Mr. & Mrs.

I hope everyone had a joyfully festive holiday celebration. Recently my appetite was whetted for tales that features Mr. & Mrs. Raizada.

With a helping hand from dear friends (Thank you S, Manreet, Ridz, ZZ, Mel, Pyre, JB, Anupama, Jay!) I present to you a 100+ curated collection that chronicles the highs and lows of our jodi’s married life. The goal was to gather a list that included beloved pens and hidden gems.

As we prepare to welcome 2016, I’m looking forward to another memorable year in the IPKKND Ficverse filled to the brim with great stories and good company.

Happy Reading! ^^

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ― Mignon McLaughlin

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I am fascinated by the idea of collaborative writing. Be it a seamless flowing tale spun through interwoven voices or a singular notion expressed through a linkage of thinkers. That there exist the threat of egos and conflicts of authorship only adds a compelling edge to the experience. For ultimately, when properly wielded, the bright light of an “us” subdues the self-regarding “me” to create a unique kind of magic. Here are such beautiful alignments of pens.

Contract Marriage Anniversary Celebrations (OS series)
Dire Consequences (FF)
Expressions of Love (OS series)
FanFaraktion (FF)


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”  ― Jane Austen


A New Morning by RTlicious

[Excerpt]: She looked at the large portrait of her sister that hung on one of the walls in the living room…her smiling face, dimpled cheeks and twinkling eyes looking down at Khushi who sat with tears welling in her eyes…she missed her sister…missed her more than anything! And if it wasn’t for her sister’s baby…she probably would not have been sitting here today…in her new life…as Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada…a name that was rightfully her sisters…not hers.

A Rajkumari’s Tale by Expel

[Excerpt]: “What…is all this? I don’t understand…” He closed the suitcase and flung it aside, then walked over to the bed and stood there before her. “I’ll tell you what it means. I’m running away with my wife.”

A Tale of Two Seasons by Expel

[Excerpt]: Before they knew it, ten years had passed. And she had just realized that she had never told him her little secret. This man who held all the secrets to her soul, wasn’t privy to one of them. And yet, she felt no guilt. Because if she hadn’t done what she had, they wouldn’t have met in those circumstances.

Abhagin by TheIncorrigibleMagpie

[Excerpt]: Chopping vegetables with unwonted vengeance, Khushi stopped for a second and sighed. What had become of her life? She was meant for greatness– for stardom, and here she stood chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Dressed in a functional synthetic saree, mangalsutra and sindoor in place, she looked just like any other middle-class housewife in their building.

All My Love by TheIncorrigibleMagpie

[Excerpt]: Arnav Singh Raizada may have been a successful lawyer, but he didn’t do emotions. And he had been worried that he would never be able to love a wife the way she deserved to be loved.

An Un-Fairy Tale by TheIncorrigibleMagpie

[Excerpt]: She’d felt like an outsider from the beginning. Every brick, every curtain seemed to look down on her. Even her husband’s hothouse plants seemed to laugh at her– her unpolished, lower middle class background. Everything reminded her of her inadequacy and just how unfit she was for the position she held. Unlike her. Lavanya Singh Raizada nee Kashyap. Her predecessor.

Betwixt & Between by Omoraboti

[Excerpt]: It was great to find out another weak point of his fiery wife today .. it might come handy someday – who knew. “I still have more to learn about you Khushi Kumari Gupta .. Singh Raizada. And I have a feeling I will love the learning process.”

Bhool Na Jaana by Anjaani07

[Excerpt]: ‘Aap ne humare sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya Arnavji…’ Her voice from the night before rang in his head as he watched her walk a little unsteadily to the wardrobe and pull out some clothes. Her each admission and even her questions had rung with truth and it had felt more real than anything; even now he could see the soft smile that lit up her face when he’d scooped her up and carried her to the bed.

Cardinal Sin by RockBarbie

[Excerpt]: No, his heart vehemently denied; she didn’t deserve this treatment. Yes, his mind counterbalanced; she deserved all this and much more.

Dance Me to the End of Love by Bingala

[Excerpt]: But then, marriages – hastily forced ones could never be undone. Short of letting her go…. He closed his eyes, an unbearable thought. Her wedding night he remembered, was by that very poolside. In the cold. Arnav’s shares of sins had outweighed the meagre share of good he had, that very day, and he had clamoured for a lifetime to make up for it. Maybe he never would be able to. He would try though. He thought, with a deep sigh. He would.

Di, Hum So Gaye! by Smitar

[Excerpt]: Khushi giggled. “My A..Amma must have told your Amma. My Amma knows everything about me. I tell her everything everyday…She knows how much I …I…l…like you.” “Really? Toh KKhuushi Kumaari GGuptaaa Singggh Raizzzada, what do you like about your pati?”

Dobara by Blayde

[Excerpt]: “You fell into my arms, my life, exactly two years ago, in this very spot. And I know now, right then and there I had subconsciously decided to never let you go.” Arnav tightened his arms ever so slightly, holding her closer to his heart, wanting her to hear everything it wanted to say to her.

Everyday I love You by Farah53

[Excerpt]: “Khushi, get Aman off me! He watches me like a hawk after you’ve told him to keep an eye over me for you. & he keeps threatening me using your name about meals & medicine times. & to top it off, I can’t even yell at him on this matter anymore, because somehow he feels like my brother-in-law or something when he goes all ‘Khushi Bhabi’ on me!” & when he heard Khushi giggling delightfully, he said in a warning tone, “I am telling you, he’s bad for both of our reputations here. Everyone thinks I am some hen-pecked husband & you are some breathing-fire-down-my-back dragon of a wife!”

Forever by Yuks

[Excerpt] “Khushi and I married in a mandir. In front of her Devi Maiyya’s diya I filled her maang with sindoor and tied a mangalsutra around her neck. We are both legally married. The last time I checked, that was enough for two people to live together as husband and wife without the woman’s name being horribly slandered at the name of ritual. If it is not enough for any of you, well I don’t really care. It is enough for me.”

His Perfect Wife by Yuks

[Excerpt]: A multi-tasking domestic goddess any man would want. But not him. Where was that smiling girl he once knew? Where were the signature things that made her Khushi?

Homecoming by Napstermonster

[Excerpt]: No one who saw the blur of red that exploded from the back of the car and into the waiting arms of Arnav Singh Raizada would have thought that his wife Khushi was returning to him after a journey of only three days.

Hungry for you… by IPK007

[Excerpt]: Khushi rested her head on his shoulder with her heart racing, while Arnav slowly nibbled at her earlobe With one hand caressing the nape of her neck and the other tracing her curves urgently…Arnav looked at her intently with his eyes filled with desire and want… “I’m still hungry, baby.”

“I am Waiting!” by AngelTeen

[Excerpt]: She was pregnant. Pregnant, not injured or made of glass. But pregnant. So there was absolutely no need for all the restrictions that her Laad Governor had put on her – No cuddling Lakshmi because “Khushi! She is a goat! There may be infections!”

Just Another Day by Meera30

[Excerpt]: “There is nobody around, Arnavji. There is no need for these words. And there is nothing that I had to tell you about today. It was nothing. It was what every day has been for the past month and what every day will be for the next 5 months. It was just another day and it is over”

Kissa 300 Rs. ka. by Eccentrica

[Excerpt]: “I would like to receive kisses as interest.” When Khushi wore a confused look at this, he continued. “Since you’ve taken a year to repay me the principal amount, I am fixing the interest at 300; mind you I’m being considerate over here there are 365 days in a year but since you are my wife, I’m providing you with a discount hence the number 300. So Mrs. Khushi Kumaari Gupta Singh Raizada, are you ready to dispense the kisses?”

La Petite Mort by BlueMystique

[Excerpt]: Arnav was not someone who liked all the baggage that came with a marriage, but after marrying Khushi he realized that he quite liked all the things that showed that world that she was his.

Living in the Past by Viji79

[Excerpt]: “Sshh! Arnavji, it’s in the past, and I have told you that it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s five years since that day Arnavji. Although you did what you did on an impulse, you have always loved me, you have told me so many times and I have always known that in my heart. Nothing else matters. I have forgotten the past. You should too, Arnavji. Living in the memory of the bitter past will mar the beauty of the present”.

Love In The Time Of Flu by Archana.mh17

[Excerpt]: “Now that you rocked the venture capitalist’s socks off with the pitching, come, rock my world.” he said with a predatory grin that held no hint of any headache.

Metamorphosis by Appurs

[Excerpt]: Pulling her inside, Arnav gathered her close, cupping her face in his hands tenderly. “Khushi, did I do anything to hurt you/ Did I say anything inadvertently that you felt that you have to do all this?” Not comprehending at all, she gaped at him, only to be reduced to a stunned silence at his next words, “I’m really sorry if I have ever made you feel as if you need to change. Khushi, you’re my very life! You don’t ever, ever have to change for me. There’s nothing in the world that would make me want to change anything about you, I want you to know that!”

Morning Theft by Bingala

[Excerpt]: Arnav closed his eyes and sent out a prayer again, to the deities he would never believe in. She was here. In this beautiful morning. She had stolen his heart again. All was as it should be. A morning theft.

Nafrat Paas Aane Na De, Mohabbat Dur Jaane Na De by Farah53

[Excerpt]: He closed his eyes to block out the image of the tears in her eyes, when she was in his arms last night. “Khushi! I wish I could love you freely.” Khushi entered their disheveled room after breakfast, and she went straight to the cupboard to bring out her pre-wedding rituals’ photo album & by her force of habit, her eyes stuck to the picture of Arnav on his knee in front of her, proposing to her on their Sangeet, and she closed her eyes, letting the tears fall unchecked. “Arnavji! I wish I could hate you absolutely.”

Night & Day by LivingInPajamas

[Excerpt]: But today?Today was special. No,not their wedding anniversary.Neither was it any of their birthdays.It was a rare and special day in both of their lives,something they would cherish for seven lives and after-the pajama anniversary day.

Of Sleep and Dreams by Meera30

[Excerpt]: The gentle tug of sleep pulled at her. She was just about to give in when she landed on a solo photo of him. He was looking at something (or was it someone?)…almost lovingly. His gaze was soft. Like a loving caress. How I wish…

Ohana by Limoncello

[Excerpt]: Khushi! That name escaped his lips a hundred times a day! His day started with him calling out to his wife even before he opened his eyes. And his nights ended with him wrapping his arms around her tightly and pulling her to himself and sighing her name before he surrendered himself to sleep.

Olfactory Perception by Appurs

[Excerpt]: He had been called a wolf by many, the long-suffering Arnav thought, “I must be part-wolf, why else in hell would my sense of smell be this acute?” conveniently forgetting that he wasn’t in the least bothered by un-Khushi-related smells.

Perfume by Krani

[Excerpt]: Arnav’s hands settled on her waist, as he inhaled deeply. To anyone on the side, it would look like a coupley embrace, with the husband gently hugging his wife. But for Khushi, to feel Arnav’s nose against her skin, to feel his breath every time he exhaled, to feel the warmth of his hands on her waist, she could feel goosebumps appear on her flesh, as the blush in her cheeks intensified.

Pregnancy Blues by Napstermonster

[Excerpt]: “I have to say, you’ve really put on weight,  recently, haven’t you, Khushi? I used to be able to carry you up and down stairs and all over mandirs and catch you falling here and there much more easily back when we first got married, hmm?” But it had been a long day, filled with many tasks, and his teasing tone was not registering. Khushi Singh Raizada had had enough. And so, now, she did what any woman, who didn’t  knee her husband in the groin would choose to do as Plan B. Khushi burst into, noisy, dramatic,  REALLY loud tears.

Red Sari for Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada by Smitar

[Excerpt]: “I need some saris for my…my w..wife. Silk…the best quality…” “Is there any colour that she prefers, Sir? Or would you like to look around?” Into his mind flashed the picture of Khushi in a red sari, sitting in the circle of lamps, lighting them, with a smile of happiness on her lips, her eyes shining brighter than the lamps. “Red”, he said decisively.

Saanson Ko by Manreet_Gill

[Excerpt]: Come back to us soon my love… Forever yours, Khushi and Aadya. The battle worn army truck ambled along the uneven, dust lined streets towards his salvation as Major Arnav Singh Raizada neatly folded away the letter adorning his wife and child’s love, and placed the stolen snapshot of home close to his heart. With a war weary sigh escaping his slightly chapped lips and his men singing relieved songs of freedom behind him, Arnav closed his eyes and rested his head against the dusty pane of the bulletproof window as comforting thoughts of his journey towards his effervescent happiness engulfed his sleep hued senses…

Sleeping Patterns by Appurs

[Excerpt]: Devyani Singh Raizada had lived a long life. Her 75 years had taught her a lot, shown her a lot. She knew that change was the biggest constant in life, but one thing that had never changed was the established habit of her grandson. She knew her Chotte well, his “gussa” very well. He could never tolerate any changes in his routine or all hell would break lose. Knowing this, she couldn’t fathom how this was possible – “this” meaning what she had just witnessed in her choti bahu Payal’s bedroom.

Sleepless Nights/The Failed Condom Diversion/Ties, Fights & Frozen Peas by IPKWA (Warning Label: Don’t Read in a Public Setting! 😛 )

[Excerpt]: Payal and Akash lay in bed looking at the ceiling, a bit traumatized by their siblings. Maybe even a bit jealous. “Seriously is Bhai good at everything?!” cried a frustrated Akash. “Better than you for sure.”

Sources of Light by Anarocksick

[Excerpt]: It was dark. Why would she always switch off the poolside light which I would, every night, take an effort to switch on? She was afraid of the dark, for heaven’s sake? But the answer was simple. It was her way of rebelling against this set up, this sham of a marriage!

Surprise by BlueMystique

[Excerpt]: “Now?” he asked surprised. “Yes, now!” she whined, sounding like a little kid. He sometimes couldn’t believe that she was a mother of two.

Tangled in Bed by Krani

[Excerpt]: Khushi tried once more to remove his hand, but he snuggled his face into her hair, inhaling deeply, clutching onto her, refusing to let go.

The Cherry Blossom Tree by InvisibleSmile

[Excerpt]: ”I don’t know how I’d done it, but that inane woman had fallen in love with me. She wanted me in her life, despite my every resolve to keep her away. You see, I was no good for her, she deserved someone who could make her happy. Someone like her needed light and I had grown accustomed to the dark. She would have withered in my surroundings, I never wanted to see that happen. She preferred to soar, while I was afraid of heights. Such opposites, that no road, would ever lead us back to each other. Yet, we still found each other. ”

The Sum of All Parts by Rockbarbie

[Excerpt]: In the photograph they are walking on a thin winding road both laughing at something and looking at each other. It is not just a photo of two lovers or two friends or a newly married couple. It’s a photo of all those things put together; they were friends, lovers, husband and wife and future parents. “Turn it around.” She doesn’t look at him but does what he says anyway. “What does it say?” He whispers. “You don’t complete me. You remind me that I am already whole.”

There is a Light That Never Goes Out by Bingala

[Excerpt]: There were ice shards in his coal black hair now. His contemporaries dyed their hair, as soon as the first strand showed up but with Mr. Raizada, vanity was, oddly the last thing in his mind. He had let his hair be – something that she loved. Even after all these years, she would sink her fingers into those silver kissed strands, whether they were making love or when she was casually touching him. It was a way for her to anchor him to her.

Way to You by Anupama

[Excerpt]: Arnav was aware of her presence from the moment she took a step inside. He never understood this. For someone whom he had never given priority to, his senses had a strange way of incluning towards her whenever she was near. He often attributed it the fact that since they were married and living in the same room as her had led him to be physically attuned to her but when his mind rose the question as to why his heart thumped differently whenever she took care of him, he rebuffed it much like he dealt with her to drive her away. Little success, though for neither that voice ceased to exist nor she stopped coming to him.

When With You by Doe-eyes

[Excerpt]: She was happy simply to relish in this private, exclusive knowledge that only she possessed – all these little things, tiny, mundane details, which made Arnav Singh Raizada as human as she was. Things which made him – less untouchable, his perfection less intimidating, less icy and cool and detached. It made her feel special, honoured – that she knew, intimately, the Arnav existing behind the ASR.

Winner Takes it All by Kalyaani

[Excerpt]: Arnav had dismissed the driver, wanting to take Khushi around that day; he may have been sore to the core having lost the dare but he was secretly happy to be ordered around by his wife. The only flipside being her unimaginative ways of getting back at him; had he won the challenge he would have whisked her off to a resort and kept her with him for the whole week.

Words Unsaid by Firebolt

[Excerpt]: “If none of those things happened Arnav-ji then we wouldn’t be here. Right here, with your hands in mine.” Her voice was firm and her chin was up as she stared into his shocked eyes.

You’re In My Bed by Chibisuke

[Excerpt]: He hugged her back and said in her ear, “So. You really don’t remember last night, do you? Well.. I can always remind you.”


“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert


30 days by Nayika

[Excerpt]: ‘Fine Khushi, we’ll see. You don’t know who you’re messing with. I’m Arnav Singh Raizada in case you forgot. And I bet you’ll be begging me to touch you long before the month is over!’ He lay down himself feeling satisfied with himself.

A Fool by Rasgulla_sp (Ongoing)

[Excerpt]: Time and time again, she had proved to him that she wasn’t what he accused her of. She wasn’t a gold-digger, an opportunistic, characterless, no-class girl. Unfortunately, he had learnt that lesson too late… a broken engagement too late. Now he would vouch for the purity of her soul in a court of law, now he could bet AR and all his life’s worth of hard work on her innocence but today she didn’t want anything from him. Once she wanted his name for hers and he had almost given it to her to hurt her. And hurt her he did. Her beauty, her smiles, her goodness all could have been his… Alas… A fool. He had been a fool.

A Heartening Journey by Norolim

[Excerpt]: Treading carefully into his room, she walked into her new life; holding dreams within her heart, yet reality grounded strongly in her mind. Entering behind her, his past still glowing in his eyes; he promised to try and being civil to the woman in front of him. Looking into each other’s emotive eyes, a moment of silent, intense understanding passed between this intriguing couple. As they both turned away to their respective duties before sleep, a currant lingered in the air around them. And thus began Arnav and Khushi’s heartening journey.

A New Khushi by SSyahoo

[Excerpt]: “Arnavji I don’t want to work for AR. I want to work somewhere that I am simply Khushi not Mrs. Raizada. I have already been offered a job at Singhania Industries. Please don’t say no. If you would have married Lavanyaji then you would have let her work why not me? I promise to take care of myself, be home on time so I can help with dinner and wake up early to serve breakfast. I will not neglect anybody.”

An Arranged Marriage by Krani (Ongoing)

[Excerpt]: “ASR, it’s time to go” She said softly, her eyes looking up at him in concern. He still didn’t reply, and looked over her head, staring at the blank wall in front. This was it. Everything was going to change. Some girl was going to be attached to his life. Some middle-class girl was going to be married to a rich man. While that girl’s dreams were getting fulfilled at having snagged a rich man, Arnav’s life was going to be in ruins because of the girl, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Arranged, Love or Whatever! by SamiyaIPKKND

[Excerpt]: “Last year you got 7 proposals and the year before that 15. Now only got 3 proposals and none of them are worth marrying. What will happen next year. Hai devi maiya” “Mom year before last I was way to yound. Even babuji agreed with me. And the guys from last year didn’t attract me one bit” “Then why on’t you choose your self. You have a lot of male friends” “Because they are my friends. I can’t marry my friends… ewww . Now tell me is it my fault that I’m not finding a guy”

Becoming A Father by Farah53

[Excerpt]: “Arnavji, do you want us to have kids?” she almost yelled at him. Arnav’s eyes rounded on his face, & then he immediately calmed down, used to his wife’s craziness. He answered her truthfully. “Only if you want them too.” He brushed aside a stray hair from her forehead.

Behind That Smile by Lyraa99

[Excerpt]: Arnav dreaded going up the stairs to his bride. Looking at that lost look on her face and that smile. No! he would not think of that smile as behind that smile was a cunningness a greed that had the power to destroy his sisters life. And he couldn’t let that happen. His sister was his world and he would make Khushi pay for even trying to ruin her happiness.

Burning in Your Love by Smitar

[Excerpt]: Khushi looked at Arnav standing still near the locked bedroom door, arms hanging loose, fists closed. His blank look and pale face ate into her determination to present a calm front while making her way out of his house and his life. The six months were over. Her marriage…temporary, contract, time-bound.. .whatever it was, was over.

Colors of the Wind by Meera30

[Excerpt]: Arnav stared at her, the water seeping into his skin just as it was into hers. She was as unaware of the rain pouring over her as he was. He would not have seen her in the darkening garden as the cascade of water blurred his vision, if not for the splash of color around her neck, in the hand that hung loosely by her side and near her legs. A bunch of lavender flowers lay discarded at her feet. His face twisted into a helpless smile. It was poetic. Lavenders ‘ the flowers associated with distrust and suspicion.

Curse of Ugliness by The_Rain

[Excerpt]: Unable to resist, he stepped out of the car and as if in a trance walked towards her house. He felt pathetic inside, but the temptation to have a last look at her was too strong. One last look, he thought, then I’d never think about her again. A beautiful parting gift before I let go of the most amazing experience of my life, forever…

Dark Paradise by Jas

[Excerpt]: Arnav and Khushi took their first steps as man and wife, their fist steps that defied their family, their first steps with secrets making their hearts heavy and their heads weary however they never let go of each other’s hand.

Dear Agony by Nymra

[Excerpt]: No longer would she have to spend hour upon hour dreading what new methods of mental torment she would have to face, no longer would she have to spend heart-breaking minutes pretending to be unhurt by every cruel cut of retribution made into her now empty soul, no longer would she spend endless seconds praying for a deliverance. But in all honesty, she’d stopped praying for deliverance months ago, for a long time now, all she’d been praying for was release. She zipped up her foot long duffel, and swept the room with one last gaze. Her murti, her sindoor, her clothes all of it’it was all gone. It was as if Khushi Singh Raizada had never existed.

Fading Away by NothingLasts

[Excerpt]: He ran to her and held on to her as though he’d die without her. Khushi gently wove her arms around his waist and held him. They stood there, lost. Arnav put his head on hers and she put hers on his chest. Their tears joined together. One knowing the truth mechanically, the other knowing the end result of it despite being unaware of the base. She whispered, “I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

From … , with love by Appurs

[Excerpt]: And now, he was finally going home. No one knew of his arrival. He hadn’t wanted to give them hope only to have to dash it. Whether it would mend the fences or make things worse, he didn’t know. His only hope was the repeated assurances he had gotten from Di and Bhai whenever they called him that Bhaiyya was a changed man now. Well, he would believe it when he saw it. He for one, couldn’t fathom how Arnav Singh Raizada could change because of the mere slip of a girl he had seen in the wedding photos.

Himalayan Magic & Dark Night Dawning by Charlotte

[Excerpt]: Could he have been mistaken in judging her? This was something he needed to figure out. In the meantime, he had come to a decision. He could never let her go. He tried to remember that exact moment when he had made this decision and failed. He wanted her. Forever. He would ensure she would never want to leave him.

His Gardening, Her Jalebi by The_Rain (Ongoing)

[Excerpt]: As expected, she saw her husband examining the leaf of a Hibiscus with sharp attention, a frown on his face. He looked thoughtful for a while, took the scissor and cut the leaf. Then putting aside the scissor, he took his Blackberry and started to jot something in there solemnly. Khushi let out a giggle, she was sure he was putting “Check on Hibiscus” on his To-Do List. That was Arnav, too serious to ignore a yellow leaf on a single plant, and too busy to remember something as trivial as this.

If Only by Chibisuke

[Excerpt]: I have been smiling like never before. After all I need to convince the family that everything is well in my married life! They’ve been giving me looks, I don’t know what else to call them. Its almost as if they can see through my pretensions and know what I feel. More than them, I need to convince Arnavji that his trick did not break my confidence. After all, if he knows what his behavior does to me, he will simply step it up. And that will be the death of me. Instead, making him feel that I am absolutely okay, it helps me ward off the sadness in me. So, I have decided that I shall be as cheerful and happy as I can. At least on the outside. It’ll rub off on the inside too, right?

I’m Not Going To Divorce You… by ACTywm

[Excerpt]: A day….a mere day….twenty-four bloody hours….and so many things had happened….so many emotions plagued him….what would he do now….the mighty ASR at a loss to his feelings….his mind giving into his heart…..

Intoxicated by Arisai

[Excerpt]: As his clothes fell from his arm to the ground and he took a step back towards her, Khushi placed his wedding ring back in her bedside table and shut the drawer. Her own was, at that moment, in a small pot at the back of a cupboard in the kitchen, waiting for her to hurriedly twist onto her ring finger for when he returned and rang the doorbell: Waiting outside for his loving wife to open the door and welcome him into her arms…

Jaane Doh Naa by Archi

[Excerpt]: “No,” Arnav whispered, the truth finally sinking in. While some part of him, the rational half, was relieved to finally understand why Khushi’s behavior never matched up to his reasoning, the rest of him was scrambling to hold up the weight of reality. “Happy now?” Payal asked, sarcastically. “Khushi left forever!” Arnav’s legs buckled as he landed on his knees. All those hurtful things he said to her, all pain he caused her, only to find out she was never wrong? “No,” he repeated. “That’s… that’s not true…” Payal was shocked to see her brother-in-law on the floor and more so as she listened to the jumble of words stumbling out of his mouth. It was not normal to see a man of such power, tormented. With every word he uttered, he seemed to be breaking down even further. As if all his walls came tumbling down. As if the great Arnav Singh Raizada was nothing but a mere mortal, whose heart wasn’t a stranger to the pain life offered.

Keeping Khushi by Smitar

[Excerpt]: Arnav watched his bride with loving eyes, the big smile on her face as she laughed and joked with everyone… How he had longed for her to sit by him at his dining table, how he had longed to hear her laughter, see her eyes glowing with joy, feel the warmth that she radiated, touching every person she met with her good heart… He smiled. He was blessed.

Khamoshiyan by Mints23

[Excerpt]: What have I done? I hurt her. I literally broke her loving heart. She hid the truth to save Di from getting hurt and I thought such despicable things about her. How could I trust that hideous Shyam? Why didn’t I check on the truth earlier? I have been such a fool to damage such a pure soul. She is Khushi, my Khushi. Or is she still?

Khushi by Maya Hill

[Excerpt]: It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a man realizes he has made a colossal mistake, he will first try to mend matters without admitting that a mistake was ever made. Arnav Singh Raizada was no different. Even before his eyes opened the morning after Holi, he knew three things, absolutely. He knew that a life without Khushi by his side would be unendurable. He knew that Khushi was as much a victim of Shyam’s duplicity as his Di. And he knew that he had made a monumental error in judgment and Khushi must never learn of it.

Khushi Goes Missing by Pnars

[Excerpt]: Please wake up Khushi, he’d wept, and I’ll lay the world at your feet. Had he? The thought made him start as he readied for the day. Have you laid the world at her feet Raizada? Ever since their second wedding, she had been working tirelessly. First to catch Shyam, and then to be a good bahu and integrate herself into the house. Always thinking of others, never herself.

Let’s Fall in Love by Pinkionly

[Excerpt]: “Wait a second! Don’t jump to conclusions. Why don’t you try calling from your phone.. there’s got to be a way. How could he do this and if he was going to… why in hell did he wait till now” and off Arnav went while she sat there speechless not knowing the answers to any of it. Her to be husband had literally left her standing in the middle of this chaos to deal with it on her own. She just got ditched at her own alter. What were the chances of this happening in her well planned and calculated life?

Living Without You by Smitar

[Excerpt]: “Stop smiling!” Her smile faltered. “Why? Why shouldn’t I smile? After all, my name is Khushi.” She smiled a naughty smile, and quickly moved away from him, not wanting to risk her neck. Her sanity and her heart were on the line anyway. He pulled her to him, his hands on her arms, desperate. “Khushi, I am sorry… I should have trusted you. I…I am sorry…Very sorry… You don’t have to go…”

Lonely Under the Sheets by Rock Barbie

[Excerpt]: The bliss that she believed she owed from every wrong doing and disappointment all through her life was fast becoming a rare commodity in her life. The short life span of her married life had brought enough enjoyment and happiness but a recent tryst with fate was blemishing the purity of it all.

Love, Lies, and Two Weddings by Expel

[Excerpt]: “Yes! You have no right! Have you forgotten that we lied to everyone about our marriage today? We didn’t even go to the temple!” They stared at each other, both angry, both reeling from the truth.

Mohabbat Door Na Jaane De by Doe-eyes

[Excerpt]: Groaning, Arnav bent even lower, until he was almost doubled over, as though in pain. Khushi had pleaded with him, time and time again, that she had tried to tell Anjali, but she was afraid of how she would react if she found out the man she worshipped was stabbing her in the back. That she was afraid of what would happen to him if his Di had to face such betrayal. She had cared about him. Feared for him. And in the past one month, he had done nothing but give her hell.

Moments of a Lifetime by Manreet_Gill

[Excerpt]: “You know, they say that the darker the colour of the mehndi is, the more your husband will love you.” Khushi couldn’t help the impish grin that made its way artlessly upon her lips as she awaited Arnav’s reply with bated breath, “And do you think it measures the depth of my love Khush?” a teasing tone sang within his husky voice as he awaited the answer he knew he would always recieve; “No, nothing could ever quantify the depth of our love Arnav,” whispered Khushi, sincerity shining in her hazel eyes.

Murder She Wrote by BlueMystique

[Excerpt]: Where am I? She tried to sit up, despite the crippling pain in her hand. She felt weak, like she could keel over any second. The pain in her head was killing her. Closing her eyes, she clutched her head in her hands to try and relieve the pain, only to pull back when she felt something wet on her hands. Blood. She was covered in it. When she moved her eyes away from her hands, what she saw made her let out a blood curdling scream. A bloody body and the knife she had been clutching in her hand.

My Prince Charming by Shraddska

[Excerpt]: Mr. Gupta continued, “Well as per what he has told us, we can definitely not get your Jiji married to him but…” Khushi’s head snapped up in surprise to first look at Arnav & then at her Dad. So he had convinced her father that he couldn’t marry Jiji? Khushi thought. Her Mom walked up to her then and put a hand on her cheek. “Khushi bitiya, this might come as a surprise to you but Mr. Raizada has proposed a marriage with you instead.” “WHAT?” Khushi almost shrieked looking wide eyed at Arnav.

Never Gone, Never Far by Harsh42

[Excerpt]: When Khushi didn’t respond, he said in a dry voice, “That’s not gonna work. My voice is inside your head. Heck! I’m INSIDE your head!! Or else would I be speaking so much?! I’m right now a Khushi version of me!!” Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him with eyes filled with longing. “And you should cry, Khushi. Don’t hold it all in your chest. It simply stresses you out.” Arnav’s voice was now coercing. Khushi fought the urge to touch him by remembering the past six months of her alleged CONTRACT MARRIAGE, and turned her back on him.

Parinay by Basanti

[Excerpt]: His own sister had told him that she would cut off all her ties with him, cut his access to her children if he didn’t get married to the girl who had been chosen for him. He was in two minds to stand his ground and resign from the company that had been his dream from his childhood, go out and do something on his own. But he knew that the benefits of the Raizada surname outweighed the pain and heartbreak of a wedding with this woman. So Arnav Singh Raizada agreed to this sham of a wedding, making it clear in ways more than one that he was being coerced into this wedding and that his wife would never have his heart, mind or soul.

Perfection by Napstermonster (Ongoing)

[Excerpt]: He made a sudden movement and saw her instinctively flinch, and something within him snapped. For the first time that evening, he actually spoke to the woman he had married, and who was his fevered dream turned into haunting nightmare. “So Khushi Singh Raizada” he whispered, his voice heavy with despair, hollow, and echoing throughout the dark room. “How was your wedding night? Mine was just perfection.”

Perfectly Imperfect by Nymra

[Excerpt]: “…aur phir Mamiji ne bhi…aap has raheho?” Khushi asked more hurt than anything else, at what in her eyes was her husband’s callousness. She knew he didn’t believe in all the reeti-reewaj’s  she considered such an intricate part of her life, but he’d never laughed at her for them, he’d always understood, at least’he’d always seemed to understand. All together it was suddenly too much, the being there, the not being there the doubts, the feeling of never being enough, never being perfect, and with a knowledge born of heartache and a painful practicality Khushi realized that the doubters, the naysayers, the cynics…they were all right.

Quiet Places by RockBarbie

[Excerpt]: He is gentle with her. His movements are fluid and his words – dreamy. She sees stars behind her eyelids and is loose limbed by the end. He arranges himself around her like a human blanket and tells her a story of a heart broken star in an old universe. She isn’t surprised to find tear stains on her cheeks the next morning when she wakes up.

Recalling Arnav I & II by Smitar

[Excerpt]: She looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. She had left something out. Bindi, kangan, jhumke were all in order. But her neck. Her neck was bare. Her fingers gently touched the skin of her neck. “Amma, why does my neck feel so bare? Was there some chain that I used to wear regularly?” Khushi asked. Garima looked at Buaji and said, “Naahi, bitiyaa. You never used to wear anything around your neck.” “Acha?” Khushi looked at her neck again. “Maybe you are right.” But why did she miss the weight of a chain around her neck?

Revealed by Chokri_ASR (Ongoing)

[Excerpt]: “Arnav…”  She whispered, picking up the photo frame that sat on the window ledge since she moved into this expanded office space over five years ago. Her husband… that was what he was referred to in front of society, but was that what she referred to him within the four walls of their home? She gazed at the photo, which was taken right before they got engaged. Both smiling, happiness glowing on their faces. But most of all reflecting the love for the other as they looked into each others eyes.  She caressed the photo, remembering her first encounter with the man who’d captured her heart over ten years ago.

Revenge by Lazyleaves

[Excerpt]: And she let him have his way with her. Because she loved being loved by him. Because in bed, she was only Khushi Singh Raizada being loved by her husband Arnav Singh Raizada and not the girl who was on the verge of destroying everything that this man cherished, the man who had taken away everything that she had cherished.

Rewind by Tia.o

[Excerpt]: Suddenly Arnav feels as if he is suffocating. As if all the air disappeared. As if his breathing stopped. He lifts his trembling hands and clutches his heart tight. He feels as if his heart beat became sluggish… His entire body starts to hurt and numbness starts to set in… He looks up and sees the Operation Theatre’s door opens and the doctor comes out… NK rush to the doctor while he struggles to stand up with sinking heart on his suddenly weak and trembling legs. The doctor says: The bullet hit her heart. We tried our best to revive her. But I’m sorry. We could not save her.

Running from the Truth by Emma.K.

[Excerpt]: “It was fun? Really Arnav? When you held me, when you hugged me, when you talked to me, even when you kissed me…you felt nothing at all? Wow” said a shocked and devastated Khushi. She wasn’t expecting him to open his arms for her, and tell her they would have all of that. But she was expecting him to at least say that he meant something to her, which apparently she didn’t. She was officially broken. Now she knew why people say that they never wanted to fall in love. Because all you really do get is heartbreak.

Secluded Island by Tina

[Excerpt]: Second honeymoon? “Well actually we never had a first honeymoon.” “See!” pointed out Lavanya. “Even more reason for it. Not to mention that now you’re in the danger time period.”

Secrets by Expel

[Excerpt]: Suddenly, he realised that she was staring back at him with an equal fascination.
Her eyes were solemn, curious, and unafraid.. He couldn’t look away, caught in a web that spun around them, holding them captive with it’s sheer intensity. A shimmering web that brought together this man and  woman who had never met before. And so it began.

Shaadi by Expel

[Excerpt]: My eyes focus on my reflection in the mirror over the marble vanity, and I stop, arrested by the sight. It looks like my brief shower hasn’t managed to get rid of one last fragment of red…one last reminder of this exhausting, bewildering day. My hands rise to the parting in my hair where a faint trace of red still lingers. I rub at it, but it looks like it’s here to stay. I think it’s going to be with me through the rest of my life. The rest of my married life. A wry grin twists my mouth as I whisper the words at my reflection. “Shaadi  Mubarak, Khushi Arnav Raizada.”

Shaadi ke side-effects by Mints23

[Excerpt]: Arnav lay on the bed, cooling down with Khushi, snuggled into his arms, breathing evenly. He brushed a few loose tendrils off her face, and kissed her forehead lightly. She had surprised him today, and he knew how guilty she felt for troubling him. She had the kindest and most loving heart in the world… and it belonged to him… only him. He smiled, thinking about how the red tie had her raging towards him and pulled her soft form even closer. The last thought that he had, as sleep overtook him was, ‘If this is how a wife is going to be right… he would love to be always wrong.

Sins by Expel

[Excerpt]: I have never written anything in a diary before. Why would I? Until now, I have never felt the need to pour my innermost thoughts onto paper. But the events of today have shaken me, and I cannot stop myself from creating a record of exactly what I have done. Will this help in taking away some of the pain? Will this help ease my turmoil? I have no answers to those questions.

Sirf Khushi ki…by Appurs

[Excerpt]: Turning to her husband, Khushi asked, “Arnavji, I know better than anyone how scary you are in your ASR mode…”, only to be cut off as her husband snapped, “She’s not an employee like you were who at yelled at without any reason. You were an incredible employee, and just fell victim to my wrath and inner turmoil. And don’t ever compare yourself to another female, Khushi! The way you stood up to me, understood me and loved me, through all of it, cannot be compared to anyone, ever. Am I making myself clear?”

Snow White by ShikhaKhushi

[Excerpt]: “It’s not that…” he gulped. How to say it? He may have told her to marry him to save her from her stepmother, but now that they were tied together, he didn’t want to let go. What was it? This feeling that he felt for her and her only?

Storm Within by Tina

[Excerpt]: A good layer of dust covered everything. He blew it aside, his heart constricting as he raised the photograph to eye-level. It was from their marriage – the proper one. He was holding Khushi in his arms, their faces shining as they crossed the threshold as one. How happy they’d been that day… How much in love.. who could have imagined that within the year, they would not even be on speaking terms?

Tearing Ourselves Apart by Ccuteaangel

[Excerpt]: Arnav was in the bathroom and he heard movement in the room so he knew she was awake. He groaned lowly, he didn’t want to have to face her. He knew somewhere deep inside that the Khushi he knew would never do that to his Di, but whether she had been involved or not, she was a part of everything that could have torn apart his sisters life, and he was reminded of that everytime he saw her. So he did what he found easiest, resorted to rudeness and ignorance. Decided to treat her as badly as he could muster, to keep the feelings he had for her at bay. He had been rushed into this marriage. He wasn’t ready, and now, he wasn’t sure he would ever be.

The Bride with a Doll by IPK007

[Excerpt]: As Arnab moved aside and stood with his back against the railing, a strong whiff of jasmine oil soon passed him. It was then that he noticed her small hands. Adorned with the traditional red and white bangles, the trembling hands clutched something tightly. It was a doll, Arnab noted with a sudden pang…

The Dancing Queen by ShikhaKhushi

[Excerpt]: They seldom spoke to each other. In the beginning, she had tried. She had tried to befriend him or start a conversation with him during the rare meals he allowed himself to have at home, but he had silenced her and killed her hopes with his disinterested, one-worded answers. She seemed to gradually understand what he wanted and stayed out of his way. At times, she didn’t even appear at the table. But it was not what had made him suspicious.

The Games We Play by Bingala (IC)

[Excerpt]: She was there. He knew she was there, encroaching on his sanctuary and muddying up his usually clear thought process. He could feel her in that damnable way. It was as if every nerve in him stood up to watch and wait for her. Pheromones. Arnav kept on tending his plants, pulling out a stray weed here and there. What he would really like to do is pull his erstwhile wife’s by her braid and pull her against him and finish what they had nearly started at Diwali. He would stroke her almost translucent cheeks and watch them ruddy up. Then, he would trace the colour with his lips and tongue.She would have her eyes scrunched up, and he would coax them open with his mouth, tenderly. His eyes flew open, he hadn’t even realized that they had drifted close while thinking of Khushi. Tenderness was not an option here. Once he would have but then, the game had changed – those dice turned out to be loaded not unlike that Dire Straits song. He smiled to himself. Songs, poetry – Whoever said that lust brings a man to his knees had it right. If they hadn’t, then Arnav Singh Raizada would say it today. Rolling his eyes he then trained them in the direction of his agonies. What was she doing? Was she…? His Roses! His heirloom Egaltine roses… he sighed. His wife had struck up a conversation with the roses.

The Imperfect Husband by Shraddska

[Excerpt]: Arnav Singh Raizada, today you are my would-be imperfect husband but I’ll not rest until I turn you into ‘The Perfect Husband’… This is a challenge that I put forward to myself. Get ready Laad Governor… Khushi Kumari Gupta is coming… to change the layout of your ‘Perfect Life’ and to blast off your ‘Discipline’ to shreds…

The Love Story on Page 3 by Napstermonster

[Excerpt]: Khushi could finally cry, and she did, sobbing, after five long months, for her pain, for her Bauji, for the other man in her life. For Arnav, whom she had thought she had lost forever, but who, it turned out, had been just as lost, just as desperate for her as she had been for him. For the man who had tried all these months to reach her, even as she had waited, silently, to be reached by him.

“Ahhh, but I never married you to let you go did I?” Arnav said, and inwardly chucked as he saw the furrow in her brow and the confusion etched on her face

“What?” Khushi was beyond confused this man was weird, sometimes he was all lovey and then next minute he was shouting at her for being silly. She couldn’t keep up with all this.

Arnav realised that now it was time to tell her the truth.

The Storm by Jaffacakes

[Excerpt]: “DON’T LIE!” He slammed his fist down at the steering wheel, his eyes blazing. “Chote!” Anjali called knocking on his window, hands full of plastic bags, in surprise. Both of them straightened their faces as Di opened the back door, joining them. The ride home had been filled with Anjali’s chatter, unaware of the tension brewing between the individuals sitting in front of her, whilst Arnav was unaware of the excruciating pain Khushi was in, both heart and body. The sun was slowly setting, taking all fragment of light away, allowing darkness to spread above them. As soon as they had arrived home Khushi raced upstairs, closing the door behind her, whilst Arnav remained busy on making sure a pregnant Anjali ate.

The Unbreakable Bond by Merrydock

[Excerpt]: Everything that happened that night after she reached home had left her adrift in a storm, cursed by her own stars with no anchor and no redemption. What she knew, she could not confide in anyone, lives were at stake people she cared about would have been destroyed. She was in the eye of the storm so she let the storm carry her away leaving everything and everyone she loved far behind.

The Winning Hand by InvisibleSmile

[Excerpt]: They say, time is a constant reminder of what we have gained over the years, or might have lost, but what do you do when it reminded you of the monotonous life you have been stuck in . What if you can’t move against or come to terms? how does one live such a life, where all you could do was breathe but just for the sake of living, smile but just for the sake of the strangers, be in love but just for the eyes of others, within the four white washed walls, they were as equivalent to two mere strangers who walk by each other and don’t even recall each others existence. Yes that was Khushi Gupta, now Khushi Raizada’s, life.

The Thrill by Curledup

[Excerpt]: “Ahhh, but I never married you to let you go did I?” Arnav said, and inwardly chucked as he saw the furrow in her brow and the confusion etched on her face. “What?” Khushi was beyond confused this man was weird, sometimes he was all lovey and then next minute he was shouting at her for being silly. She couldn’t keep up with all this. Arnav realised that now it was time to tell her the truth.

Twist of Fate by Mistyrains (IC)

[Excerpt]: That day, a year later, today, she was still scared to enter Aashna’s room, because as soon as she would enter, she would be greeted by pictures of him. The same eyes that haunted her dreams, would mock at her every time she entered that room. Why? Because, the man whose one look, one word, one touch would still send shivers down Khushi’s spine, was her daughter’s idol. Her daughter wanted to be like him, a workaholic, talk like him, the way that never gave too much away, think like him, the way no other normal person ever would. And since that July evening, seven years ago, her daughter would cut away all pictures, articles, news clippings she could find around her, sit in front of the TV every night at eight, eyes glued to the Times Business channel, awaiting any news of him, or his ever growing business empire. Coincidence or a twist of fate, Khushi mused.

Two Worlds Apart by Smelling Salts

[Excerpt]: “So you deliberately left me with a note stating the obvious – that you were leaving me, no reasons given and decided to raise our sons by yourself.” Arnav’s statement, said in a deceptively soft voice belied the seething rage he was in.

Unbelievable & Finally! by Angelteen

[Excerpt]: Her hands found his tense ones and squeezed hard, trying to breathe the way the doctor had made her practice, all the while her warm brown eyes caught in his honey tone ones, trying to find some relief in his gentle words, in the motion his thumb rubbed against the back of her palm, in his beautiful concerned eyes and the future that lay in them – one they had both dreamt of together.

Unbreakable Bonds by Meera30

[Excerpt]: It was not easy. The physical pain she could bear.  But at this time, it became impossible for her to block all the memories she had managed to keep at bay for the past few months. Images flashed in front of her. His smile, his irritation, his annoyance, his flirting, his passion.

Unforgettable by Vandana

[Excerpt]: He took the last sip from the glass. Then, with a sigh that welled up from deep within him, his eyes screamed, ‘I hate you Khushi Kumari Gupta.’ One whole year, one entire miserable year- no word from her, no sign. She had simply dropped off the face of the earth, as if she had never lived outside his tortured imagination. ‘I hate you. You, you are the cruel, heartless, ruthless one. .not me – you, YOU,’ heart screamed at the stars silently, embracing the nothingness around him. Sleep finally overtook the spent soul.

WAUFMAIO by The IncorrigibleMagpie

[Excerpt]: That was when he felt the second twinge of misgiving in the space of 5 minutes. For when Arnav looked at his wife, the steel in his eyes melted away and was replaced by tenderness that Shyam wouldn’t have believed the man to have been capable of expressing; as though his whole being was attuned to the slender woman beside him who had a hand on his arm and was drawing his attention to the way the light from a nearby candle caught the stone on her ring. Both of them seemed to have forgotten Shyam’s presence entirely.

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      • Came to know this site after Mr. and Mrs. Ek Jashan, you might know I started a story with the wrong foot but my journey in finding some FF is very pleasant . Some are new and some already read. Few weeks back while reading some suggestions by other readers in the comments section I came across Farewell, Winter Nights with the help of Googlebaba found the link. You should put your FF in this list it would help new visitor like me.

        Farewell, Winter Night, when I saw the index page black and white photo of Arnav and Kushi looking different directions and your mature warning thought maybe it is some sort of dark story. But after I started reading the Nights in was nothing but dark it was like a bright sunshine. 

        While I was reading, it reminded me few FF which I read very long back. Hope you won’t mind if I bring few other FF´s. If I were you by madmaxine, (hope she comes back to complete) the banter of Arnav, his brother with NK reminded me this one because you know how hilarious Maxine can write with pinch of sarcasm

        Then after reading few Nights when I crossed to know what happened to Kushi which made her to be hesitant and decline the approach of Arnav reminded me Entwined by dedeepalove, you must be aware that Kushi here faced much worse than yours, women who faced any sort of sexual humiliation at some point should give themselves to come out of the shell, to bring them to normalcy is very difficult, in the process partners play a very vital role. The process was different and I loved how both Arnav from Entwined and FWN did spectacular.

        Anjali and Shyam from Expelliarmus´s Scandalous, In this Anjali was ashamed of her body and how Shayam helped to overcome the embarrassed stature and surrendered herself, at some point your Kushi was also like Scandalous Anjali embarrassed and with self-guilt. Surrendering will never happen overnight it will take sure its own time, in your FF you portrayed the roller coaster mentality of Kushi exceptionaly.

        We all who watched IPK will agree, shenoy playing background, a women running, how fourteen year old screams Maaa….. and how the makers messed while revealing the past. Emerald Isle Tales and Carless wispers by Meera , she with her stellar story telling magic she made readers hook to the past of Arnav and Kushi. In your FF I liked how you maintained the past of Arnav with so much suspense and while revealing it was not like that of show bland but it was brilliant like Meera´s. I loved it, you made to feel for your Arnav much for what he faced in Lucknow and pray for him to recover and heal fast with Kushi.

        You may or may not like me bringing up some other FF´s, it is just a coincidence of thoughts which I had while reading, it is nothing to compare and say one is great than other, all has attracted me in some ways having its own beauty. Thanks for making me remember few FF´s which I read and loved most.

        What I liked most in your FF is the Terrace encounter, when I read I thought maybe it is role reversal Kushi is going to “misunderstand” Arnav is with Lavanya, it is the “sanest” encounter which lead to several folds of the story, who Kushi is and who Lavanya is. How the equation will change in Arnav´s life.

        In your FF all women had their share of some unpleasant past, some of them more and some of them less, Anjali lost her boyfriend, Lavanya been neglected by everybody, Robbie with her settlement in life, Kushi with repeated blows, Payal with her own share of the past. I may not be liked for saying this, among all these women; I really felt most for Payal, She was one abandoned soul, ripped and thrown by the biological mother, emotionally tortured by adopted mother and who was in a very big dilemma to accept the love of adopted father. On wedding night which person will be willing to hear husband says some other women name in the bed, it is the consequence of what she did but she might have had a little hope about their marriage. She was unable to channelize her abandonment; maybe there was no one to help her in that matter. She selected Kushi to discharge all her pent-up anger. Both suffered, good thing is Kushi had someone at last. But, alas did Payal!

        All characters had their proper role; none came as a filling or just as a passerby branding their presence. Blog looks excellent with the gifs and pictures related to the situation of the story, you must be a detallista putting all things meticulously. Among all pictures I loved loved loved the black and white picture with red umbrella in the snow. It gave a serene sense of tranquility and hope.

        After a very long time felt satisfied and happy reading a brilliant story of ArHi.

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          Our men receives the lion share of love, I’m always delighted when our ladies are spotlighted. I think you will enjoy where we take Payal in the Epilogue series. Check your inbox soon. 😉


  6. Thank you for this. For me one of the best collab stories on IF remains ‘FF: IPK 2.0 Doing it right – ‘ ‘ that is one truly hilarious Rom -Com from Arnav and Khushi to Mr & Mrs and with so many awesome writers involved!

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      • I can’t write…sigh…

        But you do, write that is…and I will make sure to dip into that inkwell to spill all that I felt during the reading: feelings, emotions, snippets of life, clouds of dreams, whispers of secrets. All wrapped in the echoes of thanks and appreciations of your efforts.

        Wouldn’t that be time better spent? 🙂

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  8. This is awesome but now where do I find time to read all this ?? I wish I can take a prolonged vacation with my iPad to read all these stories. I still have some homework left to do. Read all the stories in “expressions in love” properly and comment. I usually skim through them quickly while hiding in some odd 😦 places. I still owe you guys a love note. I wish I could teach my husband some house work so I can get some time to do this kind of important stuff 🙂 but alas if I couldn’t do it in 27 years there is no more hope. But I will get to all of this soon and thank you and S for putting this together and also for your own work. Your blog is like my home I escape to when I can’t take this world anymore. So thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

      • I wish I could indulge in all that but unfortunately all I get is the brief morning cup of coffee when I sit down for a few minutes and begin the day with you. Yes every morning begins with a cup of coffee and you – depending on the mood its either ficverse or a reread of FWN. So not a single day goes by without you and S or a arhi FF and all the other wonderful writers out there! So thank you 🙂 Today is thankfully a long weekend so I can catch up and comment.

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  9. Finally stole away some time to thank you for putting together this amazing list. Reading material for days! Now, if only I had the time… #Sigh One day…

    You shall also see me soon on the other lounge soon…ish (See how that feels? :P)

    Also, look what I found!

    Rain is back with an update for HGHJ. It is no longer an IC! One of my first ArHi FFs ever. Need to carve out some time for this as well.

    So many things to read, so little time!

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  10. Oh thou how I love thy Ficverse… you have made this amazing place for one stop shop to find whatever one’s heart desires to read with many of my favorite authors. I have read a few but I am reminded of how many more there are to explore. Now only if I had the time… soon once I complete my story, at least I can hope.

    And I am honored, humbled to be included on this list, for that I am forever grateful my dear K.

    Love always your fan who ships you,

    Muahhh and hugs!

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  11. Hi thanks for putting together all these wonderful FF’s ,no way would i have found these on my own on IF as i find that a bit confusing. I have gotten addicted to these Arshi stories have read most of them in the the last few months .
    what about Rockbarbie greenteaholic maybe these can be added to this list ‘Gravity’ ‘ Sum of all parts’ Quiet places’ ‘waves and particles’ and Heartbreak Radio ‘ I love her style of writing , a sentence of hers conveys so much

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  12. Hi. I wanted to read the story his gardening and her jalebi. Is there any way to contact the author? I have already tried on india forums but I have not recieved any reply. I really wanted to complete the story


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