista with light.

    Arnav’s head bent and captured Khushi’s mouth under his.

    It was a kiss that stole one breath in exchange for another.

    It was a kiss that sealed a kingdom’s fate.

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  2. Hey me again… .quick question do the authors have to write on ipkknd. Can it be Teri meri love stories….have you seen that show….it’s mini love stories. I know of a author on my eduniya I think it’s called TV adda now who writes beautifully. As they say whats in a name….for me each of her character is substituted as arnav and Khushi. Let me know if I can mention her work and post the link. Thank you

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  3. My first blast! Yayy! *Strongly hoping this is not a repeat*

    What: Aapki pasand
    Who: sun_shine_girl
    Where: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2779995
    Why: “He slowly traced the ‘A’ in her mehendi, smiling all the while. Suddenly, in a move that surprised a squeal out of her, he pressed his lips to her palm, licking the ‘A’, not moving his eyes from her face.” – And all of this is just the beginning. 😉

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  4. Who: abavi

    What: Destiny Games

    Where: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/3242448?pn=7#73009253

    Why: Arnav looked with contempt at this person in wet ragged clothes and unkepmt dry untidy hair in front of him, the cheap alcohol consumed by the man emanating stinking smell, Disgusted, his eyes moved away from the man and slowly took in the thin figure next to this man- The girl was skinny and would be 16 or 17 at the most, She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse, both wet from the rains outside and wet and thin dupatta that she had drapped around her was hardly giving her any warmth or protection and She stood there shivering and clutching her dupatta tightly.
    “I am Shashi Gupta” The man introduced himself “and this is my daughter Kushi”

    “and why did you come here for?” Dadi asked him promptly

    “Because there is a debt that needs to be cleared”

    “whom were you debted to?”

    “Your son was debted to me… We had a gamble last month and he lost this house to me”
    Shock coursed throught the inmates of Raizada Mansion

    “Oh my God… He gambled with this house too… What else is left for us now… we are left with literally nothing” Nani whispered anguishedly, While 19 year old Anjali clutched Payal’s fingers tightly and sobbed.

    “I am not a merciless man… I do not want this mansion, if you are ready to compensate this bond in my terms” Shashi spoke out loud and clear

    “and your terms are?” Arnav spit out, angry at his recently deceased father, who had left him nothing but huge loans, His father had literally sold or mortgaged every other property and Arnav thought he had only the family business which was again not in good shape as it was extremely neglected by his father and this mansion.. but now the mansion was gone too…

    “You marry my daughter. I will give this mansion back to you”.

    I have read another story from the writer, Checkmate it was, a good thriller story.

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    • This story is great but the updates are so erratic one keeps loosing the pace. I wish would update more rapidly


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