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Summer Reading List

Autumn Reading List (Updated)

Winter Reading List (Updated)

Spring Reading List


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Desert Isle Keepers

For a Snowy Evening

I Think I Love You

In the Mood for Love

Mr. & Mrs.

Night Reads on All Hallows’ Eve

Of Mornings & Midnight Reads

Of Tiny Hands & Little Feet

Where My Demons Hide


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Ficverse Treasure Hunt #1: Original IPK Storyline

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #2: Arnav & Khushi Falls in Love Post Marriage

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #3: Tales of A.N.G.S.T.

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #4: Retellings of Myths/Fairy Tales

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #5: Tales of Heartbreak

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #6: Laugh Out Loud Delights

Ficverse Treasure Hunt #7: Wild Adventures of Youth

*stunning banner credit to Palaayan/adorable gif set credit to ajeebserishtey*

30 thoughts on “What Thes

  1. heh heh heh I know. It tickles me to death. Prince of Darkness is from one of vikadesigirl’s stories. I don’t remember which one, but once I get to her index I’ll let you know. You’ll love her, very sensual stories, I would say most similiar to Vasti Kovac ^^


  2. Yes to gutter shots please! 🙂 Imagining Barun Sobti has its advantages… 😉 Okay, now I feel like a foolish teenager instead of a married and supposedly mature women able to handle the only serious celebrity crush ever experienced in life thus far! 😛 Haah… So much for sanity! 😛

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    • Glad you checked them out! I feel I need to spice up this page…not enough gutter for your gals 😉
      We’ll see, ideas would be appreciated!


  3. I see you’ve revamped this page. The gifs are cute, loved Khushi’s what the what the 😉
    Are we gonna get more risky reading material? I think I have some for you that’s perfect for that section. Will email it over.


  4. Hey there…I came across this blog a while ago…and I really appreciate your efforts to put something like this together. It must take a lot of time and work. This is like my go-to place when I miss ArHi and all the good ol’ stories of If (which is like every alternate day..hehe) But when I tried to go to the writers’ section, it asks for password. I guess you’ve put that in place recently. Just wondering if you’re planning to open it in future or is it inaccessible henceforth…?


    • Hi. Glad you’ve been enjoying the site.
      Yes, I recently closed off the index. It has been an eye opener actually.
      My goal for this site was to turn it into a small ACTIVE community where stories are shared.
      Unfortunately, most people just come in click on the links and go away without ever saying anything.

      Every since they can’t access the page – I’ve received over fifty emails, most from people I’ve never heard from. This is the case with the stories themselves and a number of writers no longer wants to tolerate this silence. I’m working things out with the writers, but future access to the index will depend on individual followers of this site.

      I love the IPKKND ficverse, but I also value my time. I’m working on a revamp, but future access will be limited to active members of the site. So, don’t be shy about hoping into Jalebi Blasts and Suggestions Dammit 🙂


      • Ohh ok I get it. Then, firstly I must apologise for being mute so far. I shall try to be more active wherever possible. Also, I think it is a great idea to put together a list like this! You’re doing a wonderful job.
        As to the inputs…I do come across several great stories…but I think they might already be on your lists…so what should I do…leave the links here anyway? Apart from that I don’t know if I can be of much use ’cause I’m not a very expressive person as such, especially virtually. But I’d love to be a part of this ficverse as much as possible 🙂
        Good luck!


        • Thank you. Honestly, it would not have occurred to me to close off the index if some writers’ didn’t reach out. But it has given me food for thought.

          Please don’t feel burden to comment if it makes you uncomfortable. It’s the last thing I want. This site is special to me, but it’s hardly the only place to get recommendations. IF has plenty of great threads.

          That said, if you enjoy this corner of the ficverse, then share! Jalebi Blasts are to announce the discovery of new stories, authors, or to give yourself some pr if you decide writing fanfic is your new calling.
          Suggestions Dammit is to recommend completed works and one shots, or feel free to use it as a chit chat corner. You can also add to the Reading List, just suggest a story you don’t see on the list that fits within the theme.

          Believe it or not, I probably have read less than 10% of all available Arshi ffs, so whatever you have in mind to share, chances are high I haven’t read/heard of it.


  5. I’m fairly new to the world of fiction. Have come across so many beautiful stories and am amazed by the creativity of the writers. Hats off guys and each one deserves a big thank you. And above all, this blog is reader heaven. Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll also try to come up with my own real soon.

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    • Welcome to the ficverse Simi! We are a very lucky fandom indeed to have so many talented writers. Enjoy exploring and I look forward to your suggestions! ^^


  6. I’m back 😀

    Thanks for the lists, there are quite a few that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. Really appreciate the effort that must’ve gone behind compiling them all.

    Really touched to find my stories among them…☺️


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  7. I accidently found this blog of urs .did i like this accident? Oh i simply loved it. U r doing a wonderful job. I really appreciate this. For me it’s like a ‘treasure chest ‘ which i found without hunting ! So now i don’t know what to do and where to start! I m going nuts. I haven’t read much as a reader but i m still amazed abt writers creativity. This is the best blog i have come across.
    Thank u sooooo much for creating and updating this blog dear. U and writers r doing a amazing job. Hats off to u girls 😀
    This is my paradise now……
    Bless you….

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  8. You are the record keeper for this fan community, a librarian of sorts! Thank you for the work you’ve put in organizing and maintaining this blog, it is a catalog for IPK fan fiction. I was a late comer in the ipk world, and disovered many things along the way of which I had no clue of before, inluding fan fiction.
    I was wondering if there was any way of getting some of the authors who have pulled off their work from IF and also closed or deleted off their blogs to share them again. There was this one story which probably was one of the earliest I had read. After posting a query on this thread on IF where people post questions on FFs someone mentioned that its called “pursuit of love” (I think the author’s name is kalyaani). I remember being mesmerized reading it and I don’t think I read the whole thing through. I often think how wonderful it would be to read it again. There are many others which you hear mentioned on must read lists, and which are unfortunately not available now.

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    • Awww thank you!
      I’m lucky that this site has opened the doors to a lot of friendships with beloved IPK writers for me. And while I completely understand the desire to read all the yummy tales, I believe it’s important to support writers’ desire to privatize or retire certain stories. Typically it stems from dealing with another horrid case of plagiarism.

      However, when a door is reopened, I usually make an announcement. This entire site is curated, you won’t lack for good recommendations. =)

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  9. Thanks a lot blogger, Excellent compilations of the fictions of our beloved couple Arnav and Khushi. Beautiful and easy acessible ,loving the way it is presented to entice the viewers. Oh gosh all the gifs you post give the feelz and miss more the show.

    Haven of Sapnon Ke Duniya!

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