Welcome to the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ficverse

—celebrating the romance of Arnav & Khushi—


A Dedication: to the amazing writers who expanded the IPKKND universe with their pen

Be it one shots (os), short stories (ss) or fan fictions (ff) they have elevated, enhanced, and enchanted us with the love story between a ruthless tycoon and his Happiness.

I enjoyed the show, sometimes I even loved it, but where it failed to deliver in depth, in scope, hell even in sense, I found satisfaction in the written works of fellow fans.

The creation of this site serves a single purpose:

A space to celebrate the tales of Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi Kumari Gupta

No, not every single piece of writing will be here, that is simply not possible. However, I will strive to include as much breath and scope as I can.

Criteria: well written, substance, and completed (there will be exceptions).

The site is a reflection of my own readings and opinions and those of good friends, please respect that. I welcome all comments, suggestions and feedback.

Happy Reading!



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155 thoughts on “Hello!

    • 🙂 Happy to have you here! Arshi FFs have become an essential part of my entertainment, it just seems fitting to put together an index that showcase the incredible talent pool of writers we are lucky enough to have. Enjoy and please do join in on the Suggestions page.

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  1. Hi there, I am a fairly new reader of ArHi fictions and I want to thank you for such wonderful start to the index of writers. These are some amazing stories. Thank you so much again, great work. 🙂


    • Welcome to Arshiverse!!! There are a range of delightful stories, so do enjoy your time exploring the indexes 🙂 I highly recommend checking out the one shots, it’s a nice feeler for a writer’s style before delving into longer ffs. Happy Reading. ^^


    • Welcome to the ficverse ^^ I’m delighted over the fact that there are still so many readers of Arshi ffs. It’s awesome and really telling of just how amazing this fandom is. Have fun exploring!

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    • Welcome! I’m glad you stumbled down the rabbit hole ^^ Enjoy exploring the site and hop over to the Suggestions page from time to time. 🙂


  2. This is an unexpected treasure chest of arshi fanfics! Thank you shipperK for all your hard work!
    I know I won’t be getting much sleep for the next few weeks. 🙂


  3. Hey there! I came by to the blog after so long today and apparently I need a password to access the blog. Can you please send me the password. My email is maithrikarthik@gmail.com.
    Oh, n so great to see the blog’s followers growing! The winter reading list is great..am certainly looking forward to reading them! Thanks for doing this!! Thumbs up!!!


  4. hey shippr i seem to meet wid a problm !! Wen i tried to get the index the othr day they wer promptng for a password !! Wat is it xactly ?? Can u rply asap 🙂 stay blssd luv ya loads


  5. hello, shipperK
    i just got this site of yours…
    and i too am a big fan of our ARSHI..
    so i come to this site …
    but i whnna tell u that i m not able to visit WRITERS A-Z…
    if u will give me any suggestion then i will be thankful to you..
    pls do reply ASAP…i will be waiting for your reply…
    thank you…


  6. it was necessary to hv a list of Arshi’s complete work on a single page and ur ideas n hardwork deserves alot dear not just single appreciation word…!!!!! Amazing job plzzzz continue n gv us ur best😊😍😀😘

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    • Awww… thank you! ^^
      heh heh those are emojis are precious. *blows back a kiss*
      I’ve also responded to your request via email. 🙂


  7. Hi Shipper,
    Firstly, thank you!What an incredible effort by you to consolidate all beautiful stories on Arnav & Khushi in this blog! I will go through the list at my pace…I already see a few that I didn’t know about.

    I would also love to be able to suggest some that I have read. For a start, I have suggested a story by Avi (Dreamyshadows) against (what I am assuming is the latest list you are compiling) stories where Arnav & Khushi fall in love after their marriage..

    Will be around more often…thank you once again. Fantastic effort!
    ps: I love the snow flurries…happy holidays!


    • Hi bablubli ^^
      Welcome to the ficverse!

      Your suggestions would be most welcomed.
      There’s plenty of opportunities as well —
      Suggestions Dammit – for any completed stories or one shots
      Jalebi Blasts – new stories, new writers, your own works
      We also have two Treasure Hunt going at the moment

      I hope you enjoy exploring the site.
      Happy Reading!

      P.S. Puts you in the holiday spirit yeah? 😉

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      • Thank you Shipper! Yes, I discovered the Treasure hunts yesterday & will definitely try & contribute to them. Whatever little I have seen of this compilation, I am lovin’ it already!! 🙂

        And I love you dammit!! Now, I can’t wait to get to the weekend…cold days, warm blankets, chai in hand & a set of lovely stories to read without having to search too much…happy holidays indeed!! 🙂

        God bless you girl! Take care & I will keep writing..

        PSsst… Why is the Writers’ list password protected? Do I need to do something to get access? Please let me know..thanks!


        • bablubli — ah that sounds just lovely. The weather in my piece of paradise is perfect for ff reading at the moment – stormy with a symphony of rain hitting rooftops, unfortunately there’s that thing called work standing in the way =p

          Regarding the Writers Index… check out my note on the sidebar. ^^


          • Ah, that sounds so poetic! But yes, I know..I know Shipper…if it were not for those tiny little details called work & responsibilities, I would just lock myself up somewhere or retreat into the hills to read all this wonderful stuff! Sigh! Mere wishful thinking at the moment!!

            But I stand determined & I shall keep suggesting stories whenever I find those gems. You keep them coming too.
            I cannot tell you just how much this effort is appreciated and those of the writers too.

            Psst..Saw the note..24th eh? Yippeee. I’m here I’m here..:) Thank you! 🙂


  8. I am totally new in here and somewhat accidentally stumbled upon this. And I’m so glad I did. 😀

    This blog is everything I need. There’s so much I need to read and I’ll definitely be looking for your recommendations.

    Great work on the blog though, ShipperK. This is amazing!

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  9. Found this blog a few days ago, simply delighted! It’s so heartening to see that our love for this show is still very much alive, that this warm flame in our hearts is everlasting. I’ve been loving every bit of this blog, and I can’t thank you enough, K. Thank you so much for bringing all the work of such outstanding writers into one lovely place. Writers from our IPK family! I’m looking forward to reading and contributing to all the posts in the future. Love ya!

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      • thanku! im so glad i stumbled here! but i dint realy get what u meant. n i hv questions. R there conditions to get password? dz it keep changing? how do i know it if it does? and cn u plz post link of the index u mentioned if it not too problem?

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  10. Hey S & K,

    I am back after a looong gap & boy, am I glad!! 🙂

    I thought you had discontinued your IPK collections forever & was so sad…I didn’t know about this one until I saw it last night!

    But now that I am back, I will continue to add to the collection. Can’t wait to see what has been added..

    Take care girls..hope you are both doing well.

    Much love & thanks!


  11. hello k!! i want to thank u first for creating this awesome place. i am an ardent reader and a huge fangirl of arshi ffs. i stalk this place at least two times a day and read every ff suggested. but never commented.. no no not bcoz i dint want to but i couldnt.. i use this small dabbawala phone on which i cant write, like or comment anything.. right now i m typing this from anet cafe. i really appreciate all the writers but i realy cant comment everytim. is there a way i can read all of the ffs though unable to comment regularly????? plzz help.. u can mail me.. k.mrunal284@gmail.com this is my email.. plz answer..

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  12. hi shipperK…. this is an awesome place for all the fans of ipk….. u have done a great job…. also its a hearty request if u could grant access to S&K’s adventures….nights series…. i had stopped at a very interesting turn of events …. convo between devyani and khushi… please would like to resume it…. i had been stuck in a very personal situation.. now it is somewhat in some order…. would like to go back to being a fan of your works now..and the story esp… which ignited the love for arshi after such a long time….. ppl greant me the access… m dying to know what happened next…..:)..:)….:)

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  13. Hey dear… wow…!! Brilliant work 🙂 i have read few stories suggested by you. I am member of IF but wasn’t aware of so many amazing stories.. thanks dear.. last i checked those stories couldn’t comment here.. so doing now..

    New here… so am not sure whether this is the right place to comment or we have different comments section.. Sorry for that.. still learning.. Loving all these stories and you our writer ji already.. don’t ask how i got this.. LUCKY ME you can say.. 😉
    i was checking the lists of FF’S you had posted in a section with various other FF’s & i came across the story which i was searching from a long time. So then i realized ya you were also the writer of that story right??? see see lucky me..talking about ‘Farewell night’ colab story i guess.. which i had read one or two chapters only sometime back and later tried searching it again, but was not able to remember the correct name.. i tried the link you had provided.. but it was protected.. so if you could please grant me access to that story also, as i had missed out on it because of Asli duniya 😦 (my ID: selvipandian@rocketmail.com)

    Also thanks for everything you guys do for us 🙂

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  14. Wow… This is just wow K… Actually this whole blog is wow.. Every single thing. Never came across such an interesting blog 🙂 I hope I am welcomed here 😀

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  15. I came across this place about 2-3 weeks….but as i was so busy with my hectic life i hardly make time to enjoy this place….but glad i had enough brain to bookmarked it……last 2-3 days i checked it out…And OMG…..K……you have done a fabulous job in the Blog…..I came across beautiful FFs and stories that took my breath away it feels great to read good works like you gathered here…..

    Great Job Dear….And i’ll for sure hook up with place onwards….

    keep it up *thumbs up*

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  16. Please let me into manreet blog!it became protected!i comment regularly for salvation my current favourite!i also love going back and reading her old ones!please help!!i have also commented for farewell winter nights please grant me access shipper k!longing to read the epilogue! Cheers violetgirl


  17. Please let me into manreet s seeking utopia blog!it became protected!i comment regularly for salvation my current favourite!i also love going back and reading her old ones!please help!!i have also commented for farewell winter nights please grant me access shipper k!longing to read the epilogue! Cheers violetgirl


  18. Hey there… how do I access the stories here.. fairly a new reader here.I had only read the teaser for crimson court and had also commented there. But can’t access it anymore.. I am really looking forward to read the stories…


  19. This is simply amazing!! What a wonderful way to bring together some of the best and give their fans a chance to showcase their work. Thank you so much! And on a separate note, is it possible to get access to your works? Just started to read them and would love to read more….
    Once again a heartfelt thank you!

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  20. Hello writers,

    I think you own this and FWN blog. I was writing few minutes back my comment in FWN blow it was not protected blog then , when I posted it is saying protected blog. :´( . How can I access to post my comment there?

    Thank you.

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  21. This is the amazing blog you have put together for us ARHI fanatics. i have found many unread Fan fictions and OSs that are precious work of art which I wouldn’t have found by myself. its pleasure to the senses going through this blog. The gifs, the quotes, the headers and everything just gives the feel of what IPKKND is funny, witty, romantic, majestic and full of love and beauty. Thank you !

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  22. Omg ! I found treasure !! Kudos to the person who started this and also to all the people who are contributing and making it worthy by the day !
    I have just started, loving the way the categories have been set up. I didn’t find anything related to Office Arhi stories, so would like to suggest to add the category to the list, please.

    To start the ball rolling, adding my most favorite stories:

    Author: Omoraboti

    Title: Of Lemons & Limes

    Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3213154


    Author: Nayika (All her stories are amazing reads!)

    Title: 6 Din, Ladki In!

    Link: http://nayikawrites.blogspot.com/2011/01/6-din-ladki-in-index.html


    What brings me here is the love for the show IPKKND! And in turn to find amazing writers who keep IPKKND characters alive through their exceptionally well written stories!!

    Thank you writers !!

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  23. Hi believe somewhere you guys mentioned that in what pad you guys started writing n found loads of arshi stories to read. Can you share the names of those stories…

    I just created account in what pad user id madhuarshirao


  24. Sometime long back, I had commented on your idea of bringing different genres of Arshi ffs under one umbrella, along with the talented writers. Visiting it after a long time and happy to see how much this blog grew, into a forum on it’s own.
    There are always new readers who happen to chance on one of the gems our talented Arshi writers create and start searching for the other gems. (Three years earlier I was among them, begging for access to private blogs after hearing about stories moved to blogs, and all of them were worth it.)
    This blog has now turned to a forum where old and new readers are able to find the hidden gems as well as communicate with the writers. This way the writers can maintain their works the way they want (whether to privatize their works) and can find new genuine readers. Works for everyone.
    Thank you for this amazing and wonderful platform and for making it work. A big applaud and bow to you K 😃

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  25. I just realized that this might be a better place to post the comment that I just posted under “What thes”! So here goes, again..
    You are the record keeper for this fan community, a librarian of sorts! Thank you for the work you’ve put in organizing and maintaining this blog, it is a catalog for IPK fan fiction. I was a late comer in the ipk world, and disovered many things along the way of which I had no clue of before, inluding fan fiction.
    I was wondering if there was any way of getting some of the authors who have pulled off their work from IF and also closed or deleted off their blogs to share them again. There was this one story which probably was one of the earliest I had read. After posting a query on this thread on IF where people post questions on FFs someone mentioned that its called “pursuit of love” (I think the author’s name is kalyaani). I remember being mesmerized reading it and I don’t think I read the whole thing through. I often think how wonderful it would be to read it again. There are many others which you hear mentioned on must read lists, and which are unfortunately not available now.

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    • Welcome! Hahaha if so I’m a very lazy librarian =p
      The IPK Ficverse has been very lucky to have so many talented pens, however, due to plagiarism/personal reasons, many great stories have been taken down.

      This is the writer’s prerogative and should be respected. That said, the more active the readership the more likely the writer ends up on a blog. So don’t be shy, share thoughts with your favorite authors and let’s keep this fandom colorful for everyone. ^^

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  26. Woah….this is a HUGE blast from the past. I must say this is tough work. Thank you so much for your time and effort in this. I am so lost in your IPKKND encyclopedia.

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  27. OH MYYY GOOOD!!!😯 I didn’t know that there are so many FFs on Arshi😞 that’s my bad luck for restricting myself to FB… it’s good that came to know about your FWN…And now got to know about all these FFs….

    Reading all the suggested Arshi FFs is going to become my addiction😀
    Thank you so much!!!

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  28. I finally found my place in internet…
    Your site is so heart touching and emotionally overwhelming (for an ipkknd fan, ofcourse!) that I’m literally crying!
    Waiting for more!


  29. What a treasure trove you have here….
    As an ardent love for these two characters….this is wonderful…
    Good work …..
    Compiling the index…suggesting interesting works…interesting writers…
    Packaged all in one….
    Accidentally came across your blog while reading ‘ALS by Jenny’….
    Look forward to reading the works of amazing writers…

    saffron’s Ramblings…
    (scorpio47 IF)……
    Requesting an access to Your stories.
    Kind Regards……


  30. From last few months I started reading ff…it seems quite interesting… especially…arshi ff . It look like I’m doing graduation on arshi ff it’s worth reading ..I closed my fb so that I don’t get disturbed in between reading…it’s became my addiction..and today I find your this blog..it’s amazing…I started following it…now I’m going to read each and work on this blog….


  31. Have always loved this site. I was wondering if you could start a jalebi blast or ficverse hunt for awesome stories that are incomplete and want the writers to come back and complete…I think your blog has enough clout and could be our best shot at persuading these writers to complete the stories. To begin I would add the following in no particular order:
    1. Arranged Marriage by Krani
    2. Sunshine & moonlight by Non-sense
    3. Second Chances by Mirabell
    4. Jalebi by Maya Hill
    5. Shades of grey by Bingala & Gargee
    6. Entangled by IPK-Forever
    7. The Hands of Time by Aqua Sandhya
    8. Kalarikkal House by Publicenemy

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    • Oh boy that’s a good idea :3
      I just read your comment now and just in case you haven’t been active on IF lately I wanted to give you to good news, Mirabell is restarting Second Chances, and Aqua Sandhya has reopened the thread to The hands of Time, she’s not updating soon because she wants to get herself reacquainted with the story but that’s more hope than we could’ve asked for right ? 😀
      I don’t know about 1,2,6 and 8 as I haven’t read them yet, but I sure as hell would want Shades of Grey and Jalebi to be continued too.
      Plus, my (maybe not so) little addition to the list:
      – The Trampled Butterfly by molten lava
      – In This Moment by ridz
      – Perfection by napstermonster
      – Cherished wounds by mistyrains
      – It’s complicated by Anarocksick
      – And then she found me by bubblii
      – My Prince Charming II by Shraddska
      – Hello, Neighbour by shona-li
      – Innocence in her eyes by Dalmuthuy

      PS: I know sometimes the writers stop writing for good reasons, be it lack of time, personal priorities or lack of inspiration. Because I’m sure there’s nothing more bumming than loving a story and then getting to a point where things don’t make sense anymore, having it either being dragged on unnecessarily or finished abruptly when it could have been handled better.. only because the writers aren’t as connected to the story as before or don’t feel as confident and creative as they used to be when they started it, and it’s okay, I’m sure most readers understand, me included.
      I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is in no way us pressurising the writers to do something they don’t feel like doing, it’s just a reminder of how much we loved your stories and we still harbor a bit of hope that one day, maybe, when you feel you’re in the right place and time in your lives where you can go back and finish them. And though not all readers are still waiting, there are some to whom it would mean sooo much if you could see it through.
      With love, Zayneb

      ps’: Wow, this started as just a notification about two re-opened stories and look how much I’ve been blabbering :3


  32. Hi guys. I am new here . but I am also a ardent fan of arshi. Guys I am in need of a help can yu please please give me the name of the story in which arnav is thought dead but suffers a memory loss and he is in a family with brothers and sis . I forgot the name. If any one finds it can yu please send the link to cornett90 @gmail.com .

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  33. Hi everyone.. Loved the arshi collection.. Thanks to all.. Actually I read a arshi long back on some arshi ff blog but can’t remember the name now.. If any one could help n name it.
    Hints.. Arshi meet for arrange marriage .. Arnav falls for khushi.. He gives her nickname Bachcha.. Some issues.. Khushi leaves n moves to some city.. Join a clg as a lecturer.. New character who is a cousin to raizada is in that clg.. Arnav finds khushi through that cousin’s photo with khushi..
    Dats all I remember.. If anyone has read it please reply


  34. First of all, Girls ❤ a HUUUUUUGE Thank you for the thought and taking the initiative and the responsibility to creating and maintenaing this space. This could easily be my personal heaven. Arshi stories are seriously an addiction to me, a guilty pleasure (to not make it sound negative) I'll always go back to. Not only because it's about a couple I so adore, love, crush on and hold close to my heart.. but also because they reminded me how much I loved and enjoyed reading and how much I miss it (seeing as I had stopped reading for a couple of years). Also, reading Arshi fanfic has come at a time in my life when I honestly stopped feeling and looking forward to doing things that usually brought me a sense of happiness and purpose. Those stories not only gave me an escape from my tormenting thoughts at times and scarily hollow and void at others, but they also made me feel, they made me laugh, hope, smile, and shed a few tears (Which I have no problem with btw, infact it makes me feel more connected not only to the story but also to my own feelings), they helped me grow and gave me some of the best lessons in life to cherish and live by.
    Not to forget that they gave me a space to embrace who I am and get to know some amazing and encredibly talented people from all around the world.
    That been said.. Just so we're not mere digital acquaintances we don't know anything about :p
    I'm Zayneb, I'm 23 yo (4 months, 5 days to go to hit 24). I'm Moroccan and I'm looking forward to graduate Mechatronic engineering in a couple of months.
    Besides IPKKND, I'm a seriously HUGE Supernatural fan, (you guys seriously have no idea :3 xD )
    My two biggest crushes (real and fictional :p) would undoubtedly be Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Barun Sobti and Arnav Singh Raizada (Note the fictional ones too because I'm both in love with the characters and the actors playing them)
    English is my third language, (After Arabic and French) and followed by a little German, But it's so far my favorite and the closest to my heart. And reading fanfics has helped me improve both my style and vocabulary tremendously. So for that, Thank you ladies (ff writers), all of you for taking the time to write and share and indulge us with such beautiful stories.. and thank you to the ladies behind the ficverse for providing such a space that makes it easy to access those stories and your guidance in chosing those great reads.


  35. Hey ShipperK, thanks for putting together this wonderful collection. I just discovered IPKKND earlier this year(Yes, I’ve been living under a rock), and after watching (and rewatching) the entire show, I still wanted more. And thanks to you and the wonderful writers who stories are up here, I’ve got it! I’m amazed at the talent out there, and am slowly chipping away at all the stories listed on the various pages. Thanks again and much love…

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Hi Shipper,

    Thank you for the blog and giving us Arshi and their Choti Si Duinya I am late but looking forward to reading the work of writers who I might have missed. IPK is lucky to have these brilliant writers who have kept Arshi alive by their work. To all old and new writers thank you for your efforts and time in giving us beautiful stories.


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