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Five years ago a pair of arms created an unwilling safety net for a damsel in distress. That chance meeting burned with such intense chemistry it lit the torch that launched several hundred fan fictions.

The Raizadas and Guptas has been reimagined, reconstructed, and recasted into a myraid of fascinating characters that are as dear to our hearts as their onscreen counterparts.

To select the best out of dozens upon dozens of gorgeous tales is an arduous task and not a particularly fair one as each story hold its own merit. However, in celebration of half a decade of delightful storytelling, I thought it would be exciting to share favorites and give shout outs to beloved writers.

A thank you and hug to everyone who participated by submitting their Nominations!

I relished seeing personal favorites as well as fresh stories pop up, my To-Read list has definitely doubled.

I would also like to thank my panel, who were roped into working over the holidays to tally up the votes and also weigh in on the many many ties we ended up with.  S, Mel, ZZ – Muah!

The Process. The goal was to name 50 fan favorites. Between WordPress & Twitter we ended up with 637 nominations! There were so many close ties, we had to come up with a deal breaker; thus, every nomination that included a reason why received an extra half point and the final list was expanded to 55.

Before unveiling the results, I would like to state that this Hall of Fame does not encompass all the best tales from the IPKKND Ficverse. This is a fandom that brims with such incredible talents, no finite list would be able to capture the full scope. However, these are tales that came to the mind of readers when asked, therefore, I hope you will join me in celebrating it for what it is.

Several have asked why include stories that are no longer available to indulge in and to that I can only say – Good fiction has no expiration date and brilliant pens should be honored. (Besides, you may be surprised by how many long gone pens cast a shadow over this site. 😉 )


The IPKKND Ficverse presents the 2016:


(1) A Girl Named Khushi by Napstermonster

The story which made me cry at 12:30 am. A beautiful heartbreaking tale revolving around Arnav and his little girl.  ― sweetsonai

I’m not one for stories that don’t focus on ArHi’s romance, cause I’m often just waiting for the writer to cut the crap and focus on what everyone is interested in (let’s be real). But this… this had me hooked, line and sinker, right from the get go. It doesn’t feature blooming hearts and restless souls and kisses and glances and sex and the rest… but it DOES feature brilliant writing, brilliant story telling and a plot that will twist, test and turn your faith in happily ever afters. I have never cried for any Fan Fiction or even any professionally written novel… but I cried like a little baby after finishing AGNK. It takes real talent and a real gut wrenching story to do that. It’s sheer brilliance and a tale every IPKKND fan should read. ― Zee

This is one about Arnav and a little girl, without the older Khushi, but so touching that i can assure that you will have a mini-cry fest reading it. Sometimes, a cryfest is good for the soul, as you all know ladies ! so, don’t miss it if you have… ― jdronamraju

(2) The Bride With a Doll by IPK007

The sweetest love story, spanning years, set during the end of the British Raj; A pre Liberated India. Arnav is Arnob, a Zamindar’s son on the way to be a doctor. He has been saddled with a bride he neither wants nor knows what to do with. Khushi is his child bride who still plays with her doll. It is a story about the nurturing of a relationship. The gradual growth – from just the abstract thought of family to a quiet friendship that culminates into a love against a dangerous backdrop of rebellion, and the threat of a war. I feel saying more would take away from the magic of it all. Just go read it people.  ― Bingala

Jen has a number of wonderful stories but this one, I think, is my favourite. A bittersweet period tale set in in the early 20th century, Calcutta. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

A periodic tale set in pre-independence era. The author’s brilliance lies in showcasing the blossom of love between a man and his child bride as their relationship progresses with time and distance. ― Wissensdurst

(3) Dawn, Noon and Dusk by AquaSandhya

A story which showed so many facets of human relationships and a story which made me smile, laugh, love and cry equally. This is an absolute classic. ― canapoem

An expansive tale of love, friendship, family, told in surroundings that come alive with her words. The vicissitudes of life laid bare. ― Ruchi

This Story is bundle of three friends, life’s curve balls, battle of adopted kid and tickling romance. ― jduke

(4) The Cult by RockBarbie

Thriller with a pinch of romance is what I love the most and this story perfectly fits the bill. The twists and turns in the storyline will always leave you asking for more. ― sweetsonai

If I could, I would include all of this woman’s work. But I chose The Cult because it is not a traditional ArHi story. It’s a story which happens to have Arnav and Khushi in it. I love that about it. It’s unapologetic in its themes and ideas and is beautiful for it. ― Palaayan

the ending. the ending is why this story is on this list. I can never forget how deep that ending hit me because I for one was not expecting. The story is not cute or romantic – its thrilling and at some points scary for a scaredy cat like me. But it is so worth the read and so worth the spot here. ― reallyayla

(5) The Emerald Isle Tales by Meera30

To quote the titles of each of the three books– “A little bit of magic, a little bit of life, a little bit of love.” This story breaks my heart, makes me squeal, makes me sigh, makes me rage-y, makes me cry, and makes me long for a Goa I’ve never known in real life. Think modern day witches, ancient magic, Irish curses, Goan beaches, betrayal, soulmates, family, friendship, and three couples you can’t help but love. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

First of all, Meera crafted an entire world, within a world. It straddled the line between fantasy/reality in a way that made the magic feel so very real, all while dealing with the very realistic fall out of loss, grief, heartbreak, family expectations, and just plain life. I consider it her magnum opus, but I’m sure she’ll write something else one day that kicks this off the top. It’s not perfect, but it comes pretty damn close. Also, nearly everyone finds love.😉 ― Kadeen

If ever a tale deserves your best love letter, it would be this magical piece of wrenching bliss by Meera. There are writers and then there are storytellers, let there be no doubt that Meera is a storyteller. The way she weaves language, love and life together made the residents of the Emerald Isle unforgettable. Their dreams, their heartaches, their mistakes, their desires all matter because somehow they’ve become people you genuinely care about. I cannot express how long a hold this tale had on my thoughts. It’s that rare nostalgic scent of yesterday that lingers in your memory long after it has faded. ― shipperk

THIS STORY!!! It literally takes you into another world. Its a magical world but its not flying cars or magic potions. Instead its about life, love, friendships and family. Its a long journey but so worth every step of the way. Again every character in the story is interesting, there are some not from the IPK universe but still they are amazing and fit in well with everyone else. I so wish it comes back online so I can read it again. ― reallyayla

(6) Polemic Jackanapes by Vgedin (Twiggy)

For sheer courage to take a setting that reeks romance and create a visual of life from it. ― meera30

This story is very simple but very powerful. Arnav and Khushi are already together loll so no dramas on that port but that’s what makes this story so refreshing and so beautiful – its Arnav and Khushi’s relationship, their relationship with Khushi’s family and Arnav’s family and their workplace. Please do give it a go! ― reallyayla

(7) Rooftops and Other Happy Places by Anarocksick

Bonds and memories develop over too sweet chai, cigarette smoke and sitting on the rooftop staring into the horizon. A story of taking chances and doing things right the second time. A group of office friends on a trip to Valley of Flowers. ― aquagal01

There is an honesty to this story by Ana. The characters are people I know, live with, sometimes observe and often even mock. There are no dramatics to these people just emotions stemming straight from the heart. ― Palaayan

(8) Unexpectedly Expected by Saucechips

LOL. I read this all night, nearly woke up the entire household, and it is now 6.30 a.m. EST. This may be the funniest thing I have ever read. I promise you that it’s worth it once you get past the formatting. ― Kadeen

One word, cement pile 😂― ladkikijhy

An amazingly witty, funny and light hearted story which has a feisty Khushi and frankly drool worthy Arnav. One of the first things I ever read on IF, and again one which has stayed with me for a long time ― Palaayan

(9) Revealed by Chokri_ASR (Jigs)

Because if you ever want to know how to make a marriage work, this should be mandatory reading. ― bluemystique

This story elicited feelings in me I didn’t even realise were still so close to the surface. Nothing in life should be taken for granted, let alone a soul stirring love. Her characters inspire as much as make you drool. As for Aneri, I remain besotted. ― Ruchi

Why- because it a story about how a much in love couple drifts away not because of any misunderstandings but because they love the other too much and cannot bear the pain that the other is going through. It is also a story about how family relations especially those with parents and siblings can leave a long lasting scar. And last but not the least – it’s a story about a beautiful sweet girl who will capture your heart with her cuteness, vulnerability and maturity all at the same time! ― bellacoolioif

An exquisitely written story which starts with our favorite jodi on the brink of a divorce, their heartening journey of finding each other again and becoming parents. And the unforgettable child protoganist Aneri. This story resonated with me on a personal level. The sensitivity and love with which it has been narrated has left me amazed. ― nzmonica

(10) Shaadi by Expelliarmus

This was more than just a story that had me go insane with the plot that was simple in premise, but then with Juhi it never is. She found a way to add her signature touch with this very well written story. Arnav from Shaadi is my one of my favorites, so much so that I read this story more times than I should admit out loud. And this is from a person, that rarely reads something again. I should also add it was being a Baaraati from the beginning that made this journey so unforgettable. One that has given me some very special friends. For that it will be always be at the top for me. ― Jigs

Romance, chemistry, passion – this story shows us the peak of all these three emotions.
What a delightful read Shaadi is. Juhi keeps us glued to the story till the end. ― canapoem

Because what she can do with two characters and, at first glance, a simple premise, is mindblowing. ―  bluemystique

(11) Dusty Haven by Girl of Fire

I have a soft spot for westerns, must be the years of growing up in a household that constantly has Unforgiven and Tombstone in the background. Send my favorite lovers to that era and you have me at howdy. To my delight, however, DH delivered on so much more than an entertaining story set in the wild west. Using familiar characters and tropes, it delved into the dynamics of frontier life and the established roles of men and women, then proceeded to loop and twist it up in fresh ways that keeps those cowboy boots off its heels. ― shipperk

I love you for recommending this to me. Who knew that ArHi + The Wild West would make for such an amazing story?! Also, someone finally put Shyam’s bracelet to good use. I also went gooey every time Arnav used his secret name for Khushi. Also Lavanya and Aman as a couple added to the swoon factor. ― Nutty

Dusty Haven was so engrossing, I did something I rarely ever do, read an entire story in one sitting. For one whole day I was transported a world of saloons and cattle, wild lands and the men and women who were brave enough to create a home on them. Arnav was such a heartthrob and GOF gave him a Khushi that gave as good as she got. ― 87_vermil

(12) Highway to Hell by MadMaxine

One of the best redemption stories around, hands down. Max begins the story within canon and then takes you into a world with far more interesting characters and conversations and motives and reactions. Oh, and Khushi kicks some serious ass. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

Few Ficverse writers ever managed to successfully portray Khushi’s resentment of the personal cost of Anjali’s self-centered behavior. But holy hell does Maxine do a fabulous job of addressing the elephant in the room. The cost and consequences of choices is fantastically depicted and the highlight is delivered through Arnav’s emotional journey. The heart aches as this broken man face up to his past mistakes, learn the value of a genuine apology and embrace the humbling experience of fatherhood. ― shipperk

Not just about Arnav’s redemption, but also of Khushi growing up to be a strong, confident and very successful women beating all odds. ― cocoamob

(13) Something About You – Farah53

Arrogant Arnav, Crazy Khushi – family friends, childhood friends not and when after 10 years Arnav returns to India he realises the crazy little minx, sister of his friend, has grown in a beautiful woman. But she is off-limits. But then the sparks fly and they can’t let go. ― aquagal01

If I had to choose just one story, this would be my pick without skipping a beat! Arnav’s ‘Red’ and their unique love is one for the books. What is beautiful about this story is that it has such a beautiful familial setting. You can’t help but love each and every character. But what jumps out for me is this: Even when this story is set in an alternate universe, Farah stays so true to Arnav and Khushi’s character. There is not a single instance where you cannot imagine them in their roles. Farah understands their underlying quirks and emotions like no other. Love you babe! I hope you can find time to write more stories. ― TheGreatSin

Because you meet a modern Khushi who is a breath of fresh air colliding with an Arnav whose views on marriage conflict with Khushi’s views. Eventually though, he becomes her knight in shining armour! ― pujajk

(14) A Late Spring by IPK007

This is the most touching, heart warming and feel good story I have ever read. Her writing is absolute brilliance and her characters and the struggles they face are so realistic, you cannot help but root for them through it all. She has imprinted various nuances of her Arnav and Khushi into my mind forever – the smell of lavender, the feel of a charcoal pencil on paper, the sound of wood crackling in a fireplace. I really hope this story makes it high upon your list, I truly think ALS deserves to be there. ― Zee

Reminds me of Segal’s Love story even though story line is different. It is her writing,the details.tugs at your heart ― shradha

I’m all over second chance romance like rash from poison oak…. not a sexy image is it. :p
I really liked how Arnav fell for both mother and son. Their reunion wasn’t abrupt, things weren’t swept under a rug, and by the end you feel like they emerged from all that pain stronger and more in love. ― Nutty

(15) The Filigreed Sun by serialjunkie

A powerful story that was engaging from the first chapter to the last. My heart broke for Khushi and Arnav, torn between their undeniable pull towards each other and what honor demands. The Filigreed Sun is the only story in which I felt the love triangle was given full due. More than a love story, it was really a coming of age for many of the characters, and while it was sometimes difficult to agree with their actions, you ultimately wish them happiness in life. ― pyreoftomes

Triangles and the havoc they weave. A total heart fuck in which you’re just not the same person as before. ― SM16

Never has a title been so apt in encapsulating the heart of a story. Our journey through life is neither endless days of sunshine nor is it never-ending storms. Instead they are intimately twined together and you can only take each day as it comes, resulting in much uncertainty and heartaches as we each try to make the right choices. SJ taps in on the core desire that drives us – the desperate need to feel alive. Whether that takes us to a path of light or darkness can only be revealed once we’ve taken the turn. ― shipperK

The kind of mature, racy, roller-coaster family drama desi TV wishes it could write. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

(16) Farewell Winter Nights by S & K

Just when I was prepared to say goodbye to Arnav and Khushi you opened my heart with a sensual story of lovers and friendship set in the dynamic New York City. Hands down the best bromance I’ve ever read, to the point in which I think my fellow readers couldn’t decide who they love best. I love your Arnav, Khushi, NK, Robbie, Aman, Anjali and of course the amazing Dragon Lady. You gave so many nights of breathlessness, of wrenching poignancy buffered by hilarious exchanges, FWN will always have a special place in my heart. ― pyreoftomes

A modern day fairy tale set in the magnetic city of New York. It not only lures the protagonists towards each other but the readers too. The girls can kill us with their scintillating narration and captivating pairing. And bromance. And suspense. And back stories. And a lot more. ― Wissensdurst

This story is such an amazing read. What started out as an instant attraction between Arnav and Khushi, took us deeper into their intertwined pasts, the bitter baggage they carried, along with betrayals they have faced and you girls showed the readers how true friendship is just purely divine and it goes beyond few stands of DNA. ― canapoem

This one just isn’t a story one reads, but it’s an experience. One that leaves me in a New York state of mind. My favorite city, my favorite jodi mixed with some hot new characters makes it a fucklicious tale from start to end! ― Jigs

(17) Addicted to You by Raspberry and Lilac (Vanhi)

The best dialogue to describe the above story is: Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai … woh hamara waqt nahi tha … par iska yeh matlab nahi ki woh ishq nahi tha Arnav and Khushi fall in love when they are 17 and 15 respectively. But society thought it was not love and separated them. They again met when they were in their twenties to realise that they were always in love with each other. ― canapoem

This is the story of teenagers who parted ways without making any promises . It took them twelve years to realize if they have to walk forward that it would be towards each other, not away from one another. The author is one of my favorites and is well versed in penning ensemble stories which makes them all the more loving. ― Wissensdurst

(18) Azaadi Ki Udaan by Palaayan

Because she chose to tell a tale that so few of us even have the strength to think about, and did it with the bluntness it deserves. ― bluemystique

A story true to reality that continues to plague the society from time immemorial. ― anonymous

A brutally honest depiction of monsters that exist in daylight. The intro to Azaadi Ki Udaan was traumatizing, but in its unflinching depiction of the hell Khushi was force to submit to, a deep rooted desire to see her triumph was planted. The journey to recovery was a gentle balm and when a true gentleman sets his heart on this damsel, every piece of your broken heart clamors for their happily ever after. ― shipperK

(19) His Smiling Girl by Smitar

Because this *is* the first ever story I read on ArHi and introduced me into the world of Fan Fiction. I adore this story. It’s like an indulgent hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream on a cold winter’s day. This story is comfort and love. ― Palaayan

My very first story I read on Arshi at IF which many a constant reader to other Arshi stories. It is beautiful love story which makes you fall in love all over again with Arnav Singh Raizada and our bubbly Khushi😍 ― Alai123

(20) Khamoshiyan by Mints23

A very simple yet touching redemption story. After telling Arnav the truth about Shyam after their stay at the Guptas, Khushi goes completely silent. It is possibly the worst kind of punishment for Arnav when he misses that chirpy Khushi who talks a mile a minute and flits about filling his house with fun and laughter. Her silence kills him inside and his guilt consumes him. ― TheGreatSin

The most beautiful, emotional yet realistic & logical IPKKND track with Arnav’s repentance. Love every single detail of the story and how his journey of repentance is beautifully penned down. Mints’s writing style is always beautiful, novelistic & poetic. The only complaint is that I wish it could be longer. It’s too good to just be a short story. I’d love to see this plot written in more details than just story telling in many important points. A must-read for all IPKKND true fan. ― wanderer5902

(21) A Word’s Worth by Meera30

A crackling, delicious read filled with snarky, no-nonsense women, snide jabs at publishing industry politics, flirting in the form of arguing about Art and Literature, intrigues and secrets, and MY MOST FAVOURITE ARNAVJI OF ALL TIME. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

I’m a writer, so I may be biased. In this one, Meera once again writes flawed characters who are dealing with important internal conflicts, while trying to break free of the lives they’re living, and find the happiness they missed out on. In this story, and the first one I mentioned, Meera does an excellent job of making the secondary characters three dimensional. Everyone has their own struggles, their own fears, their own dreams, and their own loves. ― Kadeen

Because Meera’s stories pull you in hook, line and sinker. And Swami! Need I say more? ― bluemystique

(22) Khushi by Maya Hill (Jalebi Jane)

I love the way forced marriage track has been dealt with here. The best thing is that Arnav didn’t need any proof here to know Khushi was not at fault and he has committed a mistake in his anger. And the characters stay true to themselves as we saw them on the show but with some beautiful additions. ― aquagal01

Who would have thought Button makes for such an endearing name? For a fan of Jane Austen and IPKKND, discovering Maya’s writing is akin to chancing upon that pot of gold. ‘Khushi’ takes you on a voyage of two individuals learning what it means to marry their lives together. It doesn’t pull back punches as you navigate through choppy waters, but for every storm there is the powerful reminder of the safe harbor one can find in a life mate. While the refined Mr. Raizada definitely gave Mr. Darcy a run for his millions, it was the breaking of the fourth wall, the intimate address towards a sisterhood that blew my mind. The lines between characters, writer and reader were artfully blurred and there is a sudden realization that you’re no longer reading but experiencing. ― shipperk

Because it’s what you want to read when the actual series starts to fail you. Also because Maya creates a world where a bold Khushi and an aggressive and even more headstrong Arnav weave magic. ― pujajk

The subtle wit and exquisite use of language makes Maya’s writing a pleasure to read. To be savoured as much as devoured. ― Ruchi

Khushi is true to her name and so much fun here. A little about redemption, but more about their life after and a new beau for Anjali. Little Khushi (AKA Boondi) is just adorable. Maya is a brilliant writer and I think undoubtedly the best when it comes to writing children (which is not easy) ― cocoamob

(23) The Same Coin by TheIncorribleMagpie (Semanti)

She makes me wish I was cool enough to pull off something as fun and yet full of meaning, sharp, witty, intelligent, romantic – the list is endless. Her Celebration series is another gem. ― meera30

Set in Panchgani, this story touches heart with it’s lead couple’s nok jhok and the beautiful way of story telling. ― sweetsonai

One of the best college romances about this much loved couple. Being on an equal footing, it is a a joy to read about their arguments, challenges and growing up to fall in love! ― cocoamob

(24) With or Without You by Invisible Smile

A tough read in the beginning, one that tugs at your heart. The journey of Khushi, a strong, single mother, who would do anything to protect her little girl, Sarah. She escapes an abusive relationship and is saved by a guardian angel. Arnav becomes their protector, and would do anything for his girls. A hopeful story with a powerful message, good over evil! ― Jigs

Because this makes you fall in love with Arnav, the father. It also makes you fall in love with the charming Sarah. ― pujajk

(25) Before the Last Sun Sets by Munchy

Munchy riped the heart right out of chest with BTLSS. The depth of Arnav’s love was nearly painful to discover. That prayer to Devi Maya in which he demands her heart in their next lifetime literally sent me bawling. No matter how many IPK stories I welcome into my heart, this one will always have the top shelf for its sheer agonizing beauty. ― ZZ

I loved and hated this tale vengefully. A violent gangster who shed his innocence and decency to keep mouths fed; Arnav was cruel and bastardy and completely unapologetic about it. He is the kind of man you find fascinating while every single cell of self-preservation screams for you to run in the other direction. Thus was the dilemma of our damsel when she caught his eyes. How can a ‘decent’ woman allow herself to love such a man? Until the layers are pealed back and you find yourself shaking both fists at Fate, The Evil Bitch, while sobbing your heart out. ― shipperK

Before the Last Sun Sets, if it didn’t ruin you, you didn’t read it right! Munchy wrecked havoc on my sleep and my sanity with this epic journey of a gangster you want to hate, but ended up loving with all the shattered pieces of your soul. ― 87_vermil

(26) Love~Life~Labyrinth by Eccentrica

A tale which keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. A story which throws up mysteries and surprises at every step and questions some age old traditions which say that a son is the heir to an empire and not a daughter. ― canapoem

A memorable tale inside the corporate world, a first that I had come across that actually takes you along many surprise angles. The fact that we get to see the battle of the sexes is what had me hooked. All for woman power, not to mention an irresistible Arnav! ― Jigs

A book about finding The one and in the process yourself!!!! Along with nice power play!!!! ― lovesaishu

Potent. Both the story and the pen behind it. I never knew I wanted a vigorous mind battle set in the twisty labyrinth of the corporate world until I came across this tale. There were moments one forgets to blink for fear of missing a key link, or breathe as the dynamic suspense wraps up your senses. The intro promises much in terms of thrills and romance and every subsequent chapter only raised the bar higher. ― shipperk

(27) The Valiant Knight & Fighting Fate by ToxicLove

These two amazing writes go together as one is incomplete without the other. These are one of the most intense, heart touching and emotional stories that i have read so far. in fact, they seem so real and you empathize with Arnav and Khushi so much that you feel like one among them and it doesn’t feel like fiction anymore. Deepthi has penned them so brilliantly, that it leaves you so touched and emotionally tied to it for days to come. with VK, i remember crying my heart out on a couple of updates as their pain feels so real. ― jdronamraju

A story from an unconventional bold writer whose primary strength lies in the topics she picks and handles them with such ease and passion. It’s about rape, which according to statistics is the fourth most common crime in India. ― anonymous

Deepthi is one of the finest writers I’ve come across in my fictional journey. I would be doing a great injustice if i don’t mention her works. Her narration paints the picture so vividly, you can’t help but get involved deeply in the story. This is the story of a couple who are bound to be together but fate plays the villain to separate them from one another. Will they fight the fate together? You need to read the sequel to see if they do. ― Wissensdurst

(28) Desert Rose by Charlotte

A very Mills & Boon-y story with nafrat-wala-love, sexual heat, conniving family members, and wishy-washy siblings amid the sands and havelis of Rajasthan. Lots of fun. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

Charlotte’s stories are infused with such a heady combo of sweet and swoony. Fate plays her allotted role; however, that final decision to be together is always left to her hero and heroine. I love how fashion was threaded into this story and Arnav’s uncovering of Khushi’s disguise sent my heart racing. ― ZZ

Just like it’s name, a beautiful story!!! ― lovesaishu

(29) Making Khushi Mine 1 by Anony_mous

A very simple story beautifully written where the protagonists don’t see eye to eye. An amazing story where the protagonists go from no-trust to complete submission to one another. ― Anonymous

Why-loved the way two very different people who came together for the sake of kids and ended up being together for life! ― bellacoolioif

(30) Careless Whisper by Meera30

It’s a story of two people – one married, one in a relationship and both belonging to showbiz. But then truth is not what is always in front of us. It is a heart-touching story. ― aquagal01

beautifully written, amazing story, the longing between Arnav and Khushi is felt through the words. ― reallyayla

The one and only story where i wantedLavanya end up with arnav .
and this is huge thing for me i am one of those who dont like angsty ,sad ending story .I have missed many awesome stories coz of this😦 But meera ‘s this story was awesome. ― shruti46

(31) Mirage by moltenlava

my first story on IF.. arnav works in an underworld gang and falls for a simple girl khushi and stands by her when she lost everything.. how they both make it forever.. its an action packed story with friendship, romance, betrayal and trust. ― deepsdspeed

It could have easily been The Trampled Butterfly had it been completed. Her words are emotional, thrilling, poignant. ― Ruchi

I havelost count of how many times I’ve read and reread Mirage. A jam packed story that is both exciting and heartwarming where two opposites undergoes a journey of discovery that reveals they are not so different after all.  ― 87_vermil

(32) Of Lemons and Limes by Omorabati

So much fun! She took an often overlooked scene and ran with it. I loved his obsession with her lemony scent and OMFG the seat belt scenes were so romantic and funny! ― melsweets

Devi Maya finally got her due! I loved, no make that 100% adored, all their car interactions. This was Fate at the top of her game and not even Mr. Raizada can wiggle his way out of her grip. ― Nutty

One of my first stories on IF and truly depicts the jhalli khushi from show. ― shruti46

(33) Resistance by Chotidesi

Choti explores deep rooted passions and beliefs so poignantly. A story set in pre independence India, with strong minded protagonists whose contrasting beliefs give rise to many a clash. ― Ruchi

It starts out with twist on two people who have nothing in common. One wants to settle abroad, while the other loves her country and is ready to fight the battle for freedom, set in a pre-independence era. They don’t see eye to eye, yet at the end they fall in love. The writing alone by someone so young blows me away. It’s one that will always be close to my heart. ― Jigs

(34) Shattered by Expelliarmus

I’m normally all about the snarky banter, the pre-pyaar friendship, and feel-good stories, but this is one of my exceptions. What happens when something truly devastating, virtually insurmountable, tears apart several lives before Arnav and Khushi ever have a chance to begin?When the obstacles aren’t just external, and you have to be able to forgive both each other, and your own selves? ― theincorrigiblemagpie

To take that scorching chemistry we’ve seen on screen and take it several notches up has to be an enviable talent. And Juhi does that with aplomb. I pick Shattered because thats the one where she took that elevator promo scene and spun an entire tale out of it. But pick any of her works and it simply simmers ― meera30

Can’t help but put another one from my favorite writer, if I could I would actually list all of her stories. A true Hall of Fame worthy writer, not just for her stories, but as a person. The first writer to engage with me, after I broke my silence and commented on her work. Back to why Shattered… easy. For me it had the element of what got me hooked with the show, “Nafrat paas aane na de, Mohabbat door jaane na de”. ― Jigs

(35) Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De by doe-eyes

Why: one of the best written redemption stories, one you wish would’ve happened in the show. ― ladkikijhy

A finely spun redemption in which Arnav really earns Khushi. ― SM16

An Arnav redemption story that makes you want to cry for everyone involved. ― AliciaZA

(36) WAUFMAIO Universe By TheIncorrigibleMagpie (Semanti)

Because Captain Raizada is IRRESISTIBLE. Also, kudos to the refreshing humour that Lavanya and Captain Raizada’s friendship brings. ― pujajk

It’s happy and Fun Piece Of work By the writer….How a stranger Oooppss A BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME and SEXY hotshot pilot and a game of angry Bird can change one’s life❤ Beautifully written…And Lavanya was my Fav character in this one❤ ― mrshulkinfinity

Captain Raizada! Need I say more? Seriously, pilot Arnav was HAWT! I also really loved La and her friendship with Khushi. Actually Semanti’s Las are always classy and the perfect nod to one of Tellywood’s best “other woman”. ― melsweets

(37) Keeping Khushi by Smitar

This one is still a favorite. The difference one selfless Khushi made in the lives of all the Raizadas was beautifully portrayed. The scene where Khushi revealed her burns to Arnav was so touching and his response was perfection. Also, the Arnav here was so gentle and sweet, but in a hot way. Does that make any sense?😛 ― melsweets

Because 100+ chapters of pure delight. Smitar never fails to make me smile. ― bluemystique

110 chapters yet i had read it atleast 10 times.It never bores me.― shruti46

(38) Spilling the Beans by Masam

If I could I would stamp Panty Melting Hotness all over this yummy tale. The tongue in cheek humor (oh Diary the secrets you held!), the sizzling chemistry between a suave Arnav and feisty Khushi and the hijinks that ensues once their paths crossed had all the hallmarks of a good rom com. Underlining all that sleek sexiness was a huge serving of heart, what more can one ask for? ― shipperK

Who can ever forget Pantyboy and his Bastard?!!!!!! I fucking loved this snazzy story. It also taught me to not keep a diary. If I do keep it, make sure I’m prepared for future spouse to use it against me.😀 ― Nutty

(39) The Pursuit of Love by Kalyani

One of the first well written, well plotted stories I had found when I first discovered FF. One that had me gripped, pulling an all nighter to catch up. Loved the premise. ― Jigs

… one of the first stories I read and left me mesmerized and gobsmacked at the talent that could be found on online forums.  ― ladkikijhy

(40) Saffron Fields by IPK007

A graceful and delightful journey of a couple, where they have to fight for their love, for their right to be together, even with themselves. They overcome a tragic past, moral dilemma and parental disapproval ( not in the typical bollywood style) A captivating story written with sheer brilliance. ― nzmonica

A slow burning gem of a story which sweeps you up into a tide of emotions. Creeping under your skin it burns you alive with the colour of saffron ― Palaayan

Conservative Indian girl meets, not-so Conservative Indian boy, and shenanigans ensue. 😐 I’m kidding. There’s nothing about this story that’s that simple. At the core of the story is a personal dilemma that is so difficult, it will ultimately alter family relationships, force the characters, and the audience to confront how perceptions shape our judgment before we’ve even known the truth, and to figure out what we really prize: pride over family? Resentment over forgiveness? This is a lovestory, but A&K work their butts off for that love. ― Kadeen

A whirlwind of emotions is what one lives throughout this well crafted journey about complex human behavior and relationships. Nothing comes easy for the madly in love protagonists. It gets under your skin, makes you want to scream and talk sense into a few of the characters. You can’t help but get attached. ― Jigs

(41) Heartbeat Radio by Greenteaholic (Rockbarbie)

As a reader, rich storylines and characters are the key to enticing my imagination, but with this writer, it is the sheer power of prose that steals my breath. If you have ever dipped a toe into RB’s world, you will understand my use of ‘intense’ as the choice word to describe her style of storytelling. While I could easily list her entire index, it is Heartbeat Radio that highlights this most beautifully. No flowery descriptions, no roundabout plots – just deceptively modest and poignant lines that aims at your core. Compelling? Absolutely. Recovery? Impossible. ― shipperK

Her “Glimpses of a life passed” makes you reflect upon what was. An author whose words are amazing in all her avatars. She understands and adheres to, in her own words, “But a story has to go as far as it needs to; not a word more not a punctuation less.” ― Ruchi

(42) Pandora’s Box by Munchy

One of the best stories I have read on the subject and I include my entire “Read” list when I compare. Simply stellar. It deserves a place on best-seller lists really
PS: Before KJo *murdered* Faiz, Mujhse pehli si mohabbat for me ― meera30

It’s one of the best stories I have ever read. The characters, the setting, the storyline and the message were amazing. I hated Arnav so damn much, perhaps because of that his place in my mind is well preserved. I really admire how Munchy doesn’t even try to write likable characters. They are who they are, take it or leave it. That takes some balls. ― melsweets

So much angst, but they come through all that suffering. Brilliant! Hope she publishes her stories one day! ― cocoamob

(43) Monsoon Rain by Charlotte

I have a thing for rom com and office romance in particular. This was like cat nip. Charlotte is very good with setting the mood and I love how she used the weather to show Arshi’s emotional state.  ― melsweets

All of Charlotte’s works should be on here, but for some reason I felt I had to spread the love. So forced into a corner, filter coffee wins.😀 I esp love how their ups and downs are as volatile the monsoon season. Raizada, the Moody Bastard.😉 ― Nutty

Picked randomly from the 4 that I have read by her and all are bloody brilliant. ― nzmonica

(44) Sins by Expelliarmus

I remember thinking after I’d first read it, that there are so few stories that handle assault sensitively, but more interestingly, from the perspective of someone who has had a loved one be the victim of the act. It’s a tense, packed short story, and you come away feeling everything. This may be the most serious piece she’s ever written. See the rest of her work if you’re looking for passion, and timeless love. ― Kadeen

This is thus far the best redemption story to the original story and its Juhi’s. ― bhavi

This is another one based on the show. It starts from the night of forced marriage and how one reckless decision, one assault and how everything changes between Arnav and Khushi. ― aquagal01

(45) The Courtesans by Paalayn

I had To add this Particular story in my list….It’s a beautiful creation by perfect sets of romance with a cruel reality of lives of courtesans…..beautifully written by her ― mrshulkinfinity

Before the stories there are the banners, and no one delivers beauty better than Paalyan. Second there is her unique way of putting together the most lyrical sentences, it’s poetry. What I loved about Courtesans in particular was the focus on the women’s journey within the limited walls of the Haveli, as they fought for a space to simply breathe in a period of time that gave them little control of their lives. ― 87_vermil

Anything this awesome sweetheart writes is words embroidered on a canvas – her banners are to die for .. ― Ladyr

(46) It’s Complicated by Anarocksick

I swear this story is a laugh a minute. From the delightful Cheeni to the boss we all crushed on, from impossible bad luck to giggling at inappropriate times, this story is about as relatable as it gets. I realise that not all of it is up on the blog yet, but Ana did finish it when she was posting on IF. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

I remember reading this when I was pregnant and dear lord I laughed (and probably my little one too) like a lunatic. Beware of Lizards and Allegators. ― Wissensdurst

(47) Stripped by Chokri_ASR (Jigs)

As kids we have read many fairy tales where the princess meets the prince and they end up together with their happily ever after. Stripped is modern day fairy tale for me.
Khushi meets Arnav, who sweeps her away like a prince on a white horse and gives her the happily ever after which she truly deserves. ― canapoem

I love the way Jigs had gone forward with the story….Arnav and khushi in that story took my heart with its every single pieces with each chapters and moreover it’s story that can make one happy so easily🙂❤ ― mrshulkinfinity

(48) The Love Story on Page 3 by Napstermonster

Thrilling, sexy, unexpected, and uses one of my favourite writing devices– an external piece of media to push the plot. ― theincorrigiblemagpie

Humorous, a groveling Arnie and plenty of heart. Also Roy was a panty melter. ― SM16

Napster possesses a snappy way of writing that engages your mind and won’t let go until she’s good and ready. I never thought I would find a desperate panicky ASR so damn adorable! But loveable he was and it gave my heart some wonderful thrills to read how he earned his way back into his Khushi’s heart (not to mention the good grace of their families and the nosy public!) ― ZZ

(49) Mystic Skies by HeadOverHeels

This was when I realized that a below average Indian romance with (significantly) above average chemistry between leads can inspire pure genius. The writing, the expanse of plot, language, – few others have come close to this kind of magic ― meera30

Anne has an unforgettable way of carving her own meaning and memories into places and things. After Mystic Skies, I can never see Nainital, crows, Lapis, Africa and ESPECIALLY blue skies in the same light as before. This is a writer who blows your mind with her attention to details! One of the most breathtaking Arshi journeys carefully craved through subtle moments of connection. Rugged mechanic Arnav made me permanently weak kneed and OMG Akash with a potty mouth was pure genius. ― ZZ

Skies is one of my first ARHI FFs. And also wat drew me into this wonderful world. And maybe thats y it holds a very spl spot in my heart. ― mayabhi

(50) Lonely Under the Sheets by RockBarbie

The silver lining of the Shitall track. Angsty, moody, perfect. RB is the ultimate writer for writers. ― SM16

I feel that RockBarbie is one of our best Ficverse writer, unfortunately she is also one of the most underrated. Her titles alone make me eager to devour whatever strikes her fancy. She treats the human connection with utmost respect and delivers the most magical renderings of a point in time of love. This is perfectly illustrated in Lonely Under the Sheets where she takes a dive into one of marriage most difficult hurdles – trust. A mature exploration of one of IPK’s worst (AND JUVENILE) tract, what’s not to love? ― ZZ

The disaster the sheetal track was, one wishes if it had to be then it had gone along these lines ― ladkikijhy

(51) Parinay by Naach Basanti (Sultan of Swing)

This one hits a really want to hit Arnav more .. .Both have been forced into a marriage .. A happy ever after is far from each other’s mind.. A great insight into relationships .. Makes you wonder what really makes for. Happy Ever After .. ― Ladyr

Both have been forced into a marriage .. their journey to a happily ever .. ― deepsdspeed

It defies conventions and defines relationships. Marriage – be an arranged one or love, needs two to make it work. The portrayal of Khushi as a modern day woman who is willing to make her marriage work but unwilling to become a doormat and a sacrificial lamb is a must read. ― Wissensdurst

(52)  Silver Streaks by Dhalia

The unfulfilled wish that the creators of IPKKND could not give us, this author fulfilled it. The story takes us through 25 years of the life of Arnav and Khushi packed with lot of faraq nahein padta, dhak dhaks, rabba ves – sad and happy ones and lot more from the serial that has us all still on high. ― anonymous

This one is a gem- a never ending immersion in all things Arshi. ― nzmonica

(53) Let’s Fall in Love by Pinkionly

I like this story for many reasons. First because it was the first ArHi FF I read and which got me sucked into this ArHI fanfiction world. This is a story about two people binded in a matrimonial alliance which is not exactly an arranged one but kind of. Two people who come together due to a twist of fate and start fall in love. ― aquagal01

One of the older fics with great relationship development and a mystery to boot.  ― theincorrigiblemagpie

(54) Making Khushi Mine 2 by Anony_mous

What if Khushi had a limp like Anjali had in the original IPK. This made her feel inferior and what if Arnav came with insecurities and demons deeper than the Mariana trench. Did their love make them raise above their insecurities or did it cause more damage? ― canapoem

A story of effervescent special needs Khushi but the same old brooding Arnav. ― anonymous

I really liked how she took one of Anjali’s biggest character trait and slipped it onto Khushi. That physical handicap was such a big part of what makes Arnav so devoted to big sis I found it fascinating. ― melsweets

(55) Hopes and Ambition by Shwetaps

This one is a classic, a total package, written exceptionally and executed really well from start to finish. The fact that Shweta had us at the edge of our seats with every chapter, says something about the plot that was set in a political backdrop. The journey of two different, yet equally strong protagonists with a supporting cast that had their own storyline. All together they got under your skin. If given a chance, I would love to read this one again and again. ― Jigs

This story had everything – a political backdrop, royal family, abuse, drug addiction and of course, the love story of Arnav and Khushi. ― cocoamob

Well etched characters with multi layered personalities. You see them evolving over the course of the story. Not once do any of their actions and reactions jar in any way, not even for a moment. A CM who inspired me to do dharnas and bhook hartals! ―  Ruchi


Delivering the HOF a wee early as I’m about to head out to catch my flight for a surprise trip. 😀 Wishing everyone a magical New Year’s Eve. See you in 2017!

*stunning gifs credit to ajeeb-ho-tum/gorgeous collage banner credit to Palyaan*


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  1. Yeah it works. Thank you for the list, just brilliant, fortunatly I have read most of these, and would throughly recommend. I have to say one thing. THANK YOU to all you writers out there, who have filled my life with love and laughter, taking up so much time writing, editing, rediting, rewriting and eventuaully posting. You have filled my hours with love and laughter. And K especially to you for this wonderful list which will hopefully keep me going and rereading everyones efforts. (((((((HUGS))))))) 2 YKU ALL MUUWH!

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  2. Thank you for this brilliant idea and seamless execution , S&K

    I’ve some new gems to read and some to hunt down.

    If the HOF writers whose stories are currently unavailable reading this – I request you to consider sharing your work again.

    Hope everyone is having enjoying the holiday season and here’s wishing Happy New Year to all.

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  3. I agree with you that no list is capable of including all the great stories on Arnav and Khushi, unless it is an endless one. 🙂
    Still, this was a great idea K and so beautifully executed.
    I plan to indulge in more stories next year, this will be the perfect starting point.

    Thank you for your efforts on this, it was a lot of fun to read the nominations.

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  4. Talk about dedication! Kudos to all of the passionate writers, readers (myself included) and the dedicated team that made this happen. Arnav and Khushi truly created magic on screen and the talented writers continue to do so. Thank you! This list reminds me of some of my most favorite and adds to my reading list. I hope that the endless efforts made by these writers is respected by all those who visit the blogs and indulge in the stories. I enjoy the stories and hope the threat to their integrity becomes an non-issue so that the writers can write and the readers can read without all the nonsense. I hope the blogs remain open so that I along with other avid readers can re-visit them. Thanks once again. Happy New Year!

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    Thank you to all the wonderful writers – I look forward to catching up with some of the stories that I missed…
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  6. Wowwww amazing work guys. Just goes to show how much talent we got to see just by getting a little too addicted to an Indian tv soap. Haha. Some of these I have not read so bookmarked!!! Thank you for your hard work and thanks to all the amazing writers who let us into their world’s. ❤

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    • Back! And my, my, it makes me happy to no ends to see most of the fictions I have read here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in the nominations because well A-Levels 😦 That said I am overjoyed to have more fanfictions to read on my to-do list 😀

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  7. What an amazing collection this is… Have read some would love to read the rest if and when available again… A humble request to our dear writers to give us the pleasure to do so if possible… 😘
    Thankyou so much for this list…
    Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year…

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  8. This was fun, let’s never fucking do it again. 😀
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  9. Wow! I am at loss for words…. what a compilation. I think all of my favorites are here. I have such tough time rating a story, but the way you all have made this list is remarkable. Thanks a bunch. I’ll definitely keep it for ” I need to read something good” nights!

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  10. Thank you girls for the wonderful hall of fame results.

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New year.

    Hope the coming year we get to read more amazing stories and hope we can remove plagiarism from its roots.

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  11. This is a good initiative……I should thank all the wonderful writers out there for sharing their hardwork and creativity with us and keeping our beloved Arnav and Khushi and IPK alive. …….I am fortunate enough to read 98% of these stories…….Thank you for the list

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  12. hi
    thnx for d list!! They all r beautiful writers n their story.Oh I haven’t read all d stories as some writes made their blog private. Don’t know when I’ll get d chance to read them. Every story is unique. I’m very proud of this writers who kept ARSHI alive.

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  13. Thank you ladies… amazing work by fantastic writer… I have read a couple of it and would gladly bookmark and read the rest… Amazing collection 😊💖👍

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  14. Guys that’s one awesome list and thank you so so much for all the hard work you guys have done in getting this published!..I can’t even imagine how much work is involved!…I am so happy checking out this list and will be reading these again…As many have said, if writers who’s work is no longer available, is reading this, a humble request for you guys to share them for us to read..thank you guys..Our real boring life was made so interesting because of you guys…

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  15. So many readers and writers have claimed this site to be wonderful and today in the last few days of the year I am going to engulf myself into Arshi stories and all my writers where I have been inactive. Thank you for this wonderful list, have read many and are reading new stories by the old writers but an exhaustive list like this makes me smile snuggling in my bed with coffee now and then. To use new words learnt from our dear Jigs, vorfreude. I am excited to start the day!
    Have a great holidays and New year everyone out here 😊

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  16. This is awesome list of some brilliant writers.
    Many I have read already and following them, but there are some new stories got know through this list. Will read them soon.
    Thanks dear for putting this list.
    Hope you had great holidays and your surprise turned out awesome. Enjoy
    Happy new year to you.


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  17. Thanks a ton for this brilliant work for sorting out the best on behalf of each and every ARSHIans.. Each and every story is mind blowing.. take a bow all the wonderful writers of these wonderful stories and you both S&K for putting up this mammoth of hard work.. Have read max of them leaving one or two.. but very grateful to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon who introduced me to this wonderful world and wonderful writers.. Barun, Sanaya our dear Arnav-Khushi heart of every story have ingrained themselves on our souls and don’t think anybody can reach their.. It was one of the most wonderful jodi I have come across as after watching them haven’t watched anything.. Will always be thankful to these writers who have kept our love for our dear jodi alive all these years and pray it continues.. well know it seems to be difficult as the AD and many things around are pulling us apart but just hope and pray for some to do continue till it is possible. Once again thanks a ton S&K. Hugs and love for all the fellow ARSHIans. A very Happy New Year to all.. May the coming new year brings lots of happiness, love, prosperity, goodness, peace for all!! God bless all..

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  18. Thank you so much for this..happy new year guys..hope you guys are having a good holiday season with family and friends..!these are truly gems,the inspiration taken from our beloved show has pushed these amazingly talented writers out here to come up with these beautiful stories to share and spread love for the show !!they not only gave us great stories to reminisce for the years to come but also the amazing friendships formed have been close to my heart..!guys you have done a wonderful deed by compiling the best of the best works on this story..!i am glad the stuff close to my heart is here on the list..!!thanks once again,off to read the ones I haven’t..!!adios violetgirl

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  19. Awesome collection,though I didn’t have the pleasure of reading some of the early works. I cought up the IF rather late so missed the interesting works.I hope to read them sometime.The pleasure of reading meera,smitha,napster.doe-eyes,semanti,and awesome others is humungous.Thanks guys for wonderful works.wish you all a very happy wonderful new year.

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  20. Dear @shipper_k #IPKKND Ficverse #Arshi Hall of Fame

    Thank you for an early New Years present! The tremendous hard work in putting together this hall of fame is truly appreciated. And a shout out for the fabulous banners (#romantic sigh).

    Its an amazing list – some of my personal favourites and so many new and unknown stories I have yet to discover! I cannot wait to get started in the new year. To echo my fellow readers and IPPKND fandom friends, for those stories that are no longer available on public platforms, if you writers are reading this, its a humble request and plea to allow us to read your work and punt them as the fantastic stories they are. For those writers that continue to post their works in a public space for the fandom, a heartfelt thank you for sharing!

    Agreed that its not a final list but an ever evolving one! 2017’s hall of fame will definitely see new recs and nominations as people’s incredible talent and love of Arshi shine through:)

    Happy Holidays Shipper_K and “I love you dammit” for the readings lists and your hard work! And to fellow Arshians too for their recs and nominations!

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  21. S & K,

    This was a beautiful thought and an even more fabulous compilation of the best and greatest of IPKKND fan fiction in one roster…..superb. Take a bow on a well executed search, and all those who participated, kudos to you. The Hall of Fame compilation could have been no easy task and thanks to my rather punishing real life I have been absent through this one…….but I am happy to say that so many of my favourite stories figure on this list. Two of Jen’s stories, why am I not surprised, they are epic……Jigs’s stupendous Revealed, Farrah’s Something About You, Anonymous’s Making Khushi Mine, Napster’s A Girl Named Khushi, Expelliarmus’s Shatteres, Incorrigible Magpie’s Same Coin and WFAMO Universe, Smitar’s lovely stories…..oh this is a compendium of the brightest no doubt about that. thank you for the music, dear writers. So proud to have known you all in this virtual space, and so happy to say I have read all of these….sometimes more than once! Love it!



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  22. PS….of course, there are a couple like Head Over Heels’s Mystic Skies and Pandora’s Box from Munchy that I wished I could have read before they were taken down. And Serial Junkie’s Story too that got converted into an eBook. That was in a league of its own. And Rock Barbie, who can forget those classics from her pen….so many more come to mind in random, fleeting thoughts…will come back with more…..

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  23. Won’t really be doing justice if I do not mention Farewell Winter Nights….not because you girls penned it, but because it is such a labour of love….such a coming of age story on A and K. Beautiful. And Vanhi’s Addicted to You is just…..I don’t know knocks me speechless every time…..

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  24. Awww some of my favs are in there and there are some I have no clue about… thank you so much for sharing this!!!
    There was this one more story that I loved … don’t remember the name but was fairytale kind of with elves n all … it no longer Available though 😔
    There are many more as u mentioned that I’m not thinking of right now … no offense to any writers I forgot abt….all of u r brilliant and thanks for sharing your stories
    Thank you S & K once again!!! 😁😁😍😘

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  25. Fab job S, K and the team who helped you put this together. 💐 . What a brilliant idea and executed so well. Thanks !

    I am so excited as there are many of my favs in there 😊 and many more I have to catch up yet. Looking forward to the links already made available and fingers crossed others (the ones not available despite seeking permission ) will be made public to genuine readers who follow the regulations.

    Once again compliments on this NY gift for us.

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  26. Woah! This post reminds me that fantabulous ArHi stories that I have to read again.
    Every story is special.
    Thank you @allwriters for taking out time and writing amazing ArHi tales.
    ShipperK thank you for this new year’s gift.
    A very happy new year to you too 😀

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  27. This is a truly amazing list, with several of my personal favorites! And this is also a truly amazing effort by shipper_k and her panel, thank you!

    It is humbling to see my stories listed here, thank you to all the readers who chose my work. Sins, Shattered and Shaadi will always be very special to me, for very different reasons. To see them on this list with many others whom I admire just made my day!
    Here’s to many more years of beautiful ArHi fanfic, and a very happy new year to this wonderful fandom!

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    • Dear writer of the amazing S-series 😉

      All your stories were nominated and not a single one undeserving. Thank you for the gifts generously bestowed upon this fandom and bigger thanks for not locking them up despite your retirement. Should your pen be picked up again, please let us know, we have a red carpet imprinted with your name carefully stored in the Ficverse stock room.

      An ardent admirer,

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    • @Juhi..

      I realized pretty late that I would’ve wanted to add ‘seduction’ to my list of nominations, forgive my corroded brain that ditched me at the time. It often does that when asked complicated questions like nominating only ten 😉 But I wanted to mention now that i’ve seen you made an appearance here. My love for conundrums perhaps could be the reason behind my love for seduction. I read it again last week , having had some free time. Hope you have a great holiday and new year !!


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  28. Congratulations for taking on this task and giving it a fantastic culmination!! Its like a love nest of Arshi-ness!! Long live fandom and beautiful writing it inspired. I am totally thankful and eager to get on reading the gems I missed before. Happy holidays and wishes for a Great New Year!

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  29. To the ladies who nominated FWN:

    We figured some friends would give us a nod, but to read all those submissions that included our winter baby etched a beautiful memory that will always be cherished.

    Thank you so much for the honor and it is indeed just that to share space with some of the most admired writers of the IPKKND Ficverse.

    Happy 2017!

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  30. I began reading this list feeling warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that some of my comments and personal favourite stories had managed to find a home in this wonderful list. To then find my name nestled in amongst some of my favourite authors and stories has honestly left me incredibly flustered for words.

    When I first learnt of this list I had hoped to be nominated for one of my stories, but never did I imagine making the final list – and that too twice!

    Azaadi and The Courtesans are dear to me for many, many reasons. I’m so thankful you gave them a chance, read them, appreciated them and actually encouraged me to write more.

    Azaadi taxed me as a person, and a writer. The words, characters and story haunted me for days on end, that I had any readers at all for that tale has always amazed me, to find it here? It honestly fills me with both pride and gratitude beyond words.

    The Courtesans actually began life as a one shot to the song chura liya. The words grew, and the lyrics fell away somewhere as these characters took on a life of their own. Again the kind indulgence and support I’ve received for that story, continues to leave me overwhelmed and speechless. It isn’t a story completely about Arnav and Khushi. They are one part of a bigger whole – but that over two years on I still receive readership and love for that tale means the world to me, it really, really does.

    I simply cannot find the words of gratitude I’m desperately seeking in this moment to be able to thank all of you with the words you deserve.

    I’ve been writing for three years now, and every single time I think of walking away, something brings me back. And that something is your kind words, sincere support and shared love for a couple which has us enraptured, enamoured and awed.

    I realise many voted on here and through other platforms – and before the comments were closed I tried to thank everyone who had spared a vote for me, if I missed you somehow – please know I’m incredibly thankful to be on your list. Thank you for thinking of me when there are so, so many more deserving and beautiful stories out there.

    The same goes for all those who may have emailed K or tagged her on twitter. Thank you so, so much for including me in your thoughts and words. If you’re reading this, please do drop me a quick note so that I can thank you individually. Even though I cannot express in words just how much your votes mean to me, I’d like to fluster away all the same 🙂

    Finally – a big fat thank you for your kind words and support. My words take a flight of fancy under the shelter of your indulgent love. You, your words and your patience mean the world to me. Thank you ❤ xoxoxo

    Liked by 8 people

  31. I see some of favorites made to the list, and my comments too <3. My only wish is to be able to have a chance at reading the ones that are no longer available. Irony it is 😉 Hope they choose to make it available some day. Meanwhile, I will go through ones that i couldn't earlier.

    Liked by 4 people

  32. This is such an effective list from all wonderful writers. For someone who is new to this space, it is one stop list of guys rock for writing, compiling, staying connected and sharing the amazing stories. Thanks much!!! Happy new year all!

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Amazing list found few stories which i have not yet read..
    I know i am late
    But dear S i believe your list will be incomplete with these 2 writer’s stories they have really created magic in arshi’s world…
    1) Chaverah_TS –
    She has few compltete stories n 2 on going…(Like never before)

    2) Mysticaldivine/faiqa- A slient roar was her ff which make me fall in love with her writing..

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Thank you ladies! I felt as if I had won an award to see some of my nominations on the list. Now I’m hoping & keeping my fingers crossed that authors who are included on the list but whose work are off limit currently will try & make it available in some way. Here’s to an awesome fandom

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Best New year gift.. Bookmarking to read…
    Congrats to everyone who participated and won.. Also cheers to the masterminds fr such awesome ideas.. Looking forward for arshilicious year..

    Liked by 3 people

  36. I agree with Juhi, this is truly an amazing list, the ultimate TBR for so many of us! And what is even more amazing is the sheer awesomeness of the two ladies, S and K, who bind our fandom closer together by conceiving and executing many wonderful initiatives like this. So, many thanks to you…and to everyone who thought my babies, The Bride With A Doll, A Late Spring & Saffron Fields, worthy of nominations. It was humbling to see them listed amongst so many writers I’ve always looked up to. Y’all are simply the best ❤️

    Liked by 10 people

  37. Oh wow….let me first do a bit of fangirling and say that to have a story of yours to be mentioned alongside ones that you’ve not only loved reading but also find inspiring in many ways is just great! Thank you ShipperK for just having L3 make it to this list.

    Also, thank you for the kind words on the story. Makes me feel that you guys have done a better job of summarising the story that what actually is written in the book’s back cover.

    Thanks a lot guys….you made my day!

    Liked by 4 people

  38. wow !!!
    what an amazing collection…
    many many thanks to S & K for sharing the list…you guys are awesome….
    also a special thanks to all those writers who penned down such brilliant stories….
    Looking forward to more arshi stories like these….
    Happy New Year All….. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  39. It took me a couple of days to come around, for this Hall of Fame rendered me speechless. When I first heard about it, I chanced a visit but, as I was known for my MIA act more often than not, this little piece of information completely slipped my mind for I was very forgetful and struggling with professional life.

    This is such a tremendous work, a compilation of fanfics from across the blogging world. I appreciate for providing an opportunity as such.

    Somewhere along the way I learnt it, that if you like something, you just have to say it. A simple word is nothing but a token of affection and can do wonders in someone else’s life. It is nothing but an acknowledgment of one’s love and hard work. That is what keeps me going. That is what brings me back to writing every time I almost gave up the very notion.

    Thank you, S & K and their entire team of nominations, for considering mine worthy of being a part of this valuable list. I enjoyed writing “Addicted to You” and I’m glad you liked it too.

    Felicitations, dear writers!

    Liked by 4 people

  40. Thank you dears for the excellent work
    Hats off to you both for this memorable job
    Manreet, its tooo good – love u
    Happy new year gals
    You rock as usual
    Have fun

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Hi S&K!
    A very Happy New Year to you both and to everyone here!! I know I have been MIA for quite some time and I am really sorry for that. Life had taken a toll on me for a while and I had to deal with some things but I am back now!! 😀
    And I just love what you guys have done here!! Not only do the people of the fandom get a chance to bond and get closer but these amazing writers get the credit and recognition they deserve. Many of these stories are my personal favorites that I am most definitely going to read again but there are also some which I hadn’t had the chance to come across.
    Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in making this the success that it is!!
    And thank you so much guys for going through all this effort!! 😀

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  42. Heyy S&K……🙋
    A very joyful lovable colourful & refreshing new year ahead for both of U…💕

    &Superb& outstanding collection of stories…
    I read some of them & I m so happy to find some more awesome Arshi tales….
    But some of them are not available now…

    Anyways…. Congos& some💝 for all the writers whose stories got selected…
    & Congos for U ❤ly dolls…S&K…for making this successfully …👍

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Happy New Year to the awesome Ficverse created by two very special ladies that keep us together in the virtual space. Thank you isn’t enough for this space you both have created! Keeping alive stories written by amazing writers of our favorite jodi. Even after all these years ArHi is stronger than ever. And a selfish part of me wishes it will continue to Hamesha receive paagalness of Khushi and droolworthyness of Arnav!

    I am humbled to be part of this group that continues to receive unconditional love and support since the day I decided to pick up the pen to write a story that refused to leave my mind. Stripped was my first story, and the fact it’s on this list, truly warms my heart. And Revealed, a story that has touched me in a way I had never thought possible, pushing me to dive on a topic that not many are willing to embrace. But all of you proved me wrong, for that I sincerely thank each one of you for having it make this list.

    Cheers and lots of love,

    Liked by 8 people

    • Your work is here!!!we all voted for them..! Di you keep these two characters alive with your work and the ppl who reach out read them are always in for a wonderful treat..!!wonderful initiative by s and k has made a lot more ppl come together to read everyone’s work here and though some of your work is unavailable right now,ppl should definitely read them once they have a chance…!my vote ..! Love your work di.. cheers violetgirl 😘😘

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  44. Happy new year !! A lovely compilation of stories. kudos to all the contributors and compilers of this lovely set. Gracias, to all the talented authors featured here and to those who are yet to get on the list .. Write your hearts out.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Illustrious indeed! These are such marvellous gems!!! Thank u for gathering all the beautiful stories at one place. Thank u S&K. I’m only sad my vote cudnt be counted. I’m sorry. Cudnt meet the deadline. Had a personal loss back home n a house shifting simultaneously..
    Anyhow , I’m super happy my all time favourites have made it here.
    A very Happy new year to u both! Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Thank you for the putting this list together. Arnav and kushi stories have been my sole source of comfort when I am in distress. I would like to thank all the wonderful writers for their amazing work. I have read and reread most of the stories except the ones that are not available any more. It would be great if there is a way to share some of the stories that are. Ot available anymore. I understand that few disgusting people don’t think twice before copying others work but is there a way to share and still have filters so no one can copy them. I cannot write a sentence properly and hence had to face these issues personally, so I do understand it is easier to say. But it is a humble request for all the amazing writers to please share you work because for people like me these stories are more than mere just entertainment.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Congratulations to all the authors whose stories were nominated and whose stories were in the top 55 List!!! 👏 👏 👏

    Thank you so much for all the authors for giving us such beautiful stories, providing us with an alternate world to enjoy the passion and love of our ARSHI!!!😍😍 😘

    Got so much work to do(i.e., reading all the listed stories😉)!! see you guys!!

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  48. what a great collection of stories, and what an amazing site!! Thank you for making me find such amazing Arnav-Khushi stories and making me fall in love with them all over again 🙂 🙂 I get my new daily dose of IPK now coz I haven’t read so many stories listed here! So thank you for helping and many others find brilliant writers and their rendition of Arnav-Khushi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  49. What a wonderful list. Every story you picked deserves to be on the list. The only one I thought was missing is Arranged Marriage by Krani- incomplete but lovely story. I hope she comes back to complete it. Great job on the compilation…you keep the IPKKND magic alive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Awesome collection! Each one is a classic and a treat for viewers ! Thanks for putting in so much time and effort in compiling the best of the best stories ! 🙂 shop13(IF)

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  51. I thought the new reader who told me they found my works from this link was misunderstood. I actually made the list with the likes of Sandhya and Meera and Twiggy. Woah!
    I can’t believe it.

    Thanks everyone who have read these stories and deemed it worth the nomination. Quite overwhelming to see them up there.

    And thanks to moderators for putting this together. Kudos.


    Liked by 4 people

  52. Good work….
    Well Done….
    Lot of hard work You Two put in…
    Compiling the list….
    Picking interesting stories for Arshi fans….
    Thank You….
    Read few….
    Shall go through them as time goes on….

    saffron’s Ramblings..

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  53. Thank you ladies!!!!

    What a wonderful list! I’ve read most of these, but the list basically summarizes my favorites! Can’t go back and read all of these again!

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Definitely bookmarking this page for good reads when I have free time! I’ve read quite a few of the stories on here and they are all amazing (shout-out to madmaxine, doe-eyes, expel, semanti, rockbarbie, meera, anarocksick, jigs, chotidesi, mints, and anonymous). I’m looking forward to reading more!! I wish I had stumbled upon this page before to nominate more, but there’s always next year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  55. Where do I find the complete story for the FF ‘Khushi’ by Mayahill, India forums does not have all the parts, I am trying to look for the full content for all of her stories (by JalebiJane), please help!

    Liked by 1 person

  56. Thank you- being new to any ff’s & Ipkknd , this was like a bonanza for me , I found
    some amazing writers of this genre here –
    will mention a few which i have loved
    All works by Rockbarbie ( LONELY UNDER THE SHEETS and VERTIGO are my favourites)
    FWN BY S&K,
    TEMPTATION by Chokri_ASR
    and most of EXPELLIARMUS works. ,

    Many of them have been removed from IF would love to have their new links for the below

    Meera30 ‘A word worth’& ‘careless whispers’ works,
    ‘Before the last sunset’ byMunchy
    ‘Dawn Noon & Dust ‘ by Aquasandhya

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  57. Oh Bloody Hell! Its like I discovered my brand of heroine and this brilliant list will keep me satisfied for the rest of the year. Thank you ladies for the putting this together.

    I am surprised none of HeadOverHeels stories made to the list. Then again, her work is private and I wish readers had the read to some brilliant, awe-inspiring, unforgettable, mind-numbing plots she spun in her tales. Who here remembers Chains of Silver????

    The Arnav Singh Raizada of that story is forbidden fantasy.

    Liked by 5 people

  58. Thank you for this list!!
    So happy to see most of Meera’s stories here…..simply love them, adore them…..;)

    Thank you once again….

    Liked by 1 person

  59. I was introduced to IPK late last year. Such was the impact of Arnav and Khushi that I started googling around to see whether, is it just me or there are others as well who have lost their marbles. And voila, I find these fan fictions!!

    Thank you S&K for this lovely blog… ipkkndficverse is like a meethe ghat ka pani to a parched soul. I have it bookmarked on my home computer, work computer, phone and tablet. I have been religiously following this blog and have read all (well…almost all) ff/os/ss/ts that has ever been mentioned here…I even scrap the comments for more stories. That’s all I do these days!

    There are some who narrate beautifully, some who write an intriguing plot, some who do both things magnificently…and then there are those some who weave magic!

    Here are some of those fourth kind, which I have to have to mention –

    Farewell winter nights, The Valiant Knight/Fighting fate (Just cannot express the feeling I had after reading these. In one word – Brilliant!!)
    Something about you (One of the first stories I read and very close to my heart!)
    Can you forget the past?
    Beauty & the beast
    Secret diaries
    New Year resolutions
    Along came Khushi
    The same coin
    Making Khushi mine 1/2
    Let’s fall in Love
    Walk the line
    Perfectly imperfect
    Unexpectedly Expected
    It’s complicated
    Of Lemons & Limes

    What would I not give for the writers to complete these stories –
    Arranged marriage
    Shades of Grey

    And there are lot more that I haven’t mentioned. I saw first few episodes of the sorry excuse of what they call IPK3. They should seek some creativity lessons from ArShi writers!!

    Keep up the good work guys!! And a big Thank you for giving me a colorful sapno ki duniya in my otherwise black & white asli duniya 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  60. I am hooked on to IPKKND since 2012 May when I saw a scene on telly where Shyam was hit by Arnav… that thappad made me stop changing the channel and that night and next 3 days I watched all episodes on youtube…………..uff since that day and till today I watch IPKKND mostly every day.. I did not read much FFs till some time back but now have read Shaadi by Expel, RTLicious works, started fwn but could not complete… bought MKM II – lovely read, myriad of dreams another lovely story… hey don’t mind if I am not citing your names dear writers… but it’s that FF reading is kind of new to me but i am loving it day by day…

    Thanks to all lovely writers and thanks for this blog with such lovely list of stories

    Liked by 2 people

  61. Wow thank you so much for this site. I can’t wait to read some of the stories here. I have read some of them and they are really beautiful.

    By the way, I would love to read the last parts of Sex between hearts by ToxicLove. I read the first parts in IF however the writer shifted to blog and I am unable to get the site. It is a really touching and beautiful story I think every woman should read.

    Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

  62. Anyone remember the story and author where arnav was a movie director and khushi is a big fan of his and becomes his assistant. His wife is dead. Payal and khushi’s Parents are also no more and Akash takes surname gupta to care for khushi. He later starts to like Anjali. Can’t seem to find the story as I wonder how it suddenly poked my mind. Anyone?

    Liked by 1 person

  63. I am in love with this site. Thank you to those who made it and all the writers who gave us beautiful stories. This site gave me a chance to go into another world. Thank you all 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  64. Can u pls tell me the story where arnav khushi pretend to be in a relationship in front the prospective groom of khushi (abhay or something, not sure) and tell him not to tell any of their family members coz it’s a secret relationship? If anyone reads this and remembers, pls do tell me! It just came to me randomly and can’t get it outta my mind


  65. Towards the end of the story, when again marriage talks are going on of khushi, both take nani’s helps secretly to get married.
    P.s: arshi are family friends, and live together!


  66. Thanks for this compilation,have read stories by Ana, Meera, BlueM, yet would love to reconnect with them after eight long years. Lovely to see my dear friend 😍Dhalia s Silver Streaks from MeD. I used to be a pesky reader who fought with her constantly ( if she criticized Hotwa in SS ) in the comments sections 🥵what fun we had during the show.💕 Nothing was off limit, from Arnavji s banian,shoes, pool,suit, torn socks to his gas
    🙈problem. God bless all the wonderful writers ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  67. shipperK thanks for the list of of Arshi FFs. It is like refreshing lemonade on a hot summer afternoon( who has been parched for Arshi for a while )Will re read once again & comment


  68. I had bookmarked Farewell WinterNights by S&K but the blog has expired. Any chance for the excellent story is available to read. I miss it a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  69. I can’t express my happiness at having found this blog. I have been a huge fan of the show, of Arshi and of the IPKKND ficverse. I recently watched the entire show again, after two years or so and was craving some fan-fics… So thank you for taking time to organize this list, I am in for a treat. I’ve already started re-reading Khushi by Mayahill and I am falling in love with her Arnav and Khushi all over again.

    Liked by 1 person

  70. A shoutout to all those on the IPKKND Ficverse. It gives me great pleasure to let you all know that Munchy has restarted her blog and is uploading her iconic Pandora’s Box. As this story features in the Hall of Fame, i just had to share this exciting news and Munchy has given me her consent to let the fandom know, so here i am. Please look up :

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  71. HEY!
    Does anyone remember the story of Arnav and Khushi which is in a blog I suppose. The story goes on like this – Arnav wants to take revenge and meet Khushi but he doesn’t want to give her marriage and the story starts that he want to meet her in someother world , some Rumi quote. Arnav , a guy and girl were a group of friends where both of his friends fall in love and get married but then the girl die and the guy is heartbroken but Arnav belives he has killed his wife and the unborn. It is then revealed that Arnav has a son and has hidden the mother due to family issues and that son resembles that guy
    It is a very intense story with too many characters and had crossed 100 parts. Please help!!!!!!!


  72. This list brings back some memories! They’re all amazing stories by amazing writers! I might have to delve in again and relive! Thank you!


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